1. @Joao M Bastos Pais majority of Iranians are really happy of Soleimani’s death. He was the second to the supreme leader.

    2. Joao M Bastos Pais no …. the deapot called trump and the aggressor of the world …. the USA .
      It’s good trump being so confident . Let’s see what he says when you are in the depths of war .

    3. @Kings Town he is in hell for sure and that’s what bothers you so much. Reserve a place with him there in the hell.

    1. @Mya Goodbody if this war does happen it will likely be mostly through air attacks, USA won’t commit a large force to the middle east for ground warfare

  1. “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

    — 🇺🇸Founding Father & 4th President of the United States of America, James Madison

  2. Christiane is so smart and I was laughing so hard after Berman told her she only has 20 seconds and she just kept saying stuff

    1. Ya utd. Is bad these days but obviously an important team either way.. “soccer” isn’t that popular in Canada but it’s sort of gaining traction. Mostly cause no one can afford to play hockey anymore. I’m a Chelsea fan

  3. Send don jr. and his elephant gun to the front lines… he always acting like he is about that shoot first life

    1. His father just killed an animal…….. With a missile….. Whilst eating ice cream. Flavor ?… Iraqi road.

    2. Don’t forget goofy Eric. Better yet, send all of his 3 sons. He doesn’t care of other mothers and father’s kid are being sent into war.

    1. Don Post — 👏🏽 EXACTLY! I completely agree. You see a ton of people making memes and cracking jokes about potentially having a WW3, but nothing about this is funny. Not even in the slightest. What occurred today is absolutely shameful. The United States had no business invading their territory, their country, their land, and their HOME. Trump is forever starting mess with every country imaginable. We literally have no allies as result. Iran was minding their own business. There was no need to start stuff with them, especially being that Trump didn’t even have Congressional Approval to kill him — he just impulsively did it, by all accounts. Trump is a pathetic excuse for a president, and he should have never been elected to begin with. Trump killed who would be known as our Vice President. Qassem Soleimani was a prevalent and significant political figure in Iran. Essentially, he was the second highest important individual in their country. And if the tables were turned, the U.S. would be up in arms. So I completely understand why Iran is upset with us. WW3 is definitely possible, and I wish people didn’t take that so lightly.

    2. @Sux_2_B_U Maybe it’s better for the US to defend their own country. I’ve never seen Russian or Chinese soldiers in Texas.

    3. America pulled out of the nuclear ban, not Iran, Iran has never attacked people on USA shore, IRAN has OIL, it has a bank that’s not part of the American cartel. ONE American contractor got killed, only one, and a couple of troops got wounded…

    1. @Fix News I’m not sure about being 14 again but I did enjoy rent free and home cooked meals daily mmm that does outweigh the current count me in

  4. Where were u when ww3 started? I was at house, eating Burger King rebel whopper when phone ring.
    Notification: Qasem is kil
    Me: no

    1. @tallaganda83 Well Russia and Iran are allies. There have been Russian spy subs off the coasts of our country for the past 3 years
      1+1 is 2.

    2. Wasn’t he a fucking terrorist… this country is fucked and the fact we’re standing up for him

  5. I don’t always drink beer but when i do it’s Dos Equis

    Did they kill the most interesting man in the world ?🤣

  6. Just when I was saying my friend in Iraq was going to be there without fear of attack. I pray he get back home safe with his mind in one piece.

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