1. @Jay Jordan politician …the one job where lying is a prerequisite. Why should this guy be any different than the rest.

    1. Also; racist, sexist, uneducated, bigot, homophobic are all requirements of the republican party as well. And there’s a good chance someone in your immediate family is sleeping with a cousin.

    2. @bone kollektor Then investigate and indict if the facts support it. Until then, open your eyes and see Trump for what he is.

    3. @Marissa North ya’ll are a bunch of brainwashed Nazis. Planting “evidence” & persecuting political opponents. It’s good vs evil & good will win.

    4. @bone kollektor Sure racist, like we are the insurrectionists. 1/6 showed everyone who the criminals are. You fascists can’t come back from that. Republicans are scum.

    1. @24james what the hell has that got to do with Biden? .. or an impeachment? .. just wondering. I’m not American.

    2. @Upper 90 If the fat orange clown master sells his faeces for $99, his lapdogs will buy it at the drop of the hat and then applaud him for being an amazing businessman 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. I doubt the GOP actually cares; just look at some of their other members of Congress. If George Santos is just like them, he won’t step down unless he’s forced to

    1. @Hans Bjorkman Hmmmm what about all of the lies Biden has told? I won the 2020 election. It’s Putin’s gas price hike. My economic policies are not causing inflation.

      Does any liberal out there have the integrity to talk about those lies?

    2. @Kirk Thomas 30,000 lies of 5? Comparing trump and Biden? Is that to excuse your mental condition to yourselves? Welcome to reality some day. You will be extremely embarrass by your past delusions. 🤦‍♂️🤯 Bye the way I don’t have a fog in this fight but I can separate facts from fiction, you can’t. But but but…. That all you people got to protect trump the rapist.!

    3. @Hans Bjorkman So while he was (and still is) POTUs, Trump “lied” and still made America prosperous and was getting us out of the pandemic while “president” Biden lied and the pandemic got worse.

      But that doesn’t matter…cuz Trump “lied”?


  2. I used to be a lifelong Republican because I valued fiscal responsibility, freedom and safety. Donald Trump made me vote for Joe Biden and I have done a 180 and now I’m proud Democrat.

    1. @John Christman The national debt went up under Trump and has gone down dramatically under Biden. What freedom have you lost? How has your safety been compromised?

  3. 40 year Republican here until Trump came into office and I gotta say Joe Biden is doing a pretty good job cleaning up Donald’s messy mess.

    1. Isn’t that the damn truth.
      Trump was just…..just awful..it’s the *”Concubines à la Maga”* that are worse than their Ascorbic screamin carrot demon

    2. Unfortunately there’s a pattern.. Clinton had to clean up Bush snr’s mess, Obama with Bush jnr and now Biden.

  4. I heard in another story that this guy claims to have like 13 properties that his family owns and collects rent on and has had trouble with people not paying….nobody has any records of these properties. It becomes problematic because he claims to have funded his own campaign by loaning $750K from his own money….money that there is zero evidence of him having or reason to believe that he earned it somehow. Allegedly he was actually evicted twice from apartments in NY in the last 5 years or so.

  5. If you apply for an low level government job, they check your background to the point of absurdity. Here, nothing?

  6. I thought being a pathological liar without a moral compass was a requirement for every right wing politician??? What am I missing?

  7. I’m sure if he was applying for a regular government job like a trash man, cop, teacher or mailman he would have been fired already but for some reason public office doesn’t hold these standards.

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    1. That would depend on how long ago he supposedly worked for then. W-2 would be the better way to go. Pay stubs get trashed quickly, a W-2 you have to keep with your tax return.

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