1. Trump’s gonna save this economy one berder at a time, even if he has to eat them all himself…especially if he does

  2. The best chess players in the world don’t think about all the possible moves on the board. They see the real issue and focus on that. In the end, keeping it simple is the best way to win. In this case, Trump’s lack of real intelligence is probably helping him.

    1. Travis Williamson
      Lol…..helping him.

      He can help himself.
      Got himself impeached.
      He got almost a year to show what’s really going on between him and Putin.
      Then he’ll going into history the way he really deserved.
      Impeach is not enough.

    2. Juan Peguero
      He’s not impeached…. even if he was, it does mean or change anything. Maybe it’s time you take a break from CNN

  3. You guys did your thing in Congress , let the Republicans do their thing in the senate. You must have known that a partisan impeachment not supported by the other party in congress can’t go through the senate – that’s why the framers required a trial in the Senate – to stop using the process for political shenanigans . This is the perfect example

  4. I honestly think Hunter and Joe Biden should testify, and even the whistleblower via video link, voice and face disguised, because then Trump wont have a defense to stonewall the senate trial.

    1. Oh gee I thought trump had North Korea and little kim wrapped around his little finger. Now THAT was fake bullshit.

    1. With a treasonous, illegitimately-elected fake president, even an ultra-conservative Supreme Court should revisit that ruling. Circumstances and context change in a world threatened by the evil of authoritarian fascists. #Resist

    2. George Wedding
      Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Are you still upset about the 2016 election??? Time to move on buttercup, Trump is getting ready for round two…. and it’s all thanks to the impeachment hoax

  5. Just watch RUSSIA , CHINA news. The main media in the USA has been saying the same for almost 20 years. Nothing new.

  6. BERNIE SANDERS WOULD HAVE WON> but no the corrupt dnc ran hillary who was under FBI looks and no body asked for not even women.

  7. You People Are Such Idiots…What The Hell Is Wrong With You People…CNN Needs Real Help…They Have Lost Their Minds.

  8. The United States was founded on Christian values. One of those values everyone wants is freedom. America is a country of GOD.

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