Cooper presses Williamson on her mental health views

CNN's Anderson Cooper challenges Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on her views about antidepressants and mental health. #CNN #News


    1. @Mockery Channel brb off to my local elementary school to infect CHILDREN with the HOMOSEXUAL MENTAL DISORDER. I’ve been secretly working with THE COVEN OF QUEERS to advance THE GAY AGENDA and soon we will all be having BDSM bacchanalias in the white house NO STRAIGHTS ALLOWED

  1. Cooper spends this whole interview telling her what her position is, and demonizing it….instead of asking her what her position actually is.

    1. Castanza you are so right..and that was what frustrates the hell out of me…I lost so much respect for Anderson…

  2. Wow Anderson loves to do journalism when it’s against a non establishment person. Never done so much nuance for any other guest.

    1. @3rd bomb Bernie has been very honest about the tax increases that would be required, which would be offset by the lack of premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

  3. Ser, would have been nice to have let her finish her first thought… or her second… or her third… or her fourth… or her fifth… etc

    1. @It’s Meekers Or it could be because his mother just died and his brother committed suicide and it hits home to him when someone is trying to ‘numb’ depression. I like Marianne Williamson. I do think the deeper issue of why Anderson is more pointed is due to his brother.

    1. CNN Bought and paid by sorros… This is how socialism works, do you really think I want these idiots running our healthcare system.

    2. @ClayDog And, Fox new is? Fox news is the liars. They cover-up and sugarcoat everything about tRuMp. I do think they have too many news anchors who are only 12-years-old. If I want to hear the news: no matter what network, I want them to have some age and experience. And, to be dressed with integrity. When I see a woman news anchor with her bosom showing, their IQ drops. And, to be honest, when tRuMp is out of office, many anchors will lose their jobs. Right now, with all the stupid things tRuMp is saying & doing, they need news anchors to tell the ridiculous things he’s doing. One has to admit, never has any president ever caused such an uproar.

    3. @Mandy Last..Mainstream media only tell the public what the advertisers want them to hear. Boycott cable.

    1. @Goodcat007 You know, we’re all noticing here on the REAL left how much you corporate democrats keep avoiding the truth by attacking the messenger. It’s really pathetic.

    2. @Time2RiseUp 2019 if she had been allowed to actually answer any of the questions fully, perhaps she would have answered you

    1. I don’t think many are taking her seriously but she does make a fair point about too many people being thrown on anti-depressants when there could be other options first (like experiencing the pain and letting go). We ARE absolutely over-prescribed these days. I don’t think it’s wrong or unreasonable for her to make a point of that. Cooper didn’t wanna let go of that bone he’s picking with her though.

    2. @Dustin Smith they’re taking her more seriously then, say, Richard Ojeda. Ojeda was amazing; it’s a shame that he couldnt get his campaign to break through the media.

    1. Ali Roohparvar If you put despunk in the YouTube search section THE FIRST video has a very good description about what I’m referring to ❤️🏆

  4. Mr, Cooper very very bad interview!! WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO TO HER!!! her views are breath of fresh air!!

  5. Seriously, Anderson, if you ask the question, let her answer it. This is some gotcha-journalism on a profound level and exposes the corporatist underbelly of CNN.

    Williamson is a deep thinker with nuanced views. She discusses issues with COMPLEXITY. Taking a single word from her statements will *always* result in mischaracterization and does us all much more harm than good. We need more people like Williamson on the air, to inject the public consciousness with some of the nuance that has been lost — as a direct result of business models like CNN and “journalists” like Anderson Cooper.

  6. An absolute hit job. Why is the media so afraid of this long-shot candidate? Maybe because she is resonating despite their attempts to laugh her off. The media doesn’t hold the power anymore, the people do.

  7. Cooper said he doesn’t care how many predatory pharmaceutical companies peddle their drugs on his show. Nice.

    1. I don’t care. I want to see the high pitched ~brIAN STELter~ and her view on this matter

    2. Anderson absolutely knows better, to be able to so succinctly attempt to railroad Marianne and the holistic view of healing. And yes, CNN is now doing the DNC’s bidding, it seems. So unbelievably biased and manipulative.

    1. Is this surprising? Anyone in Coopers position is controlled. Just like every other news personality

  8. I love her voice. She should start a YouTube channel for sleeping and meditation when she drops out of the race.

    1. JB Williams I really like her that’s why I want Bernie to give her a position on his administration. Bernie2020

    2. @JB Williams Good luck making her go from less than 1% to more than Biden
      If you seriously think she has a chance then you don’t understand the world around you. It doesn’t work that way, it just doesn’t. You think everybody loves her but we’re on videos about her so obviously it’s mostly her fans in here. Doesn’t mean she has a chance

  9. Everything she said was correct. AC why have you never questioned the establishment candidates this hard? And interrupting every time she talks. It’s a good thing she is Intelligent and sharp and above all speaks the truth.

  10. Before this segment aired there were 3 pharmaceutical commercials during the commercial break. Coincidence?

    1. WarlanderTV if you dont know it. If you watch TV, the commercial you see can be different from the commercial another person sees.

  11. CNN has already picked a candidate and Ms Williamson is not it….. That’s the Crux of the issue

    1. The fact that we see this with both Marianne, and to certain degrees Trump, makes the problem with our elections very clear. This biased media has become a threat to true democracy in this country.

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