‘Clean House!’: Trump’s DOJ Scandal Puts Heat On Biden To Punish Abuse Of Power

Under investigation in NY and GA, Trump faces new DOJ scandal as the New York Times report the Trump DOJ secretly surveilled House Democrats , targeting House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. MSNBC’s chief legal correspondent Ari Melber reports on where this scandal began, Trump’s history of abusing power and new heat on the Biden administration to clean up this scandal and demand accountability. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Trump just followed Vlads playbook. It took Putin 1 year to rid Russia of independent media, 4 years to dismantle their electoral system and their Judiciary collapsed unnoticed.

    1. @RXR_Remix Correction: I noticed you included both of us, Sandra and me. Yes, I think he does read anything that helps him gain and keep power…

    2. @Julie Utley Actually, he wasn’t the head of the KGB, but he was the director of its successor, FSB as well as as Secretary of Security Council. He is intelligent and has a personality of a chameleon if needed. That is one dangerous man.

    3. @Paulina Lang We fired him, but he is sticking around like a bad smell. He needs to be in prison for inciting a coup (that it what it actually was).

    1. @Terry Fulds world was fine during the pandemic. Also I didn’t realize Biden is a conservative. O wait he a pandering liberal democrat. And the country is at downfall because of biden.

    2. @Daniel Pickrell I highly recommend you watch (maybe 3x each) listen and think about the content on this channel … Beau of the Fifth Column. If anyone can help you it’s him. Good luck.

  2. Definitely!!! CLEAN HOUSE!!! De’Joy should’ve ALREADY been gone!!! To also name ah’ few OTHERS!!!

    1. Ask yourself why the DOJ in a big hurry to shut down legal monitored audits and wny Barr s dad helped epstein get a job at the dalton school. That is, if you are able to think for yourself

    2. I believe the vacant positions for USPS board members are being confirmed (if they haven’t already) and then the process can begin.

    3. Only the USPS board has power to sack de joy. Biden can’t do it, but he can appoint board members who will. And he has.

  3. Merrick Garland needs to move forward today. Republicans in both houses are batzcrazy fakes folks and corrupt.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson oh my gosh really? no!!! why would he leave any minions to the former traitor president in place ? All former personnel should be deposed to get at the crimes and treason they were all up to.

    2. @soulful41 But isn’t this Trump appointee to Russia probably a traitor? Or was his appointment by Trump just part of Trump’s diabolical plan to make it look like he was NOT in league with Putin when in fact he really is???
      OMG I never thought of that before! You’re so right!!

    1. King Trump believes that he is above the constitution and knows that while he is not in the White House he can be arrested, prosecuted, and so on. If they prosecuted everything he has done to hurt this country I’m afraid he would get convicted of treason. If roles were reversed and it was Biden and Obama Trump would demand life sentences or even the death penalty for that deadly riot

    2. @Debra Kleid I’m afraid “prosecuting everything he has done,” would take several lifetimes.

    3. @Mike McIntyre So, can we start with just one thing (say _um_ Inciting a coup?) and then just keep dragging him out of his prison cell to face the music (and the penalties) of his other crimes… *_AND DON”T STOP_* until all illegal actions are accounted for.

      It’s years of entertainment “the likes of which have never been seen before… “

    4. @kiyoteblue Trump would have the “bigliest” TV ratings ever. He could be imprisoned a man fulfilled at last. The trumpets of heaven would sound and we could pray, that he has a long, long life. The longest ever. The doctors would ask in astonishment, “Sir, how can anyone live so long…………?”

    1. did you allow trump to co opt a formerly august institution? i dont remember. you never want to be cross examined by harris

    2. @I’m no doctor but I’ll take a look I’m starting to think that way myself. Joe has been in politics forever, and is hung up on the idea of bipartisanship– which doesn’t exist anymore! Kamala was a prosecutor, and can get things done. That’s exactly what we need right now. Let’s hope she can get in Joe’s head. Btw- I also love your username! LoL 😆👍

    3. @Karasene 13 When she conceded to Joe in the primaries , I was thrown off my game for a week and it made all what’s happening predictable. Congrats to Joe on his victory with Covid but a timid leader is not what the country needs. Kamala would have fired Garland this morning and would have the rest of the DOJ/MAGA sympathizers on the ropes by noon…..Thanks!!

    1. Remember when Barr was in contempt of congress for being a lying imbecile and he saw Nancy Pelosi at the white house after and he held out his wrists like she was gonna handcuff him on the spot? Hilarious.

    2. @Mike McIntyre Suckers are always slow to realize they’ve been suckered. Some will never admit it.

    3. @Raging Monk I can hardly believe the name they picked. Its like a couple of guys sitting around getting stoned trying to top each other with stupid names.

    1. What makes it doubly shameful is the Bob Woodward recording of an earlier conversation. He fully knew otherwise,the lying POS,and he’s still at it. His imprisonment would be a big step towards safeguarding American democracy and the Free World.

  4. We need arrests and prosecutions TODAY based upon evidence to protect America’s Future Democracy.

    1. Then tell the DOJ the audits are legal and monitored. Msm forgot to tell you they are in a hurry to shut down the most secure election ever

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT we’re not talking about ‘audits’ – neither is this video. Do keep up.

  5. The most corrupt administration ever! Nixon truly has nothing on Trump when it comes to criminal abuse of power.

    1. @SocialismSucks Evidence is just STARTING to come out now, stay tuned Trumper, you’ll see more evidence than you wanted to! His crimes go deep, he used the DOJ as his personal Goon Squad to go after his enemies, ffs! Are you really willing to throw aside everything America stands for over a vile, disgusting creature like Trump? If so, you are part of the problem!

    2. @Steve-O_88 they get their ‘news’ from Facebook, and don’t think about how a long string of people in their bubble, people known for lying and making up stories, isn’t a reliable source of information…

    3. Neither candidate is worthy of sitting in the Oval Office. There are multiple crimes [they have committed] that go across the galaxy and across our local Universe of Nebadon. And that’s another story.
      It is bigger than just this little USA election. It is about the whole story of why we are still just learning about the technology of Mr Keshe, and the other technologies that have been suppressed for so many odd years.
      And the reason for those things have to do with the Republicans getting scared as well as the Democrats, because they both are in the same mess together. They’re scared that as one of them gets indicted the rest of them are going to be, and they should be.All the other things that are going on are from the naughty ones that need to be escorted—Mother Sekhmet’s Paschat warriors will come, and they will board 500,000 war criminals [who have committed crimes] against humanity and all life on this planet.
      And they will be taken on these starships to Dracos to stand before King—?
      RAMA: King Dracos and Princess Ardala, for intergalactic war crimes and crimes against the humanity across the galaxy of the Milky Way!

  6. If the current DOJ does not do something about this, they are just as corrupt as their predecessors!

    1. They won’t oh, because the Biden Administration is afraid if they go after Trump, then it makes Biden look vindictive and revengeful also it’ll just make Donald Trump even more powerful within his bass plus it could possibly cause a second Civil War in our country

    2. @jim Moore it’s not up to Biden. It on the DOJ, if there not held accountable there will be another president that will do the same eventually.and as far as a civil war if the right don’t eventually admit that there was no election fraud it’s gonna happen sooner or later anyway.but at least if they are punished , everyone will know that that kind of behavior/ abuse of power will not be tolerated EVER by Anyone no matter the party

    1. In more ways than one. Invited Russian oligarchs into the Oval Office to brag about state secrets, ISIS was asked to Camp David. Few Americans typically get that far. He is a fool for fascism.

    2. Back in his younger days when he wanted to get his name out there he would call newspapers under the name of John Barron when he wanted to rat out his fellow businessmen he ratted them out under the name of John Barron so yes Trump is a rat

  7. This abuse of power just brushes the surface. Everyone should be able to see why he’s so desperate to stay in power.

  8. Trump likes to investigate his opponents and complains why he’s being investigated, that’s called KARMA JUSTICE

    1. That’s called the nut house…only paranoid schizophrenics are paranoid and accusing at the same time

    2. He complains of being investigated when he’s not that’s to get people to agree with his nonsense so there’s no suspicion or focus on him when he commits a criminal act (mob boss tactic).

    3. Exactly! Barr & Trumpster will get theirs too. Look how ALL past dictators and old time mobsters ended up! One can deny and sometimes even delay KARMA. But it always 100% perfectly levels the playing field again one way or the other. The chickens are coming home to roost. It won’t end well for Barr or the Trump crime family.

  9. When are they gonna storm Mar-A-lago and his offices with a no knock warrant? Time to go after Barr and every sob in the DOJ that did tRumps dirty work.

  10. Barr is a smart cookie, but he’s not brilliant. He’s a lier and he will stumble and fold if he’s questioned more aggressively. Barr needs to be disbarred, immediately.

    1. Billy Barr needs to be behind bars – and Trumputin too, for the rest of their rotten, dishonest, treasonous lives! I understand we have some openings at GITMO!

    2. Barr is not smart, he is a sneaky manipulative criminal!! He needs to be disbarred and off to jail with the other criminals!

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