1. @Jason Ludwig jasion let’s get to the facts. You are intellectually dishonest. You are an elitist ego swelled child indoctrinated in the saul alinski manifest. Your contempt for service is deplorable. You are simply put a petulant child. My bonefides before you tear into me. Degree in history southern methodist u. Expertise in our founding fathers and the constitution. Historians call me a colleague. 2 tiurs on nam. And many more years of life experience than you currently behold. I am not as civil as brandon so i will say it for all of my brothers. You are inferior because of your massive ego. When you honor yourself you feed the fool. Out of your league child.

    2. Gerald Colgrove “Our principles ” what are those exactly? Trump has no principles. Starting wars without planning or thoughts of consequences? So that money can be made? Look at Iraq? I acknowledged he was a murderer but this action is reckless. Trump has boxed himself into a corner and is too dimwitted to find his way out. Are you volenteering yourself/ your children/grandchildren to fight?

    1. If Russia was arming mexico and getting involved with proxy contractors there, we would be very alarmed because they are a direct neighbor… Just like Iraq and Iran. They have a lot more reason to be concerned about the safety of the region. The original US invasion was bad enough, this is ripping the scab off (withdrawing from JCPOA) and pouring acid on it (Very heavy sanctions, now we killed an important general)

  1. “I’m not going to talk any more about the attack” proceeds to in detail describe it.

    Gosh people love being authoritarians.

  2. “The world is a much safer place as of today” (7:02) mark this statement in your calendars! curious to see how this plays out…

    1. @bebe rivera don’t allow the media to scare you it will simply make you more complicit to their narrative.

    2. @Leeanne Bishop The US is just looking for insecurity in the world to sell weapons and make money. In essence, the largest terrorist group in the world and Israel’s Hopi!

  3. “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

    — 🇺🇸Founding Father & 4th President of the United States of America, James Madison

  4. “Imminent Attack” = “Weapons of Mass Destruction ”
    Military Industrial Complex makes no $$$$ unless bullets are fired.

    1. KillaG FPV I cannot believe you are still choked up about having a black president. Really? Get with the times buddy.

    2. @Glenn Wishart did you just assume my race? hahahaha oh man how stupid you are right now. i aint white. lol are you? cause the false racial outrage is a que marker for typical gronks. i dont care for his skin tone. i care only about his actions in such position. go project your bigotry elsewhere GLENNN fkn asshat lol

  5. Disrupted an “imminent attack” yep this will stop them from trying again uh huh…we killed the guy ! WOW were safe now!!

  6. Listen carefully so called Secretary of State : “The French are damn right on this one again .. as they were for Irak”. Can’t you learn a lesson ?

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