Gov. Kate Brown: ‘This Decision Will Transform The Lives Of Millions Of LGBTQ Americans’ | MSNBC


  1. It’s actually kind of sad that in the year 2020, you could get fired in 17 states for no other reason than you’re not straight. And almost all of these states are red states. I guess personal freedom and liberty only applies to straight white people. 🤔

    1. Our blue city had to enact our own ordinance against discrimination because our republican governor is a coward.

    2. Only in your delusional world. You’re obviously oblivious to what’s going on in the world but it seems your psyche has been damaged from too much liberal “news”. Go outside and go for a walk get some fresh air then call your psychiatrist immediately and discuss your delusions.

  2. *MSNBC* Awesome vid. If you had One wish. what Would it be? let’s build each other up xd

  3. *MSNBC* Awesome vid. If you had One wish. what Would it be? let’s build each other up xd

  4. Yall be ready for our buildings to all be bright colors and the countries dress code to be leather chaps and all that

  5. Should we protect people that fear they could lose their jobs for who they hate?
    It seems only fear, let’s embrace the swastika, white robs, and dunce hats.
    It would legitimize our President on the eyes of the “radical” left.

  6. Will the decision _really_ “transform the lives of millions of LGBTQ Americans?” Because all the gays I know are already living their best lives ever. How much _more_ transformative will it be?

    1. It’s only transformative if the decision hurts straight white males. That’s how they determine if it’s successful.

  7. Im so proud of our Governor Kate Brown! She makes our wonderful state of Oregon even better! 🏳️‍🌈

  8. Despite their best efforts, the Republicans have failed to completely restructure the Supreme Court into an engine of total hatred and intolerance. Even the self avowed cold hearted and hateful Kavanaugh felt obliged to apologize for his dissent.

  9. Nobody can tell me that the Republicans and Conservatives are on the right side of history or ever will be. The future generations will shake their heads in disbelief at how cruel and inhuman they treat their fellow Americans and human beings..

  10. It will also destroy science and facts.

    Also, Kate Clown has the kind of face only fit for library queens.

  11. This woman is such a tool she cares less about anything or anyone very greedy horrible person in irony towers she will regalate the 2 amendment so much it will die special session this month

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