1. “Where’s evil? It’s that large part of every man that wants to hate without limit, that wants to hate with God on its side.”
    – Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

    1. Zambia are a Christian country and have the right to uphold their Christian values, as for a US Ambassador calling out corruption in government it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it.

    2. A pedophile loving a child is something we can ALL agree is wrong and that does not make us HATERS, So… disagreeing is not even close to hate and i believe in God and so what? Take that quote somewhere else.

    3. LuckySeven You can try to justify your hatred however you like but it’s still hatred. You’ve pretty much just given an example of the evil Kurt Vonnegut was describing.

  2. These officials oath and job is to befriend, cooperate and take orders from the executive office.
    This political activism is fine just don’t take the oath or job if your going rogue.

    We all get fired if we fail to do the job we agreed to do or if we allow our personal and private life to interfere with the job.
    The system and colleges used to choose and educated these ambassadors are failing. So many don’t represent our country .

  3. Good job. Problem is, China don’t give a f*ck about human rights and they will jump at any chance to gain even more influence over Africa.

  4. Standby and watch the payback. Saudi Arabia, dumps friendsn executes gays. There’s no threat of blackmail from Zambia so Zambia will be punished.

    1. Sexual promiscuity is the spiritual and social decay of the human race. It’s promotion of this mental disorder only servers to accelerate our demise. It’s the sole reason the young are Full of hate and disrespectful towards others. A state of complete confusion because of the selfishness adults.

  5. The evangelicals from the United States is the ones that pushed for the Zambian government to be that strict and it’s all circled back around

  6. Trump administration can’t defend it’s hypocrisy on LBGTIQ rights, so it pulls the Ambassador to Zambia. Typical of loss of global influence under Toxic Traitor Trump.

  7. Homosexuals have no more or no less rights than bestowed to any other citizen of whatever authority they may be under.
    Homosexuality is a preference. And like any other preference, a just government can not respect preferences, lest it become subjective and irrelevant in exercising authority.

    1. No one including Homosexuals should have anymore or anyless rights than others..Did you choose to prefer women over men or did your sexual fantasies , desires and libido make that choice for you? Adjectives I would not consider preferences unless of course I misunderstood you..And if so I apologize..Regards.

    2. You are right . Gays in Zambia have ….fewer rights, that is why the ambassador spoke up and why you support him so strongly.

  8. I hate to say it folks the Bible says a relationship is between a man and a woman PERIOD! You will not enter the kingdom of GOD as a homosexual! I don’t dislike anyone I love all people but you don’t need to shove in the public’s face who you are or what you do!!!!! It’s disrespectful and not classy, if you want to live that way god bless you have at it but know that it comes with a price and that’s the price you pay for your decision remember that. God bless you all

  9. Why does it matter how other sovereign nations treat homosexuals? Also any american government official accusing another nation of corruption is laughable at best..

  10. Clean up human right issues here in the U.S before lecturing others on their own issues. Police misconduct and abuse of power is not being address by the Attorney general’s office, if you are truly concerned about human rights, start at home first. This ambassador seriously overstepped the bounds of his office, he meddled in the internal affairs of the host country. They were right to want him removed.

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