1. @Shak You can have a personal political bias when you are properly informed and watching real news, not FAKE NEWS like CNN who has literally been lying to you for the past 3 years. You still fail to see how their propaganda and misinformation meant to manipulate ignorant voters directs your biases and controls your perspectives. You are literally brainwashed if you trust them. If you just have liberal views and want to support their policy that is one thing, if you are blindly following them because you think Trump is the most evil man of all time and think he is all the terrible things CNN lies about daily then your liberal bias isn’t based on truth or policy beliefs, it’s based on FAKE NEWS, emotion based propaganda, and lies. If you blame Trump for all the problems the Democrats caused themselves you are listening to FAKE NEWS. If you are ignoring all of Trump’s accomplishments or never even heard about them you are watching Fake News. If you are making your decisions by watching a few minutes of libtard propaganda every day, you are a victim of libtard propaganda fake news. You just don’t get it and that is pretty damn sad. Impeachment for example is not a matter of opinion, it is a sham and a lie, straight up that is a fact. Impeachment involves no actual crimes and Trump is not guilty of anything as of now, and based on the evidence he has zero chance to be found guilty of any crime in any trial or court of law. It was in fact a hoax then, because they failed as usual to prove any crime or any of their false accusations meant to slander Trump again without due process or a justified cause. Political games nothing more, and you still fall for it, just like you fell for the Russian collusion hoax or the racism hoax or the anti Republican propaganda based on libtard lies and prejudice. Pathetic. I guess you enjoy being a weak sheep being lead to slaughter by your Democrat elite overlords.

    2. @Redman Law 99 so you’re saying Fox News is the real news just because they support the person you believe as a king.

    3. @Shak Fox news is the real news because it is more viewed and more trusted by millions more and because they show the stories that really matter and show both sides of the story more than CNN ever has. You don’t watch all sources so you don’t know, you are ignorant, plain and simple. All you do is look at libtard sources that tell you how to think or what is acceptable to look at which is just a form of control being used on ignorant sheep of society so they can steal your vote for idiotic reasons.

      If anyone is an actual crook it would be Biden that is a fact. Trump never committed any crime, he was never found guilty of anything, before he became President he was never called a criminal or a racist, that is all just political propaganda from the Left wing morons and CNN Fake News obviously. Why was it that the past 50 years Trump was not slandered in such a way at all, and even NBC and major media coorporations loved Trump and had his popular shows airing all the time and he was hanging out with all celebrities and rappers and getting along with all people of all backgrounds? Trump was never the bad guy at all, he became the bad guy when he won the Republican nomination and became President and when he started pushing policy for the people instead of the Democrat elites. Then suddenly Trump become public enemy number 1 for no valid reason and gets slandered more than anyone in history by the liberal media. And to this day they still have not a single shred of hard evidence proving any crime at all, but they keep saying he is the greatest crook in American history and treating him with zero respect for bogus reasons…. idiots, you are being used as sheep for corrupt Democrats who just want to steal power back for themselves at the expense of America, while Trump is the one helping the people for once, and you are too blind and brainwashed to see the facts. All you do is focus on the sideshow pushed by liberal media and ignore what actually matters. Sad.

      Biden is the one who actually admitted to quid pro quo on TV and influenced Ukraine to help enrich his corrupt and worthless idiot son Hunter who if you look at his history and what he did for Burisma you would know how corrupt they are. If you actually look at Burisma and who founded it and what they did you would know how shady and crooked they were. As time goes on more and more damning information comes out and we will see Hunter’s finances soon because he is being sued by the stripper he got pregnant. If anyone is an actual crook, it will be coming from the Bidens or the Democrats side, not Trump or Republicans. Even the FISA abuses and misconduct in the FBI and CIA will be related to the corrupt Democrats or people with extreme bias against Trump. Those are the real crooks that mainstream liberal media wants to pretend they can ignore to save face, but facts are facts, and eventually the truth will be known, and no one is going to let it slide anymore.

  1. This is the guy they found naked in a park with “some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot”. Figures he’s dressed up, flaunting his ability to read the news despite his certain insanity.

  2. Whatever that β€œreport” was supposed to be? It wasn’t. It did really suck though! At least it sucked very much.

  3. I saw the movie and loved it. He looks cool though, costumey, which I am glad the movie wasn’t. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

  4. When Ms Kathy was co-host, she was the funny one and AC was “the straight man.” Tonight, there wasn’t a straight one in the bunch.

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