Tulsi Gabbard: Kamala Harris ‘didn’t give any answers’

CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard after the Hawaii congresswoman tore into Sen. Kamala Harris' record on criminal prosecutions during CNN's Democratic presidential debate. #CNN #News


  1. Wow, you’re calling out Gabbard as a “dictator-apologist” for critically reviewing information that may serve as the basis for a declaration of war. You should be hailing her for doing the due diligence these matters deserve! A process that a “journalist” could also partake in, once in a while.

    1. SulforaphaneMeUp u must have skipped the part where she spoke about the american lives lost fighting these looney dictators

    2. *+SulforaphaneMeUp* She never defended Assad unless you’re arguing that simply meeting with the guy and being skeptical of what the government tells you is what you call defending Assad in which case you’d be an idiot.

  2. Well done Tulsi, you have steel and integrity. You are a great person, with heart and soul and intelligence.

    1. because reasons and watch her get fucked by the party…. the dnc already said they can ignore the results of primaries

  3. Damn he is an awful interviewer. Smirky as attorneys that needs to be back handed.
    CNN picks some real doozies.

    1. Cuomo the establishment tool.
      CNN is exposed fake disingenuous and should never control a debate stage again!!!!

    1. She’s probably smarter than every other presidential candidate right now, unfortunately that means she won’t get elected lol.

    2. @Bruce Leroy
      “Why because she’s black?”
      Seriously? Why not just leave it at “why?” and give Leonard a chance to explain his position instead of immediately insinuating racism while putting words in his mouth? Tactics like yours are a losing strategy, overused and abused to the point where it makes you look far more foolish than Leonard racist, not to mention the damage it is actively doing to the Democrat party as more and more people are growing sick and tired of all this intersectional bullshit and allegations of racism.

      Maybe if and when folks like you can look past skin color and actually evaluate Tulsi and Kamala (let alone EVERYBODY) on the merits of their character/arguments/positions/proposed policies/etc (crazy concept, I know!) you’d be able to either agree or disagree with Leonard’s assessment – and back up your own position – in a manner that resembles and actual grown-up conversation. Get your head out of the gutter and try it sometime!

    3. @Hairy Mo
      How do you know that is why she joined? Believe me, very few enlisted join the military simply to “fight in some stupid meaningless war”. There are other reasons and benefits. You do realize that, don’t you? But even if I were to grant your assumption (while recognizing the fact that the war in Iraq was certainly misguided), are you honestly faulting her for wanting to strike back at those responsible for 9/11? It wasn’t “meaningless” on the front end – it only became so when we realized the intelligence that drove the entire war was incredibly faulty WELL after the fact.

    4. @jamescreys
      Nah, she’s pretty liberal and definitely left of center in terms of many of her positions and policies, so she’s actually right where she should be, the problem being the rest of the Democrat party has moved so far to the left that it makes her look right-leaning by comparison.

  4. 8 min segment supposedly about Harris’s non-response to Tulsi on criminal justice record. First 6 minutes is the diversionary “YoU LoVe AsSaD!!1!” smear against Tulsi. I wonder why so many people think CNN is propaganda?

    1. Transparent joke CNN is they should never control a debate stage again. Tulsi is a transparent spiritual warrior working for the people and not taking dirty money like others

  5. CNN is angry with Tulsi Gabbard because she exposed their favourite candidate Kamala Harris. Shame.. i hate this CNN

    1. Aysten Williams wow way to raise the level of debate. You’re really helping here.

    2. ALSO, they’re STILL angry with her because she PROUDLY ‘picked’ BERNIE over Hillary, on stage at the DNC…for the whole country to see.

      They DO NOT LIKE those who challenge the Establishment.

  6. Kamala was a bad prosecutor, because she was controlled by big money in the privatized prison system.


    1. What sad is in California Latino Hispanic population is more then half, or is half either way makes you think who is really putting people behind bars and holding them there for minor offensives………mmmmmmmm

  8. Cuomo what are you trying to do here? And please stop interrupting when she is speaking the truth.

    1. @America First#1 Tulsi is the real deal. Young and way ahead of the curve knowing genuine service to others

    2. @Cody Polar I’m not sure. Your momma has a yuge bumbum 😉 I live in a crator next to the the spider vein river. 😄

    3. She’s got legit backing on everything she brings to the table. Why wouldn’t he just let her finish 🤦🏾‍♂️.

  9. Tulsi will be attacked by all sides and the media now… this is what happens when u tell the truth. The Democrats have someone that can win, but she will be destroyed.

    1. Up to the people to recognize and prop her up as she’s got most searches both debates and will donate her into September debates

    2. I’m a solid Republican and I agree that Tulsi is the best the Dems have but as corrupt as they are will never nominate her.

  10. I’ve now swung my support and interest toward Tulsi.
    I want someone calm, confident and able to brawl with Trump.

  11. At least Cuomo was man enough to admit that he was wasn’t man enough to suit up like this woman was. Much respect Chrissie!!!!

    1. Yup they want to murder Assange so they can keep the murdering military complex machine full steam ahead 🤦‍♂️

  12. Love Tulsi gabbard she stands for Americans unlike these other two party f****** orgy motherfukers we’re dealing with demons and reptilians

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