CNN analyst: All American citizens are now prime walking targets

CNN's Samantha Vinograd says all American citizens are now "prime walking targets" for Iranian retaliation following the strike against Qasem Soleimani, including service members and officials. #CNN #News


  1. Remember when the news strove to be informative, instead of scaring or outraging you?

    ALL cable news can go straight to hell. Know how you’re being reached by a reliable news outlet? It’s boring, and concentrates on the 5 W’s.

    1. Look at all the Trolls from Russia….look he will be impeached now for not going through Congress. As well as his dumbass son Eric Facebook message telling this would happen then two days latter does. He should have not known anything that is infact a crime!

    2. OUR PRESIDENT IS MAKING GREAT DECISIONS FOR ALL AMERICANS!!!! EVEN IF YOU HATE HIS PERSONALITY & CHARACTER!!! A non politician is lifting this nation for all including the haters!!!! 👍🏽 If he was your family or friend u would defend him. U CANT PLEASE EVERYONE IN THS WORLD!! Facts!!!!

    3. @J MacDonald
      Hundreds of Innocent American people are being murdered there ……and you’re calling that a
      ” distraction ”
      How does your mom get your bowl of fruit loops under the basement door ?

    4. Mark Haupt I’m not judging Trump based off on Obama’s behavior. Perhaps you might not want to do that either.

      I will judge Trump on Trumps behavior and it’s completely ridiculous.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Haw! That’s hilarious! One guy said he got 72 virgins….one virgin for each piece of his body.

    2. @woody would hes starting one. To get reelected.. this is TRUMP in 2011 speaking about Obama. Your boogie man://Our president will start a war with Iran because he has no ability to negotiate. He’s weak, and he’s ineffective,” Trump added. “So I believe that he will attack Iran sometime prior to the election, because he thinks that’s the only way he can get elected.” you know he is a projector. Think independently buddy

    1. THAT General removed and killed MANY IsIs groups Trump USURPED his authority and this will become another impeachment issue. HE did not notify Congress…MAY I add IRAN is strong allies to Russia but most of trump supporters live in LaLa land and know very little.

    2. @Andrew Guzaldo Oh please Iran did squat to fight ISIS even in Syria. The president doesn’t have to notify Congress and who cares about russia. The general reaped what he sowed for years and now he’s worn food

    3. @Andrew Guzaldo Dude your insane. Trump doesn’t need to inform the Congress to do this. Also, the only reason Sulaimani was killing ISIS was because they were his enemy. He was a massive terrorism organizer and needed to be taken out, and if your loser, moronic, leftist pig Democrsts wish to make an issue out of it then let them. They would have leaked the intelligence info out and Sulaimoni would have gotten away. Man…’re stupid. Of course anyone watching CNN and thinking it is news is stupid.

    1. Yes, the tourism trade will suffer greatly as thousands change their itineraries because Trump has now endangered their cosy vacations by assassinating a man responsible for the death and maiming of 100s of US servicemen and contractors.

    1. Chester Carter nation been warring with these peoples every sense biblical times
      And god always has a judgement for every nation demise America better watch out, pride come before the fall

  2. Way to fear monger CNN.
    Look at it this way.
    Now they know that if they hit us…were gonna respond with Tomahawk missles….not pallets of money.

    1. Some of these comments sound so stupid. Typical of shortsighted Trump supporters. They are obviously not afraid to die. So we just assassinate foriegn leaders to delay impeachment trials now?! Whatever happened to bringing our troops home? He just created a death warrant on our soldiers. You people just run to his defense without even thinking of the consequences of his actions.

    2. Gina Riffe He is talking about Iran’s own money we let them have back when we took the freeze off of it. I guess they should feel lucky to get their own money back.

      Should we tell him weapons cost money? I don’t know if I want to ruin his day.

    3. Landon’s Chanel I had assumed that he meant when we gave Iran their own money!! The ignorance is overwhelming!! It went from 90 million to 150 million!! Cash no less!! LMAO!

  3. Right. You can tell that the Obama administration’s legacy in the Middle East is in danger because the media, as the self-appointed janitors of that legacy, have gone into overdrive obfuscating the timing, context, and significance of this week’s attack on the United States embassy in Baghdad.

    1. it’s trump who likes kim- trump has not remarked on the missiles fired- still hoping for the Nobel Prize..

    2. No the US is afraid of another country that can defend itself.
      Instead, like the terrorists they say they fight use sneaky coward tactics.

  4. The 24 hour news cycle depends on spreading panick and instilling a false sense of urgency


    1. CNN will probably put their flags at half mast to honor Soleimani and his wonderful contributions to the world.

    1. They’re not a news network, they’re an arm of the Jewish Establishment — as are Dems and deep state.

    2. CNN is going to try to get sooooo much mileage out of this story to make more money. It’s a shame.

    3. Fred Flintstone jews are Freemasons and is why trump backs them. Masons are no longer co operating with the New World Order

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