1. @standyourground It’s very good when you’re a public figure, or if you have a company, some business… it’s not to be thrown away.

    1. This can’t be good for elon’s other businesses, he’s pulling a Donald Trump, making enemies daily 😖

  1. Free speech only applies to government suppression. Business is business and can decide for themselves the best interest of their shareholders.

    1. It’s funny how lefties cry for forced suppression of opposition and small minded conservatives still cling to so called freedom of speech as if that’s gonna stop them from being censored by the weak minded left ..it’s absolutely hilarious tho how libs have become nazi gov bootlickers when they think they are the good guys for wanting more gov/media censorship

    2. First learn what an LLC actually is. Then ask yourself what it means if you’re an LLC acting on behalf of the government. This black & white doesn’t hold any water here.

  2. My favorite part is about how when Musk first announced his interest in buying Twitter, the right were all, “Yes! Trump is Baaaaaaack.”
    Now that Trump isn’t even interested in using his reinstated account, they’re all, “He doesn’t need Twitter. He’s got his own Truth Social Media.”

    1. @Epic Conners Russia? The vaccine keeps you from getting COVID? The virus wasn’t made in a lab? Hunter Bidens laptop is Russian disinformation? Joe Biden has gotten millions of dollars from his corrupt illegal business deals using our tax dollars? Which ones?

    2. Elon Musk is taking on the paedophiles and vaccine liars . Thank you Elon .
      Freedom of speech is returning as real debates will destroy the Fake News we have suffered at the hands of lying Satanic globalists

    1. @Ros None of us know the details in the TOS. You should look for the redditor comment. Sorry, I don’t remember which post about Elon.
      In summary, Apple is protecting themselves, from what they learn what happen to Facebook for not regulating those dark posts.

    2. @Free Man You don’t need to be an identity such as liberal or conservative to see that Elon is using Twitter to bully Apple into giving him what he wants. He isn’t an honest person based on the lies he has told, including his Physic degree. Even a smart republican will agree that Elon is dishonest and full of issues.

    3. @Luis Rodriguez

      You’re wrong, and you can look at what Apple has done in China for proof. Do some research, you’re welcome

  3. “If free speech is lost…” Riiight – You have total freedom of speech on Twitter as long as he agrees with it & nobody makes him look bad. Musk is behaving with increasing immaturity.

    1. @M Hall You still don’t get it – sides don’t matter. Freedom of speech includes freedom to lie – Repubs & Dems do it equally. If you think either side is working for their constituents, they’re not. They all gaming the system to keep their seats on the gravy train.

    2. @spud2go 👈. I do get it. Example. When the democrats were pushing the lie of Russian collusion “and it was debunked”. It was aired 24/7 for two years. When biden botched the pullout in Afghanistan and Americans died, it was not reported as such on liberal media. Had President Trump been in office it would be 24/7 News. When President Trump stumbled on a ramp, left media made a big deal about it. biden falls up the stairs of AF 1 on 3 separate occasions falling on his face and nothing. Crickets. Left media said Nicholas Sandmann was guilty, and they had little video clips making him look guilty. Turned out he was innocent and now rich. The democrats on this YouTube wanted him crucified. Adam Schiff lied during the collusion trials saying he had solid evidence. He had nothing. Didn’t hear anything from the left media now did we? Nope. All we heard was impeach, impeach, because the left didn’t know any better. Free speech, lies, and truth should be reported equally on both sides. Twitter canned people on the right mainly because they didn’t want to hear the truth. Not saying everyone told the truth. I’m saying they were canned for speaking. Now that Elon is letting people of the right back on, the left is scared. Not so much of the lies but of the truth.

  4. Why are we just going along with calling it “Parlor” just because its users were too ignorant to pronounce Parler properly and understand its meaning? 🙄

  5. Well I have Twitter I’m not against people expressing themselves but it’s the way how people go about it today with such hate and anger🤔

    1. Expressing negative feelings is a good thing. It can be cathartic and as such positive. It’s unhealthy to hold in negative feelings. If reading such is stressful, don’t read it.

    2. Today??? i mean have you ever listen to or heard of the anger expressing in metal music form the 1960’s-2022… jesus christ dude

    3. @pLayC or even rap music, and how it degrades woman and glorifies violence . Such a shame the world we live in .

  6. just started using twitter and it sickens me the thought that apple and google would threaten twitter like this, social media was never suppose to be this political machine, connect with family share photos and a few messages, if elon makes a phone im all i, lol iphones are repetitive and boring anyways

  7. So now, Musk learned that a company’s leadership decides what kind of speech they will allow on any of their platforms?

  8. The bigger question is who gets to decide how to define “covid misinformation?” That was rhetorical obviously the Left and big tech does.

  9. OMG!!!! What on Earth… how in the Holy Hell did we EVER get along in this world for all these millennia BEFORE Twitter??? HOWWWWW were people even born?????!!!!!!!!

  10. Why is this newsworthy, 2 separate companies each can do what they feel they need to do. Elon should be calling to set up a meeting with the CEO of Apple, but if they don’t want to negotiate then it’s the end of the discussion. Again don’t know why this is happening on the world stage?

  11. We are dedicating way too much discussion on Musk as we have done with Trump. Why are we having a conversation with a maniac at all is my question. Also why analyze and respond to his immature statements and dares? Don’t tell me that because doing so increases the ratings!!!

  12. Now we see casino advertisements all over the place..removing Twitter from Apple is a big loss…well, they can do whatever they,want, meaning Apple.

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