CNN crew harassed and camera broken during protest

CNN's Natasha Chen tells Wolf Blitzer what she and her crew experienced while covering protests over the Atlanta police shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, at an area Wendy's restaurant.

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  1. Robespierre had his best friend executed. Let that sink in CNN. Doesn’t matter how hard you pander to them, the mob will find a reason to burn you at the stake

    1. @dave etcetera shutup CNN says its peaceful protestors who support the BLM not right wingers
      get your faccs straight right winger

    1. @king laner haven’t seen the protesters carrying a tv a a BLM sign at the same time so what do you mean they are the same .

    2. @Winay Kumar I don’t think FOLLOWERS is really what you call VIEWERS. But that is illiteracy in action I suppose. And if anyone only watches one news channel, they are complete buffoons….

    3. It looks very much like HK protests now…

      It is what you Americans have supported and encouraged since last year in HK

    1. Heard some Einstein attempted to loot a gun store, and the owner of the store was in the shop armed and ready, shot the looter in the head. Too funny.

    1. Seems like here are many Trump’s agents or White supremacist or gangsters who doesn’t care about reasonable demonstrators, and want BLM movement to fail.

    2. Nobody likes cnn. They think they have fans but don’t realize they are the lowest news network on tv.

    1. Patrick Bednark if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black. Dementia biden 2020 .😂😂😂

    2. Harvard University the statement shouldn’t have come from his mouth but the choir of the statement doesn’t offend me. In that “Trump’s policies and inflammatory language is bad for America and particularly bad for black Americans.” He also apologized for it in a few hours.

  2. Umm didn’t Fredo just say tell him where it doesn’t say protest didn’t have to be peaceful? Guess all the PANDERING didn’t work !! Tabloid trash fake news cnn

  3. CNN is an embarrassment to the city Atlanta—has become a laughingstock- Cable news for reliable source of absolute garbage

  4. Didn’t I hear on CNN that these “protests” were peaceful? This is them choking on their own stupidity. They ignorantly grouped law-abiding protestors in with rioters to paint all negative commentary from conservatives on looting/lawlessness as racist. And now they have no choice but to keep calling rioters protesters. CNN, you guys are so blatantly dishonest it’s astonishing people still think they’re watching the news when they have your program on.

  5. Guy gets shot and killed by cops, let’s wreck the Wendy’s. Its like a turtle on top of a fence post, it makes no sense.

    1. CAUGHT ON FILM – no, not “police brutality” but the mentality of that section of the population your police constantly have to keep in line. You know, your police that you are calling to be de-funded ?

    2. @C. Caner Telimenli I know this may surprise you. But ten percent of EVERY race are racists and there are ZERO exceptions. Maybe I should burn your house down because somebody who has the same tan as you was mean to me. If they were the same color as you that means it was you for now on. Makes perfect sense. What one black or white person does they are responsible for it. Blaming a whole race for the actions of one makes you a fn racist by very definition by the way. You hate racists but you are one how cute.

    3. @Noise Latrine and who pays for that??? Oh that’s right everyone through higher premiums and prices.

    4. I find it apbsolutely fascinating how the Left in this country can continually find a way to eat itself

  6. A social worker should’ve arrest that man for DUI instead of the officer. But then again I don’t think the social worker would’ve live to tell the story.

  7. Democrats have controlled black killing cities for the last 100 years. Why do you vote for them?

  8. According to CNN these were peaceful protesters! Every time fake news comeback and bite CNN in their Butts 😂😂😂

    1. Well Trump deliberately did not send in the army to protect CNN from “‘peaceful'” protesters.
      Ahh the summer of love, “‘peace'” not peace.

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