Clyburn: Questioning Possible 'Insider Dealing' On Emergent Contract With Trump Admin 1

Clyburn: Questioning Possible ‘Insider Dealing’ On Emergent Contract With Trump Admin


Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) who chairs the House Subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss his committee's probe into what he describes as possible "insider dealing" with respect to Emergent BioSolutions contract with the Trump administration. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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Clyburn: Questioning Possible 'Insider Dealing' On Emergent Contract With Trump Admin


  1. Check out the Kodak deal. The deal was announced and the stock shot up, only for the deal to fall through. I’d be curious as to who bought into the stock right before the announcement.

    1. All the orange dumpster fire done was manipulated stock market to padd pockets; FOLLOW THE MONEY and you’ll find tons of Repubs profited from the past 4 years of Idiocracy!!!

    2. @EMBE love waits, new and old, he had a great thing with his bar room beatnick zen bum piano man days, and woulda probably still gotten them all, but somewhere along the line he became a bar with a juke box with random hard day drinking clientele that pump a few quarters in to play songs that are vastly different from the last, but somehow they all fit the atmosphere of the dim bar, because whoever stocked the jukebox had a broad knowledge of music and enough taste to please the drunks with song options, but good enough also that they wouldn’t torture the barkeep through repetition. Unfortunately those great seedy dim bars with personality enough to color your night with chaos are fading away, as is waits, with the wait between albums getting long enough to fear he’s released his last, but still i hope, because everytime, they pretty much would top my year end list of albums, if i wrote such a list. I know a lot of people didn’t follow after he changed, seedy piano bar or dank jukebox dive, i can drink with either hope you give another chance as I’ve rarely seen someone with a foot so far in the past with the other so far ahead of people that are dying to be the next new sound, as he just sheds skin like a loose overcoat and have people not even think to mention that a 60 something year old man is beatboxing with his son playing turntables and then they’re banging on “junk” assembled into a percussion instrument like a backwoods moonshining hillbilly, and then bellowing into a megaphone. He can still follow that up right after with a stripped down ballad over piano that’ll make eyes get watery

    1. @Jd their july 4th “visit” (summons) to Russia for “meetings” (recieved their orders) which the press wasn’t allowed to cover, after which former anti-trump repugnicants suddenly became full-fledged sycophants has never been explained!

    1. Want to talk about insider trading? Prior to the Pentagon announcing Microsoft was awarded a massive military contract for VR headsets or something like that — Nancy Pelosi invested $10 million in Microsoft stock. Wow what a coincidence! This happened very recently. Now, the media will say it was her husband who invested in the stock, but that’s a meaningless hair-splitting distinction.
      They’re ALL dirty

    1. Kennedy, no relation, likes to play he is small time lawyer! Also has big time confidence on himself!! Ha ha! I guess he lost this time!

    2. I see a huge career in Washington for her! She’s earning her points so to speak. Maybe a future President one day!

    3. @Debbie yes. We have some amazing females on our side who are ready and working to lead us into the light.

  2. All I ever hear in America is Trump and his associates doing dodgy dealing. When is there ever going to be any consequences for these people. Republican Congress representatives buying shares in companies after attending meetings where sensitive information was disclosed and no actions despite that being a year ago?

    1. as long as his followers love him to the point of doing time for the orange freak, then he will have a chance to avoid justice

    2. GQP is making money, have NO scruples, NO regard for their constituents, the country and cannot win withOUT CHEATING AND DISENFRANCHISING!!!

  3. I want to see an investigation into Sonnie Purdue signing an extra 1.4 billion$ for the Farmers to Families program on 1/6/21 and how that money flowed costing taxpayers $40 to over $100 for a $20 box of low grade food?!?!

  4. Bring the crooks in to answer for their criminal acts. Mr. Kennedy can’t handle Ms. Abram she know her stuff

    1. She made him look like a real moron, we already know he’s a f**king racist. O yeah slow down for me because I am to stupid to understand truth.

  5. Dems need to investigate Foxconn for the 1.3B that was paid to them for Syrings for COVID.
    Nothing wrong with the audio, it was in his head; Stacy owned him that’s what was wrong

    1. Show those “unstable idiots” that they are not the only ones who can bully, intimidate, yell, spread , and etc. but expect no push and pull from their opposition

  6. A good old southern boy was going to put a black woman in her place, but she turned the table on him as he laid in a pool of his tears!

  7. That’s right Sen. Kennedy, don’t be lazy doing your homework When you ask someone else a question then you better be prepare to listen to it or else don’t waste their time

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