Debate Grows Over Wearing Masks Outdoors | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Debate Grows Over Wearing Masks Outdoors | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Dr. Kavita Patel joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the growing debate over whether wearing masks outdoors is necessary. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Debate Grows Over Wearing Masks Outdoors | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. I wear my mask because over the last year I did not get a seasonal cold, my allergies are not killing me, I do spit when I talk and I personally feel safe.

    1. Same for me Usually when the season change my algeryes are the worst not the past year since I’ve been wearing a mask

    2. @baked nacho I made mines so you can change the filter. By leaving a opening on the sides. The filter is a coffee filter

    3. When you people respect my right to die I will respect your right to live. If the government agrees to give me a small pill that ends everything in 15 minutes i will in return agree to wear your silly little mask until im ready to use my said pill. But i doubt if anybody will comply so i will wear your mask as little as possible. You scratch my back I will scratch yours. Nothing is free.

    1. And an inability to see the irony inherent in constantly trumpeting “America First!”, while being unwilling to actually put America first.

  2. I can only shake my head at the pure willful ignorance of so many people to not wear masks during this crises.

    1. @Insignificant360 Trump and all of the GOP criminals got theirs. Remember how Rubio snuck ahead of the line? Even Putin got his shot.

      You’re the only fools left!

  3. I feel that wearing a mask is still vital. If I’m outside and not around other people, then no I don’t wear a mask. But anywhere other people are? such as a grocery store or doctor office. Fast food or any restaurant is necessary to protect myself and others. There are so many others who don’t and won’t wear a mask or get vaccinated. Unfortunately they don’t wear a sign. I never had my usual seasonal cold or flu and no issues with allergies. I equate that with wearing a mask. Stay safe everyone

    1. psycobleach46 tullis the aerosols released from a cough are 1 micrometer still too small to be caught by a mask. Now as for the exhaling, the weight of those droplets means that gravity quickly pulls them to the floor meaning they aren’t going to infect anyone unless you are within 3 feet of the person not to mention a mask only catches the significantly larger droplets and masks are only meant for one time use the ones most of us use. So wearing a mask 2-3 times you already are basically wearing no protection at all especially since the aerosols that float in the air and infect people will never be caught by our masks.

  4. With the kids home and wearing a mask I avoided the winter colds and flus we usually got. Even this year fewer colds and less from the pollen in the air. May just make this a constant thing.

  5. i don’t care if anyone else wears a mask, i am wearing mine. the few times i have gone to the store rude people are coughing sneezing, and getting too close. if they want to get sick, and die it’s on them. unfortunately it will affect others that try to protect themselves.

    1. Dunno if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPlekt. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

    2. Whatever happened to the time when we would look at somebody else and say dude get out of my personal space???

  6. Got my 2nd shot in Tuesday. Feeling great. At the vaccination centre, we were advised to continue wearing masks and social distancing. There is a slight chance of our contracting and virus and having no symptoms. We could, however, unknowningly pass it on to others. I’m not prepared to do something so careless. I’ll follow the science until they tell us it is okay to stop using masks.

  7. It’s not just that you might die if you don’t get the shot but that you are much more likely to murder people if you don’t get the shot. If you are the one who mutates a super variant, you might murder a whole lot of people.

    1. If I am the one who mutates a super variant I’ll hang out around dimocrats to do my patriotic duty. Maybe one of em will visit Pelosi, Biden, or Harris etc etc etc etc

  8. I’ve never had a healthier year than 2020 wearing a mask, so I think it’s going to be my regular thing during cold & flu season. I have some nice mulberry silk masks, and KN-95 masks so I’m set. Got a problem with that, too bad!

    Keeps me safe, keeps everyone around me safe too, it’s all good.

    1. I make my own latex masks.. unlike cloth its non porus.. and when cloth gets wet its like a soggy diaper and offers less protection.. My asthma has improved too greatly since the mask and I never even get a runny nose..

    1. I’m sorry they’ve scared you so thoroughly. If they’ve convinced you of this without evidence, what else are you subject to believing? Whatever it may be, your mind is theirs, and your body and soul will soon be as well. I’m sorry.

    1. You are kind of deranged. NOBODY SAID YOU CAN’T WEAR YOUR MASK. Try f**king yourself would be an excellent idea.

    2. @R L T you totally missed the point on the comment but, as a consolation gift you should be receiving a box of tampons to wear as nose plug’s and a sanitary pad to cover your pie hole to replace you’re mask…enjoy

    3. @Diana Beebe I have been wearing tampons in my nose for quite awhile. One of my co-workers smells terrible and I found that simple solution. The strings tickle I must say. As for the mouse mattress….I stuff those in my full rise briefs…quite a hit with the ladies. I am surprised that you still use mouse mattresses…..I bet you can’t wait to fully complete your transition to menakadonk sweetie. We can’t either…cuz your mood swings are epic.

  9. When I think of it, I prefer ppl in the restaurant industry ( the back of the house ) and drive throughs to continue to wear masks while cooking my food. I guess those who are calling others sheep are not planning to travel, either.

    1. True! It makes me wonder why we haven’t done this in the winters before! My nose can get soooo cold.

  10. Wear a mask all the time there’s still other strains and other flu viruses out there. Wear your vaccination card that way we know its safe.

  11. Much of masking is being prepped: Waiting til someone is close means the mask is too late. People wearing masks in their cars had to pass people to get in, will pass people after they get out. With a well-fitting mask it’s more simple to just keep it on rather than back-and-forth masking. After a year of daily life in masks: everyone knows the details of adopting good masking habits.

  12. I am more than happy to get the vaccine, I am more than happy to wear a mask inside, but I will not wear a mask outside. I only got sick with Covid inside last year, but spent a ton of time on patios drinking with random people and had no problem.

  13. As the conversation was wrapping up I was thinking, “Peonies are one of my favorite flowers” when it became part of the friendly interaction.

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