CNN gets rare access inside a plant making ammo for Ukraine

Ukrainian officials say Russia has already begun its renewed offensive. CNN military analyst Cedric Leighton joins John Vause to discuss his observations of Russia's current strategies. At the same time, munitions factories across US are increasing production as fast as possible to meet the demand of the Ukranian military. CNN's Oren Liebermann goes inside an American munition plant and reports the US' long-term plan for the war.

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  1. USA’s defense manufacturing industry capacity is simply staggering to us NATO allies (I’m in the UK). And US defense budget spending is enormous compared to ours ($800bn US v $128bn UK). Without America’s sheer industrial size and capacity it will be impossible to keep up with Ukraine’s amunitions usage, because Russia is using an enormous amount of artillery, munitions and missiles compared to Ukraine forces. America’s defense spending alone dwarfs that of Russia’s, let alone the combined spending of US and all 40 NATO countries, which is about 100 higher than Russia’s defense budget relative to GDP.

    Russia now has an economy that’s contracted so much over the last 10 years, under sanctions, that it’s about the same size as Italy in GDP.

    It’s simply no match for NATO defense capability and spending. They have no chance of winning in a prolonged proxy-war against the US and NATO allies in Ukranian.

    The US ramping up production, will all make all the difference, both in the short to medium term, and for Ukraine’s longer term defense against continued future Russian aggression.

    1. @Logan W Different guns. The US leads the world in mass shootings, and most of these shootings are just crazy people who want to kill people that they hate. The Ukrainians are fighting for their survival.

    2. @Rider 38 I know. I’ve seen the video several times. That is why I laugh when I hear them whining about gas prices.

  2. Telegram posted a video of hundreds of Wagner units being mowed down. No training at all, standing on top of the trenches instead of using the trench.

    1. @Fibonazzi but I am pretty sure the Wagner volunteers are not the innocent. They are the drug dealers, thieves, rapists. Drug users. One day Ukraine captured a Wagner that seemed to have some mental retardation.

  3. The defense industry is not something to be underestimated. If Ukraine has a need for rounds and artillery shells. I assure you, the war machine will meet that need.

    1. @thinkerly1 Exactly right. I’m not sure how many countries, Putin has NOT threatened, but I suspect it’s a very short list. Every single NATO nation Putin has threatened to nuke. Most of the non-NATO nations that trade with NATO nations or condemn Russia when they do something barbaric, Putin has threatened to nuke.

    2. @jpa5038 Get off the internet Joe. You are the fuel to this war. And if you keep pushing for global involvement, you may have to fight personally soon. You ready for that? It doesn’t matter if you’re disabled Joe. Every man, including the crippled. Will fight. You ready for that? Or maybe partial toward de-escalation?

    3. Glory to Russia. Whoever supports Ukr. supports Neonazi’s who were killing innocent people from 2014. You should sell your belongings and donated to Ukr. Even better they need soldiers. May be you should join Azov regiment (neonazis). They are forming 4 new regiments after being destroyed in Mariupol.

  4. One grenade every 4 minutes or 15 grenades/hour or 360 grenades/24 hours (“day”) or 2,520 grenades/week or 11,000 grenades/month is a lot of grenades in peace time

  5. At whatever costs it takes to the American Defense Production capabilities, we have to produce (along with our Allies of the West) enough ammunition to counter Russia and its aggression.

    1. In EU it is also getting ramped up, different companies for different kind of shells and weapons …. unbelievable, these Russians, they’re really asking for it

    1. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING, right? It’s no more than Bo-jidens money laundering scam! We have no business in this nonsense.

    2. One guess, you’re a blind sheep democrat. Believing anything your brainwashing box in your living room is telling you. Good grief.

    3. Any more people calling for continued foreign war and American money and weapons sent to Ukraine over needs of Americans . They should send those people and their kids to Ukraine first

    4. @DiverMan No. Putin started this war because he wanted to recreate the Russian Empire. Putin believes that every place that was once part of that Empire belongs to Russia forever.

    1. Well, if you mean that the United States is killing millions of people all over the world with these shells.
      In a sense, they became free from life.

    1. Gracias amigo. Igualmente. Respect and salutations to our freedom loving southern friends and neighbors as well. -From USA. 🙂

  6. Mighty America ramps up its impressive military production. Ukraine has great friends like America and NATO to keep it fighting on.

  7. FYI….Artillery shells arent FUSED until they are in a position to be fired.. That would be CALLED UNSAFE.. Fuses and shells usually arent shipped together for safety reasons.. You can see the shells getting fuses on many Ukraine videos.. They screw the fuse into the top of the shell..There are several different types of fuses from proximity, contact to delay..

    1. No, not fuses, but any explosive filling and/or penetrators and shrapnel must be put into the shells before shipping.

  8. Rheinmetall realized their error to produce ammo and other parts for the German weapons in Switzerland. Germany wasn’t able/allowed to deliver systems to Ukraine because of the swiss veto about the parts produced in Switzerland by Rheinmetall. Because of that Rheinmetall decided to built a new factory in Germany and they think they are ready to start production in Germany in June. Because of that they are able to deliver ammo for the Gepard in July. The Gepard uses a cannon build in Switzerland by Oerlikon a subsidiary of Rheinmetall and the swiss vetoed the delivery of ammo for the Gepard to Ukraine. Same problem with some armored vehicles built by Rheinmetall and ammo for the PZH 2000.
    Honestly I find it idiotic that the Switzerland allows to produce weapons and ammo, but when it’s needed veto against delivery. If Rheinmetall has some common sense they will move their swiss branch and subsidiary to Germany as soon as possible.

    1. I am wondering about the now NATO-standard tank cannon 120mm.

      Legally, can German government veto the delivery of US-Abrams tanks elsewhere ?

      Probably make a 121mm cannon pipe then,
      as 121mm is not 120mm .

      And for the ammunition:
      It is about the smart Geppard ammo;
      some dumb simple ammo likely is allowed,
      or with random explosive timing,
      just would need more ammo then.

    2. I don’t think Oerlikon (now called Unaxis) is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall, the major share holder of Oerlikon is Victory Industriebeteiligung AG of Austria.
      But Oerlikon Contraves, the company that makes the auto cannons and air defence systems, has been owned by Rheinmetall since 1999. They have factories in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Canada.

  9. This gives us a perspective on how crazy world war 2 production was. The US kept up with demand for years with ammunition and equipment. This conflict has shown us how fast stockpiles can be used up when we’re not in a wartime economy. The US has fought much less capable enemies the last 50 years. I think we forgot just how much equipment and ammo is needed daily when fighting a large scale near peer enemy.

    1. @Justin Hart I am not Russian. And yes, this is a proxy war. It doesn’t matter which side started it; it doesn’t change that fact.

    2. War is good for the economy
      In this case, no US soldiers are fighting. yet the economy is benefitting.
      Keep on helping Ukraine fight for freedom against the oppressors.
      And while we are fighting the good fight…we are also.
      Making it great again.
      FK the politicians that want to stop that.
      That would be the MAGA traitors.

    3. Russia isn’t close to U.S. technology and production. With today’s technology and automation, higher productivity and technological advanced weapons can be manufactured in U.S. plants than ever before in its history.

    4. @billy rubin never underestimate how ruthless we can be. There is a reason why Germans preferred to surrender to the Americans. The difference between Russia and the US is simple : we are willing to lose a million men your not.

  10. A military ammo plant near me has really increased production also in the last few months hiring more people. Glad the world is standing up to this authoritarian tyrant Putin. We as citizens must do everything we can to ensure the pressure stays on and Ukraine comes through this victorious and let our leaders know we need to increase military production until Russia leaves all of Ukraine.

    1. @XXX you dont even get a choice there Vlad.Time to start thinking of running away before Army wants you for cannon fodder.

    2. @Barry Brodin It’s best if you didn’t write anything more, you just confirmed my writing about manipulated and brainwashed Americans.

    3. Putin is not tyrant. Most Russian support their president and understand where he is coming from. I wonder if you have same thoughts when Syria, Iraq, Livia, was destroyed by the West. Tyrant are those who lead it to this situation specifically Western leaders. Including their media. This war was brewing from 2014.

    4. 1943, The Times: “Rostov is taken. Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk) is also in Russian hands. The ring is shrinking around Kharkov. Rapid attacks in the Donetsk basin.”
      Imagine, 80 years ago, the British press rejoiced at the liberation of Donbass by Russian troops. And today these bastards are on the side of the Nazis.
      I am a Ukrainian girl, I am now on the territory of Ukraine. I’ll explain it to you. The bloody neo-Nazi junta started the war against the Ukrainian people in 2014, which was brought to power by Western political strategists, nine years ago the war began in Ukraine, the pro-Western fascist junta began to rob and destroy us Ukrainians, destroyed our economy and plunged the country into chaos. The Russians came to us in Ukraine to end the war that these Satanists, orcs of the Bandera junta, have been waging against us, against the Ukrainian people, for nine years.
      If you think that the evil totalitarian Russia has attacked the good democratic Ukraine, if you believe in all the lies of the globalist media, then you are an ideal slave of the system with the intelligence of a fetus. And now don’t complain that your standard of living in the West has fallen sharply and everything has become more expensive, it’s the globalists losing to Putin, now they have started robbing Westerners. This is a stupid skunk for you for supporting murderers, neo-Nazis of the Bandera junta of Kiev, for writing here the slogan of Hitler’s accomplices “Slava Ukraine”. You are a stupid slave of the system, a slave of banks and multinational corporations, your globalist masters have already lost, the forces of Good are winning, and the forces of Evil that you believe and serve are losing, so you will live worse and worse, a stupid slave of the system.
      Neo-Nazis and Satanists who came to power in Ukraine in 2014 with the help of a bloody coup d’etat are holding us, the people of Ukraine, hostage, they need us Ukrainians to hide behind us from the advancing Russian army, so the liberation of my Ukraine is going so slowly, Russian soldiers are trying to save our lives by liberating my Ukraine from the criminals of the neo-Nazis Bandera juntas, and junta terrorists use us as a shield. If we were liberated not by Russians but by Americans, then the largest cities in Ukraine would have already been destroyed to the ground and there would have been millions of civilian victims.
      American arms sellers need this war to continue, so they force their European vassals to arm Zelensky’s terrorists, so that then it is profitable for these vassals to sell American weapons. Therefore, the American owners ordered Zelensky to start this war. But they did not expect that Russia would stand up for the Donbass attacked by Zelensky and launch an operation to protect Donbass
      About the earthquake in Turkey and Syria – no Western countries have sent aid to Syria, only Russians and Cubans are engaged in rescuing Syrians, two countries that have been under harsh Western sanctions for many years. Apparently, for the West, Syrians are second-class people. You, the people of the West, have been racists and have remained so

  11. Are we really just now starting to ramp up production? I was saying from day one that EU and USA must start producing war material on overdrive. Very sad if that wasn’t started a long time ago.

    1. I can’t speak for the western nations as a whole but Norway, where I live, maxed out it’s weapons and ammuntion production for Ukraine months ago and I would be surprised if the other countries didn’t too.

  12. The current Chinese name for Vladivostok, Russia is Hǎishēnwǎi (“sea-cucumber cliffs”). On Chinese maps from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Vladivostok is called Yongmingchen. The area was ceded by China to Russia as a result of the Treaty of Aigun of 1858 and the Treaty of Peking of 1860. What name should the Chinese use for the city when China annexes the Russian Far East?

  13. It seems to me they should be ramping production of smarter systems like guided 155 shells rather than more dumb weapons. A guided round is more expensive but can hit a target with one shot instead of 10 and requires 1/10 of the transportation and other logistics. Ammo burn rate can be massively reduced with technology.

  14. Trying too figure out why our American media would want too disclose this information in detail for the enemy

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