Clint Watts On New Jan. 6 Insurrection Reports | MSNBC 1

Clint Watts On New Jan. 6 Insurrection Reports | MSNBC


Clint Watts, MSNBC national security analyst joins MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to discuss a new report outlining missed warning signs the Jan. 6 insurrection could happen.

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Clint Watts On New Jan. 6 Insurrection Reports | MSNBC


  1. there’s a theme with the Trump admin… it’s the incompetency defense… over and over again…

    1. Well a president was elected who had never ever held a government job nor spent a single day in military service (Trump ran from that). Why would people expect that he would have the knowledge, skills and diplomacy to be the leader of the most powerful country on earth?

    2. Trump Supporters elected Trump because he was suppose to be a business genius, but he went bankrupt 5 times and is headed to NY for a court date with prosecutors over shady business practices, Trump is incompetent in every avenue.

  2. You wouldn’t have to “spy” on them to find out what they were up to. They were very open about it on 4chan, 8chan and the various conspiracy websites that are right there for all the world to see.

    1. It was all over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other mainstream social media sites too. So who are they protecting?

    2. Yup. Also if you paid attention to the Proud Boys and Trump rallies leading up to Stop the Steal, the violence was building

  3. They knew perfectly well. But if they want us to believe that our top intelligence agencies and officials are stupid…
    Time for America to move over or get pushed out of the way.

    1. QAnon Gerneral Flynns brother was in the Pentagon situation room during the coup attempt by Trump against the US.

  4. Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn and others knew that there was going to be an attempted coup, and from the inside they helped the rioters.

    Why hasn’t Chris Wray arrested the people on the inside? Maybe Chris Wray was also apart of the coup? Wray helped Gov Chris Christie cover-up his crimes, it seems logical that Wray would help Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn and others cover-up their part in the attempted coup.

    1. @bombastic attitude And they posted all of the details of what ‘the storm’ was supposed to accomplish too.

    2. Dude, I’m 60+ I’ve studied every major religion save one and have practiced many of them. The last 10-15 years I have been a reasoned atheist – but – the fact that herr drumpf’s lop mercenary force failed to secure their objective with thousands of “extras” providing cover, and the fact that a police force consisting of about 2,000 brave men and women (minus a dozen traitors and 1/3 to 1/2 half who were told to stay home) saved the country that day gives me pause. Miracles can be explained away in so many ways, but the stakes of this one? I dunno bro

    3. I canjust see that orange turd rubbing his hands together like a sh*teating fly, watching the boobtube. When he hears…
      “Hang Mike Pence, Hang Mike Pence”
      I bet he said the quiet part outloud…. “So I can send in the military and liberate washington, invoke the insurrection act, declare martial law and re-run the election then issue PEAD to round up and ‘disappear’ all my enemies”

  5. Even some civilian enterprises e.g. hotels and stores, hunkered down in anticipation of violence, and we are expected to believe that Gov’t agencies had no clue. Baloney!

    1. Government agencies knew exactly what was going to happen. They were part of it. They allowed it to happen.
      The cops were told to only have a skeleton crew on site, and they were told NOT to equip them as they normally would be.
      The National Guard was specifically ordered NOT to respond to the attack BEFORE the attack started.

      They were all ordered to let the insurrection happen.

    1. @A.I. Hey, she’s so purdy she could lie if she wanted to, but no, we all did, you saying you didn’t?

  6. Malcolm Nance had been warning of an inserction from the start. How can you not listen to Malcolm?

    1. Malcomb is the man. That guy be knowing stuff for a simple Navy cryptographer/interpreter. He simply has enough knowledge too “connect the dots”. We should *all* listen to the guy more

  7. But they DID know it was a good possibility that there would be some altercations. That should have been enough to trigger some basic security

  8. So,basically, there’s nothing we can do to protect ourselves, from ourselves? Awesome…

    1. Well we have 100 million armed patriots 14 million of whom are military veterans so yes we have a deterent.

  9. Trump knew. Giuliani knew. All those Republican Senators that were not going to certify the election knew.

  10. It took a long time for help to come to the capital cause trump wanted for the riot to go on going while he watched it on TV go and ask the ones that were there watching it with him check them out also everybody new that it was going to happen this it’s nothing new with these sick people

  11. xtrump made sure that the Capital had minimum guards that day. xtrump watched almost 2 hours of his people stormed the Capital, and did nothing to help.

  12. So the politicians are cowards and won’t stand for America. Got it. Tell me again why we served this country?

  13. At the very least, law enforcement knows better now. It is vital that they not underestimate the danger of Trump’s fans ever again.

  14. I live in Canada, and get most of my info from YT. I expected this to happen. Saying they didn’t see it coming is not credible. And the lack of response was not a failure. It was planned. Steps were taken beforehand to impede the response. And Trump refused to send in help, even when Senators and the VP asked him to. This was a criminal conspiricy to overthrow the election.

  15. Just watched Clint on Deadline Whitehouse, trying to compare the big lie with Brexit.

    Like so many American pundits, they are so clueless when it comes to Brexit, which was subject to a free and fair vote, NOT disputed.

    America’s democracy problems stem from two things, uneven and failed capitalism, where checks and balances have been essentially abandoned and it’s continual refusal to hold the powerful to account, consistently choosing instead to ‘move on’.

    It’s staring you in the face but you are unwilling to accept that you are not actually the greatest democracy in the world.

    Authoritarianism often comes from an already corrupt system, so fix that first.

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