Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Hate Crime Bill Responding To Anti-Asian Violence In Wake Of Covid-19 1

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Hate Crime Bill Responding To Anti-Asian Violence In Wake Of Covid-19


The Senate passed legislation targeting anti-Asian hate crimes after an uptick of incidents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lawmakers approved the measure in a 94-1 vote. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., was the only member to oppose the bill. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Hate Crime Bill Responding To Anti-Asian Violence In Wake Of Covid-19


  1. wait? now they’re gonna actual arrest the animals attacking little old ladies?? what happened before??

    1. @Joyce T. Racism against Asian Americans has been normalised for years & decades. Asian Americans just started to realise a truth happening for so long.

    2. @Joyce T. FYI, I live in Pennsylvania. My neighbours have been pushing down local Asians for years without any legal consequences & public outcry. I guess you should find a nice Black / White boyfriend, at least he will be able to protect you. Welcome to Pennsylvania!

    3. @Joyce T. You sound like you’d be happier in a Utopia of (pick any place but the USA).
      Please consider leaving and staying. I’d contribute to your one way ticket, Bunky.

  2. So the guy in NY that attacked a undercover Asian police officer was released without bail. Will he face these charges?

    1. @Bro NY So now you’re blaming the victim? There have been dozens of hate crimes committed against Asians, almost entirely by Obama’s sons. Saying that only 10 have happened is a delusional lie.

    2. @YUM Liberal Tears The same media that yall don’t believe when it comes to anything else suddenly have you guys going with the anti asian propaganda? The media that cherry picks what they want to show…Now yall are taking it as fact just because most of the clips they show has a black person pushing or robbing an asian? If they wanted to they could easily get clips of every race doing something to asians throughout the country or world. Yall dont trust the medias agenda until the villian is a black person then yall go with it….

    3. @Bro NY I trust crime statistics from the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Justice, which is where I’ve formulated my opinion from give that 90% of the attackers are Obama’s sons. The truth is often inconvenient for people like you.

    4. ​@V N ​ He’s actually condemned them dozens of times and is on camera doing it, but that obviously hasn’t stopped you from lying about it. And if Obama’s sons are committing 90% of the crime, just how much of it could all of these magical “white supremacists” truly be causing? You can’t even spell “extrimist”–it’s embarrassing.

    1. It was and still is. Every country has a law against racial discrimination but it is up to them to enforce it.

    1. @MK Self we don’t support special rights for some Americans.We support equal rights for all Americans.I support a civil war to wipe out all commies in America.

    2. @Mutton Chops have you ever walked into Walmart on Friday or Saturday night? I thought your party was for a classless society? A little hypocritical don’t you think?

    3. @Ally Wilke “We”? Who are you speaking for? KKK, White supremacy, Crazy people anonymous? It’s pitiful that you hold so much hatred an ignorance. It looks like the other Republican senators disagree with you as well.

    4. @MK Self Its a shame they’ve convinced you that there are any significant number of white supremacists’ in this country. I mean I get it, by white supremacist you don’t actually mean white supremacists, you mean anyone who disagrees with the lefts thirst for centralized control. Meanwhile, brainwashed MSNBC watching morons are most certainly unaware that the VAST MAJORITY of the anti Asian hate crimes are committed by black Americans. So essentially, they are passing enhanced punishment for almost exclusively black Americans right under your ignorant noses. Who are the racists again?

  3. Hate crime legislation is redundant and stupid. Violence is already covered by existing laws. As if there are such things as love assaults, sympathetic batteries and friendly murders that should be treated more leniently than hate assaults/batteries/murders. What a waste of taxpayers’ money

    1. Why do you think there’s a difference between premeditated murder and crimes of passion? Because the mens rea matters and different mens rea’s sometimes call for different crimes

    2. @Jakob Washington there shouldn’t be any difference. I’ve always thought that “crimes of passion” is a ridiculous term. I really don’t care if you’re a psycho who’d been carefully planning a murder or a psycho who just got a sudden urge to murder. Either way you’re a murderer and should be isolated from the society, period. No difference. But I don’t think it’s a valid comparison anyway. Here you saying that some mens rea are worse than others, which is ridiculous.

  4. Howard L. Brown
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  5. It’s truly mind-boggling that our society continues to favor virtue-signaling based on completely false narratives which are based on cherry picked statistics…. It’s everywhere. Big companies, government, schools, entertainment… Can ANY of these people understand basic numbers!? I mean, what is even going on?

    1. Because he’s the only one smart enough to understand that using bills a theater is a mistake? Because he’s smart enough to know that basing punishment on race is a bad idea, and only promotes division?


  6. I tend to think it’s a bad idea to target specific groups for special treatment. If you’re going to pass a hate crimes bill, make it for everybody, not just the victim group of the month.

    That said, these anti-Asian crimes are despicable, and I’m glad something is being done.

    1. It’s more about reporting. Asians don’t show up in a lot of minority demographic metrics. There’s a lot more data out there on hate crimes against say black people than there are Asians.

  7. People were picketing for Josh Hawley to resign. He remained. Now he is the only one sticking out like a soar thumb. What an insecure man. People in Missouri must be ashamed of this character.

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