Clarence Thomas defends lavish vacations. Hear AOC’s response

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) joins CNN's Dana Bash after ProPublica's report stated that Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, conservative activist Ginni Thomas, have gone on several luxury trips involving travel subsidized by and stays at properties owned by a GOP megadonor. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. @Darnell Jackson 5 cognitive decades watching this greed. I’m more of the opinion these days the whole system could use an enema. One that is capable of checking and balancing each other on behalf of the people they were intended to represent.

  1. Did anyone really expect Clarence Thomas to be an honest judge??? unbelievable😐😐 impeach him now!!…impeach them all!!….get him out!!

  2. Democrats really need to start cleaning house and get rid of all these corrupt politicians from the supreme court on down!

  3. Judges should be held on the highest esteem. Clarence Thomas must be impeached. Otherwise, this become a the new norm.

    1. @Nathaniel Clark Not really. I didn’t mention anything about grammar. But I’m glad you’re so elated.

    2. ​​@catholicdad “communication is” not “communication’s” whoopsie. Also “this a become the new norm” double whoopsie

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