Clyburn Hopes Senate Won’t Be ‘Bogged Down’ By Trump’s Trial And Focus On Biden’s Agenda | MSNBC

Clyburn Hopes Senate Won't Be 'Bogged Down' By Trump's Trial And Focus On Biden's Agenda | MSNBC 1


    1. The Republican Party may fracture after the election with the trump cultists spinning off and the corporatist GOP remaining with its entrenched members. The left is alway vying for a bigger variance in options which is evident by the anger with pelosi and other long term dems staying in power and a call for term limits. The only ways to increase the number of viable political parties in America is to prevent “donations” and lobbying, and to get term limits on incumbents so that political machines have a harder time forming

    2. @Brennan Schrader Its not only those factors that contribute a lot to a 2 party system, its also because of Americas winner take all system. Notably the electoral college.

    3. The news networks would smear any party that goes against the democratic party. They are both backed by corporations and wealthy interest groups – we are headed to a one party system. Enjoy your last years of “freedom”.

    4. @NSGate definitely, what’s nice is that the dems are currently the party associated although not benefiting from upheaval and the republicans lost almost all credibility after trump for at least an election cycle. It’s en vogue to support social change and the career democrats most likely will be unable to handle the beast they created, which is conveniently good for the little guy

  1. What happened to day was a huge tragedy against common sense. Where was the outrage when 5 months ago an armed man stormed the White House and lethally stopped by the Secret Service? THAT was an attempt to assassinate the President. That was closer to insurrection than 1/6/2021.

    The Congressman to day from Texas who talked about “armed” people entering the White House. I haven’t seen any FBI statements about any of the rioters on 1/6 being armed. (Wanna talk about inflammatory remarks, well, there’s one.) Unless he’s talking about the guy with the buffalo horns. Perhaps goring someone with buffalo horns could be quite fatal. (sheesh)

    Then, there was the “photo op” by the protesters as they posed for the cameras with buffalo man front and center. Is that really what happens during an “insurrection”?

    “Hey guys, we’re going to take over the government, but first, let’s stop and get our pictures taken for social media and the mainstream media,” isn’t what insurrectionist do.

    If this WERE an insurrection ,which it wasn’t, there would have been massive casualties, and maybe even an attempt on the President’s life. This was a small riot and those people are going to be caught and persecuted.

    This impeachment scam is all about trying to stop Donald Trump from running in 2024. I don’t see why he’d want to. He’s got nothing but disrespect from those who don’t like him.

    And, anyone claiming President Trump “incited” the event… really?

    If that were the case, John Hinkley shouldn’t have been arrested for shooting President Regan, but Jodie Foster should have since she put it in his mind. Yes, the argument that Donald Trump incited people to do this is equally as lame.

    May Ashli Babbot rest in peace, as well as Officer Howard Liebengood who was brutally bludgeon and killed and the others who died because of the mass hysteria.

    1. They really do though, it’s called agenda 2021. Look it up, then you’ll understand why he kept telling everybody he will tell them when he’s elected. This agenda has been laying there for many years and it was made for just this time. That’s why it’s called agenda 2021. That’s why Dominion Joe is coming into office because they know Trump would have not agreed or went along with it. They had to push this impeachment because once their plans are in motion they don’t want them fouled up. That’s why they want to make sure Trump doesn’t come back. If you have a hard time finding it get back and let me know..

    1. That is all you are worth to them. You are a toy they use when they want more $. Just like all the Democrats taking us to war all these years..

    1. One party government. Totalitarianism. The Bush family voted against trump, twice.

      He was never in their group and it was pretty obvious.

  2. They spent time on an impeachment. That failed When covid started instead of working on covid issues now they are doing it again there are more pressing issues. It is politically motivated like the last time

    1. They are about their own power. We aren’t isht to them. Hear them crying about David dorn, a retired black police officer who was shot in his head over a riot the democrats supported!? And, won’t hear how sad it is that Ashli Babbitt, airforce, was gunned down in cold blood with an unneeded shot to the neck by a fed agent inside the capital.

      But boo hoo for the people that got hurt that BENIFIT them!

  3. This news caster reminds me of someone acting out a story trying to sell me something, whereas normal news is just someone telling me what all happened, with context, so I can come to my own conclusion

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