Closing Jamaican Borders Due to Deadly Covid Variant – May 19 2021

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  1. Yes tourists n hotels board approve local restrictions because it’s doesn’t affect them…..

  2. It would have been nice if all of us listened to and followed the science, regarding COVID-19. We were doing so very well & one of the envies of the world until ears hard, stupidity, & meaninglessness resistance led us astray. Now ths….😌

  3. What about the people that are just visiting Jamaica and that been out here longer than 6 months how are you guys trying to close the border.

  4. I wonder what all these artists are saying now when the pm trying to control it they come out and bash him

  5. Hi cov not going away. One way out is Jesus Christ (YESHUAH ) Jamaicans turn to YAHWEH for help ,through his son Jesus Christ our saviour.. It’s the only answer.

  6. Rich getting richer and gloating, while the poor gets poorer and suffering . Lawd have mercy!

  7. Jamaica not closing any borders, the tourist minister and dem people weh own dem hotel and restaurant dyam greedy, dem wouldn’t care if everyone in Jamaica get sick and dead as long as dem making money! Dem nuh care nutn bout Jamaican people, cause Jamaican people weh live a Jamaica naw goh deh. That’s why dem approve local restrictions, lock down the Jamaican people cause wi naw mek nuh money from dem. Yet, ah nuh Jamaican weh live ah Jamaica bring covid yah!

  8. Some doctors are very hurt over the condition of keeping their job! according to them! they are saying things that don’t sound good in people work place

  9. This convince me that the darm leaders rather kill us off rather than closing the darm border and letting our country work for us kmt

  10. Fear, Fear, Fear 😨😱🙀 and more Fear multiply by Fear = anxiety causes confusion which brings Death.

  11. Although we are struggling to keep up with the covid 19 and the US dollar , close the borders is the most suitable thing to do , we can’t even manage what we have money is not all .

  12. Sorry for the late notice but I’m not sure if 🇯🇲 will be able to make it back to normalcy

  13. It is sad that other countries closed their borders initially and put strict measures in place but Jamaica opened its borders so quickly transporting the deadly virus in droves, now they want to close the border..putting the horse before the cart…who came up with this wise idea

  14. All them believe in is there money that’s all they care about that’s why we ago suffer we need to lockdown we country

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