Lindsey Graham says he was briefed on Iran plot days ago

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he was briefed on the Iran plot days before the drone strike in Baghdad that killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani. CNN's Arwa Damon, Kaitlan Collins and Jim Sciutto share their analysis on New Day with John Berman and Poppy Harlow. #CNN #News


  1. when you’re desperate, and the twitter-in-chief is desperate, there’s nothing like a war to help get re-elected

    1. Real Deal, LOLL he’s not going to risk his free Trump golf course access, and free Trump resort stays at the tail end of his life.. That old man only has a couple years left at best.. Everyone around Lindsey is dying.. Trump has been the only thing breathing life into his pathetic boring life for the first time in decades. Not to mention this man has been forced to live in the closet his entire life..Trump could literally do anything in front oh Lindsey, and Lindsey would paint his nails and look the other way.. 💅🏻👉🏻🙈

    1. @Jane Creek – your CNN are not playing some Iraqis celebrating in the streets when the news broke. When saddam was president, Iran had no single presence in Iraq but now they practically run the show there.

    2. @WrizzleDVM – the leftists have been caught off guard. Despite trump bombing Barshar of Syria after he used chemical weapons against women and children still the leftists dems continued to say trump is in Putin’s pocket. They will never learn.

    3. These same puppet masters controlled Obama and Bill Clinton also. Don’t get it twisted. These former Presidents conducted airstrikes as well with little to no notification of others. Unless directly required by law, why inform these same Democrats trying to destroy Trump and wouldn’t keep a national security secret for the sake of politics. They are a whiny bunch of degenerates. As someone said about the Democrat Party: They are full of the weak, the meek and the freaks.

    1. @Jewels Star typical democrat pulling the race card, justifying Irans behavior because theyre muslim and youre ashamed of whatever you are. North Korea has nukes and Iran does not – thats the difference genius.

    2. He got Impeached he needs to get reelected and his base is happy to kill the brown people. Antagonizing Iran is the priority. This will not end well.

    3. This is all about the oil people. Resource raping and killing these people for the oil. We should never have been there in the first place.

    1. @gamemastr7 not laughing , but in fear of what our insane child president will do . Trump is a world menace .

    2. @LUIS VELEZ – Ok .. I see your point. Perhaps allied is not the best term. The enemy of my enemy is my friend – temporarily.

    3. @Michael Flynn Iran is Shia , Iraq and most of ISLAM is SUNNI . THESE 2 sects have been killing each other for over 1000 years . there is no alliance with Iran and the USA . You people see a news story and become middle east experts ,

    1. @Marlowe Dugger All three MLK, JFK, and Bobby Kennedy was all Political assasinations. I have heard three different stories. 1. Castro of Cuba 2. Bush who was CIA at that time 3. The Rothchilds, the National Bankers. I have my idea, but nothing concrete. The old saying ” ONLY THE GOOD DYE YOUNG ” lol All three was leading this country to Equality, and Independance. The Republicans, did not want that. Daddy Bush was pure evil and so is Trump. Just remember any that trump says, expect the opposite. He said he does not want War, while he is preparing for it.

    2. @may wilson It is what I believe also. I am a 10 US Navy injured on active duty medically retired on unimployability status. My wife just turned 72 years old Christmas Day. A 4’9 100 pound woman. She supported our troops in Vietnam War defending her country Vietnam fighting with us. Trump dodhed 5 times. And now he is waging war in which again he will run and have our brothers and sistets to defend his punk a$$ and family. Sorry for my animosity, but. I voted for the bastard. I did not know his past. But after I saw his lies come to light I researched his past until now. He is more corrupt now than ever before. Now he has powerful republiCONS devils to help him in the white house and around the world. I am not saying democrats in government are perfect not by far, but all I have seen is republiCONS going to prison all associates of Trump. And he would be in prison if he was not president and under felony investigations by SDNY.

    3. @Marlowe Dugger I lost my Husband to VietNam. I received nothing from the Government that took him. God Bless you and your wife. I can not support a Government that puts party before the American People. A President that thinks he is above the Law. Or a President that starts a War to get votes.

    4. @may wilson and these idiots will probably let him go again. But, he will meet an angry payback for the deaths and children he has caused to suffer and the poor. I only pray the Lord gives him some mercy even though he deserves none. I didn’t, but I have a Savior. He has satan his father. Thank you for your husband’s service of our country. And God bless you. Be at peace. He knows if he starts a war how can they get rid of him. His path was destruction of USA. And these people let him get away the first time. I don’t see how he was able to be elected the first time with his criminal and adulterous life and his wife a world wide nude model. Neither examples for our children. If you see his they are like him. Criminal liars.

    5. @may wilson you know I was medically retired unemployability status after being injured. They only paid me $ 88 a month. I had to get food stamps and work temp jobs as I sued the government after many years they finally ruled in my favor. So I get veterans compensation and social security disability. And these idiots keep praising him. He has cut funds to every program that supports our poor. Including social security and Disabilities Act. Everyone on social security, Medicaid, medicare, Snap, welfare and foodstamps should go vote him out. Period. If they don’t they deserve every damn thing he does to them and their children. Sorry for saying it that way, but if he is screwing them he is screwing their children. He cut 700,000 off foodstamps his goal is 3 million which takes 500,000 free lunches from children in school. And over $ 17 billion from VA. Everything for the poor he cut to save money afyer he gave major tax cuts to big corporations and the wealthy like himself and Amazon who paid no taxes.

    1. IM PEACH If you’re not familiar with Russia’s declarations of new weapons then I’ll inform you; they exaggerate and lie. Their military infrastructure is old and falling apart, most of which is old Soviet era weaponry. This hypersonic missile has many practical and technological issues.

    2. @Ethan Barnes do you really put anything past any body at this point ? Trump just had the most powerful military figure in the middle east killed !! he was at the height of his military career you don’t understand how much of the middle east worship him ..he was like GANDHI to them ! It’s gonna get UGLY I’m tell you that right now ..Trump didn’t even have authority to call for the strike in the first place ! He doesn’t believe in LAWS OR RULES ! alot of people are gonna die if the DRAFT comes back ! You watch and see this is only the tip of the iceberg !!

    3. @Ethan Barnes if you really think Iran can’t get their hands on nuclear weapons your crazy or they may already have them for all we know !

    1. Lindsey Graham is a war guy I think he’s a colonel and he’s big on the military industrial complex in other words he’s a hawk he’s probably got something to do with plotting against Iran

    2. WHY?? He is a loyal Trumper and calls balls and strikes on Trump. He kept it quiet and the mission was a success. the world is a better place today

    3. I think Lindsey knew…trump played golf with him over the holidays in Mara Largo..he knew..not one Democrat did though..trump wants to excludes all Democrats from anything he does…sick

    1. @DeepShadedGlassesGuy Your analogy horrible. Absolutely horrible. 1 I assume you don’t have kids.
      2 Its absolutely nothing like that.
      3 Your logic and what you find sad is hypocritical. Anyone could use that same arguement for impeaching him.

      So if I say you lied to your spouse about what you were doing last night based on assumptions I made when I saw you at the bar with your buddies and I backed up my story with the opinions of people who hate you and have social status to gain by condemning you…….Is that fair or is hearsay enough for your spouse to kick you out the house or should I look to actually gather first hand proof? Maybe talk to the person I accuse you of being with? Maybe I should show your spouse pics or videos of said actions? I mean you would hope your spouse requires a lot more than just hearsay from an enemy right?

  2. As soon as we found out about them emails. a drone strike happens the next day🤔🤔🤔 Trump administration obviously trying to distract the public again

    1. So your twisted logic is all of this was done to mislead? Did you not see the US embassy being attacked in IRAQ??? Did you miss that? Or did Trump set that all up too???

    2. Real Deal everything trump does is to mislead havent u learned that yet??? Oh I forgot your a trump supporter there’s no convincing u of anything that opposes your cult leader

    3. President Clinton bombed the Serbians, when he was Impeached and the Republicans used the expression “That he Wag the dog” to deter his being removed from office.

    4. We don’t need distraction we were voting for him anyway! He actually puts America First not last!!

    1. Why? He speaks truth??? You think life long politicians stick with the same views???? Wake up MAN!!! NO, they dont.. Any congress LEAKS so why put the mission in jeopardy. the world is a safer place.

    1. @Joe Pinciaro I am puerto rican , a citizen along with 5 million other puerto ricans . we fight in combat for the USA , you low mafia trash .

    1. All of you, recalling Bill Clinton’s sins, are commended on bringing up the sins of a Democrat. There are many crimes of the Clinton’s you can wallow in like pigs. Keep in mind. You brought up Clinton’s sins which you tried to smear on Trump. Ha. You have smeared the mud of your memories on to your face. LOL

  3. 45* did this to try to get reelected. He already told us so years ago:

    Donald J. Trump
    In order to get elected, @BarackObama will start a war with Iran.
    1:48 PM · Nov 29, 2011

    1. Why don’t you leftists chill on that paranoia? This will not cause a war because Iran knows that it will be the end of their inhuman ways, we’ll run right over Iran in less than a month, 2 months tops.

      And then you all can start in with your claims of “America is after the oil” b.s.

    2. VSY Trump is consistent with only one thing – keeping his business interests safe, by cozying up to the Russians and the Saudis. He couldn’t be more bent over backwards unless he was a contortionist. The truth is what he contorts the most.

    3. @K Adams I tell ya they are straight up Trumptards. You buy them books and teach them how to read. What do they do? Eat the pages! Trumptards!🖕🏼

    1. @Amen Knowtech I just hate the fact we constantly argue over left vs right. When its pretty clear they both want total control and power. For example you can’t say Trump didn’t get approval from Congress he’s breaking the law. When Obama did the same thing and people stayed quiet. I think when is the Democratic president doing something and we don’t call him out that sets precedent for when a republican comes in. So we need to hold the president to the same standard no matter his party affiliation

    2. @Justin Jaworski Your a tool and your bullshit won’t sell. Dum dump has no fing clue what he’s doing.

  4. *”If we nominate Trump, we will be destroyed… and we will deserve it.”* _~ Sen. Lindsey Graham, May 2016_

    1. @slushymatis Exactly. Where was this sympathy, innocent people bullshit when their president turned this country’s back on the Kurds. Like I said before. Send trumpanzees to the frontline since they care about innocent people all of a sudden.

    2. Real Deal stop reading those rags. They’re only good for wiping your butt off. Lmao better yet wmao.

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