New surveillance video shows train wheel overheating before crash

The NTSB says new surveillance video obtained by CNN shows a wheel on the train that crashed in East Palestine, Ohio, was overheating 43 to 57 minutes before the derailment. CNN's Jason Carroll explains. #CNN #News


    1. The defect detector should’ve warned the crew about this when the train passed it, but then again the crew could had ignored the warning by the detector and kept going.

    2. The company will never admit to fault. Easier to blame someone else, conductor, sensors, mechanical department. They can lead to serious charges.

    3. Listen.. they are preparing for a nuclear bomb in the United States and they are having drills (very real) to prepare all parts involved to try to speed up the reaction time “when Russia and China nuke San Francisco, Boston, New York…” they are testing the emergency response

    4. ​​@The Patriot! can assure you that if the crew would have gotten a message from the detector about a defect, they would’ve contacted the dispatcher and the wayside detector desk in Atlanta. They wouldn’t have kept going.

      We have a certain detector on the district I operate over that transmits “no defects” all the time and within 1 or 2 mins the the dispatcher or wayside detector employee will contact the train crew about a possible defect that needs to be inspected that the computer never transmitted over the radio.

  1. Why did they gey rid of the caboose? Oh yeah same reason this happened, profit is more important. It is cheaper to pay insurance for loss or damage than employ people to prevent them.

    1. @Marvin Westmaas yeah because the democrats were all over getting those regulations back since they’ve been in office. Stop acting like a child. This had nothing to do with regulations

    2. @Franklin They tried to pass it, it got blocked ( like it always gets when the Democrats try to increase government oversight on any area, no matter the public interest ).

      Even ‘better’, if the orange traitor didn’t roll back legislation these trains would have had emergency braking systems… all of them.

    3. The cabs have been gone from most or all rrs for over thirty yrs. Truth. I don’t cover fot the rrs. They could do much better.

    4. @Neal Turner I grew up in Porter Indiana, a very busy rail area. I have childhood memories of guessing the color of them and always hoped to see a rail worker to wave at as they crossed our country.

  2. Ohioan here. Come and see this mess for yourself! Don’t believe what you hear. The railroad workers warned us and went on strike. Wildlife collateral is immeasurable. They burned this so they could reopen the line and they plan on burying those cars? HELP!!!!

    1. @Big Roy democracy = dictatorship. Don’t get it twisted! If fascism comes to America, it will come in the form of liberalism.

    2. Netflix must know the future because the series “White Noise” is about the exact train wreck. Its not the first time Hollywood predicted future events

    3. Vanguard Group Inc is the largest shareholder of the Train Company Norfolf Southern. They own 85.53 Million shares. Why aren’t they talking?

    1. And in bed with whatever slimey politician got their cut. This can’t be blamed on one greedy company, they had help, and we need them all to pay

    2. I worked in the railcar industry for almost 6 years and maximizing profits was a must. These things can be prevented so easily but it takes money which is something they’re not willing to do. They don’t believe in the old saying it takes money to make money no they believe in do more with less. It’s an easy job to do as you wouldn’t replace the wheel bearing but the actual wheel itself. The people in Ohio have no idea who they’re up against as plenty of elites are all over the rail industry. I guarantee things will not go their way and it’s not even a republican or democrat issue as both parties have their share in it.

  3. Sue the company into the ground! Hold everyone accountable who was involved.
    Set an example of them, we can’t just shrug our shoulders as if it doesn’t matter. The buck stops here!
    Good luck!

    1. @Kirritz zz and the federal government provided California $103 million dollars under Trump for the wild fires. So stop spreading misinformation please.

    2. @Kirritz zz Since historic wildfires swept across the State of California in 2020, more than $103 million in federal disaster assistance has been disbursed to help homeowners, renters and businesses recover, with more than 95 percent of those who lost their homes placed in temporary housing.

    3. @Middle Guy 😱🤦‍♂️ no-one should go there. everyone should be evacuated. california one of USA victims, they make the money, the south takes it then talks sht about california. one is a natural disaster, the other a preventable manmade ecological disaster. it is not misinformation, it is reality. that you do not like it, and refuse to accept reality is a different issue.

    4. @Middle Guy it took aboma years to pass legislation that trump dismantled in a matter of days. progress takes time, dismantling does not. it is easier to destroy than to build. that is why republicans are more effective demolishing democrats progress. then they just blame the consequences of their own actions to democrats.

    5. @Middle Guy I know. That is why there are regulations, to ensure something like this does not happen. but we have a lack of regulations in republican states. I am just pointing out the cause of the issue.

    1. Listen.. they are preparing for a nuclear bomb in the United States and they are having drills (very real) to prepare all parts involved to try to speed up the reaction time “when Russia and China nuke San Francisco, Boston, New York…” they are testing the emergency response

    2. FINALLY being the key word. I was literally spamming every video asking where this story was to the point where I was accused of being a bot. I don’t know why CNN did not cover the initial derailment story, but at least they’re finally covering it. Really makes you wonder what other stuff do they choose not to cover that you never hear about, and why.

    1. Listen.. they are preparing for a nuclear bomb in the United States and they are having drills (very real) to prepare all parts involved to try to speed up the reaction time “when Russia and China nuke San Francisco, Boston, New York…” they are testing the emergency response

    2. They wouldn’t do that when something is on fire. The train was long. Idk how far back the fire was but I doubt conductor could see the fire. I highly doubt any conductor would know his train is on fire and keep going no matter what his boss said.

    3. Not likely. The crew should visually inspect the train when it enters a curve bu simply looking back on each side. Stuff like this can happen in a hurry. Not defending the rr.

    4. Traitor Joe Biden pays $millions to put illegals in hotels but these victims are told to stay put!! Bunker Biden and his clowns are disgusting.

    1. Yes and not just there either. Water travels a long way. People in near by states will have problems too I’m afraid

  4. This happened in my hometown in 2005 and it literally killed the town… they need to be held accountable!!! The impact on the environment is still there and who knows how many died from the lingering effects of that chlorine gas in the air. 😢😢😢


    2. started before tRUMP and greatly accelerated under 🍊🤡s regime. only cared about power and grifting. have you sent your 10% this week to him??

    3. @dave diamond Keep talking, everyone else with eyes and ears knows better. Things aren’t going well for most people. Biden has failed Ohio and the American people.

  5. Trains used to have crewmembers in a caboose at the back end of trains just to monitor overheated wheel bearings ahead of them. Now all the crewmembers are at the front end of the train and cannot monitor the condition of the consist behind them.

    1. @Byron Jordan They took the cabs out because they did not want to maintain them. They also did away with crew to save money. Biden did not have anything to do with this it has been going on for years. There is no way he could. If so you tell me how .

  6. Funny how neither side of the aisle is trying to step up and hold those responsible accountable. All they’re doing is blaming the other side. Instead we get, “All Clear! Everything’s Fine!” BEFORE that claim should have been given. At least political corruption is bipartisan.

    1. I think a lot of the charges brought against the individuals and health officials who were technically responsible for the Flint water contamination got dropped and they just paid a fine.

  7. I stopped a train in Missouri back in the 60’s while flying fire patrol with a bad wheel spraying out sparks. He was starting fires all down the track and the fire towers reported it and asked me to let the train know it had a problem. Wasn’t easy flying a Cessna 140 and no radio communications with the train but I finally got the engineers attention and he stopped.

  8. No disrespect because I know they are going through a lot but he’s right if people feel sick go to the hospital not just saying it on camera’s because that looks like they are looking for lawsuits and not worried about their health. May the lord be with them, heal and protect them bringing them the things they need especially medical care.

  9. Bearings like this seldom fail quickly. Failures are usually predicable well in advance. It is all a matter of predictive maintenance practices. However it won.t happen unless it is a management priority. Like all upgrades it costs money and in many cases skill upgrades of employees. Its all a matter of priorities.

  10. This is unbelievable! If this could happen here, it could happen in your town. Humans making the environment worse again! Animals are dying and children are forced to go back to school there. It’s in the water and air and rain. I’m sure there are traces of it in other states too. More needs to be done!

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