Claxton: Brooks And Floyd Shootings ‘Not About Police Tactics And Training’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Marq Claxton, a former NYPD detective, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why the killing of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks highlight the need for police departments to focus on “toxic police culture, institutional racism and bias.” Aired on 6/15/2020.
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Claxton: Brooks And Floyd Shootings ‘Not About Police Tactics And Training’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Don’t bs yourselves political influence is responsible for why many lawsuits have been thrown out not merits on case. Go back to 2000 era look at those justice dept reports. Look at “Bloody” Williamson County ,Illinois. What do ya see now? Exactly extreme abuse an corruption an clear racism on thise reports to the present . A former attorney / Judge showed me that. Now it’s your turn to see those DOJ. Reports . You will be shocked at what ya find. 🗽

  2. Floyd shooting? Happy birthday I love you I’m gonna drive pass out in Wendy’s drive thru and fight police Who’s daddy’s little girl blame Trump for his violence

  3. yeah, apparently Floyd’s might have been from a personal conflict that existed between the men prior to the murder.

  4. Of course it is also about training. It should be also about training, because what I saw was a chain of bad calls that may also be made by a black cop or towards a white “suspect”. And it began with an unnecessary arrest, the subsequent failure of two cops performing the arrest, one cop losing his tazer and ultimately and most importantly, the killing of a fleeing drunk man by two rounds to his back. Even if everybody was of the same color, this could have happened when it shouldnt. Even if everything goes the way it did, the moment a cop decides to shoot an unarmed (a one shot tazer doesnt count for a deadly weapon) an in the back, is the moment where not only that individual failed on a personal level but also his or her training proved to be inadequate, because it did not trigger the automatic and correct response.

    1. ” (a one shot tazer doesnt count for a deadly weapon)”
      Nonsense, when fired at brains it can be deadly.

    2. Second, you can not train a human being to be like a machine..
      “And it began with an unnecessary arrest”

  5. It might help to require all police to live in the precinct where they work. That would be a good start.

  6. Claxton is a liar, it was all about training in Floyd’s case.Why does Claxton and MSNBC lie, lie, and lie about fact that Floyd already had breathing issues before he was on ground?
    Are you all working for Goebbels? Is the man still alive?

    1. @Nevyn of OZ 1973 Of course, people going for the truth are unworthy of existence…
      Read arrest warrant ki, tell me why media takes part, but not ohter part …

    2. @Laika24102007 good news though schools opening soon so seppo kids are going to have their brains splashed all over the classroom walls. Which counts as being educated as their minds are truly opened at muzzle.velocity.
      My colt shares have been stagnating so I can’t wait.

    3. @Nevyn of OZ 1973 You do not like the truth, you follow Goebbels .. Always a problem with far-right people like you .

    4. Nothing after Floyd fell as they took him to the car was Training. A handcuffed subject w 4 officers on scene?

  7. You can’t train scary boys to handle anybody if he only feels safe with a gun in this situation they should be ordered to call other black cops to the scene that might have more experience dealing with his own kind

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