Climate milestone: Big Oil sent clear message by investors, courts 1

Climate milestone: Big Oil sent clear message by investors, courts


ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell were hit with an unprecedented series of defeats. CNN's Matt Egan recaps a momentous day for the pro climate campaign.
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  1. Shell emits a ten times the amount of CO2 than the entirety of the Netherlands.
    It is literally amazing news that they will have to up their reduction to 45% by 2030.
    Let’s now go after the others, too.

    1. @Chris Tate Actually sunshine. They’re doing something. China’s EV incentives are… insane. They buy Teslas so fast that the gigafactory can’t keep up with the demand! They already building electric transportation vehicles. Busses in many cities are turning to EV. Quite frankly, you’re making that comment without having done ANY research. Because it suits your glib narrative. Well I’m calling you out. That’s all you offer, a narrative! You don’t know anything.

  2. I’m sure it’s really about how the rich can take more money away from the working class.

    1. GOP, formerly Greed Over People, has been downgraded to the the QOP: Qanon Operating Platform
      Q = Putin
      Qanon = Republican cult suckers and Congressional GOP traitors betraying and destroying America

  3. It’s meaningless unless there’s monitoring n enforcement. These boards and executive have been
    damaging n manipulative.

  4. ExxonMobil still hasn’t paid anything for the disastrous oil spill in Alaska. Earth first, NOT profit!

  5. Shell has no control over their customers. They can’t be held accountable for what their customers do. That they need to reduce emissions at refineries isn’t that big of a deal.

  6. Let us not forget the human rights attorney who is being held on home confinement in New York without his right to due process. Chevron group being the responsible party.

  7. We hope to the director for having silution and problem solving from climate change , many programs that is corporate identity Shell doing or combination with the government

    1. @william evans Maybe true. But only GASSES can interact with electromagnetic radiation, with heat. Earth’s water is 99% LIQUID or SOLID. We have a lot more CO2, and more of it being released. Keep trying to spin it around, but when you compare the MASSES of water and carbon dioxide that exist in GASEOUS form within Earth’s atmosphere… there is a LOT more CO2 than H2O. And calling me a cultist? Thanks, I needed a laugh.

    2. @Fay Maye Post 2, already with the direct ad hominem attack. Thank you for admitting defeat so quickly.

    3. Stupid…I thought Bill Gates is trying to dim the sun. is that one going? So we have this lunatic democrats who wants to change climate…what is their formula for that? We have lunatic democrats who want to shut down our ExxonMobil…not too long ago I saw on my t.v. these long lines of cars trying to get gas…we have alot of crazy people in this world.

    1. opec have not increased production to pre covid levels they are holding out for 100 dollar barrels …we are at less than 67 today ..

    2. @frank bennett They can just keep holding their breath. This is just pushing their doom. Tesla is set to DELIVER slightly over 800,000 vehicles this year… as is right NOW. I’m not counting the potential delivery numbers of Gigafactory Berlin, slated to come online by summer’s end. If Berlin can ramp up, that number will be pushed up toward 900,000 vehicles. As is, Musk wants 50% year-over-year delivery number growth. They’re already 5% of the global vehicle sales, right now. If Tesla fulfils that growth (and they will if the Model 2 set to come out in the next 2-3 years DOES indeed hit 25k USD) … that sale slice of the global pie will be growing larger. OPEC can sit on their rancid eggs all they want, they’re just going to get MORE rancid.

  8. An excellent gesture that will inevitably be swallowed by greed, resistance to change, and a big enough bureaucracy to squirrel away violations to legally severable subsidiaries. Keep their feet to the fire, or all of us burn.

  9. The leader of the biggest coal production company in America said that government needs to spend money to train his workers so he can close down coal production.

  10. This is so funny to watch everybody demonizing big oil when it not just your cars that will be grinding to a halt without them but also every single thing you use has plastic in it, where do you think materials that make all your plastic things comes from?

  11. I hope that folks in the US who are super pro environment aren’t being taken advantage of for private foreign interests…

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