Clean Energy Creates Jobs, Says WH National Climate Adviser | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Clean Energy Creates Jobs, Says WH National Climate Adviser | Morning Joe | MSNBC


WH National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy discusses President Biden's pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half in 2030 and what it can mean for jobs. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Clean Energy Creates Jobs, Says WH National Climate Adviser | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. You haven’t figured out Biden yet? He under promises and over delivers. Look at Biden’s vaccine distribution. He promised 100 million doses in 100 days and that seemed aggressive at the time. Well we actually reached 200 million doses in 100 days twice what he promised.

    2. @Anita Bruton I agree with you. I’m trying to say ma’am, that I’m ready. America is back! Stronger than ever.

    1. That’s the exact opposite of how it’s paid for. Someone has fallen for Right-Wing propaganda. SMH

  1. with clean energy we are not trying to save the planet it will be here. we are trying to save us, to be on this planet. good jobs are just the outcome, not the reason.

    1. Not only jobs but it generates taxes which helps the community, too many in the right wing are nuts.
      It creates good jobs and farm jobs

    1. @7thpilot funny how you were programed to believe big tech is bad but you use it how hypocrite of ya but then again you do follow your master who’s programed you to believe the bull

  2. Well Biden better start making everything about himself and bad mouthing others if he wants Republicans/Trumpanzies to take him serious

    1. Everyone at work was saying he needs to start speaking slower and using smaller words as well. The biggest complaint I’d seen from Trump supporters, was that everyone prior to Trump spoke over them, used big words, and they struggled to follow along. They praised Trump for speaking with a 5th grade vocabulary.

    2. Justice for the victims of fentanyl George Floyd . I hope they sue fentanyl George Floyd estate for $30 million esp the pregnant woman that Floyd held a gun to

    3. @Jeremy Backup OK, that’s scary. You would think the expectation would be that the person in charge of the country is smarter than the average voter.

  3. There’s lots of great things in the bill!
    Jobs for sure!
    Just the job of capping orhane wells and mine clean up will employ many.
    Number one priority, keep our home in good health.
    But the price of lumber is gonna crash the building market soon.

  4. Joe is doing a good job, he’s helping ALL people and trying to fix this broken country… God Bless Him !!

  5. The North American powerhouses of Canada, Mexico, and the USA need to convert all the miners from coal to all the specialty minerals needed for the high tech supply chain instead of being at the mercy of economies half way around the world. Mining is mining. Just mine the right stuff, here at home, and the miners are set.

  6. Eastern Michigan has the workers and has always been on the front of changes in our country. We were first with the automotive assembly line. We were first to produce one bomber an hour during the second World War. We were the first to prove that old highways could successfully be torn up and converted into our interstate highway system. Our people are prepared to be trained for anything. Many already have that union background. They just need the opportunities that used to exist to work their way back into the middle class. People do understand that an initial investment in living in “smart” ways ends up being less expensive and healthier in the long term. Send your contracts to Michigan.

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