1. Wow! She learned English at ten years of age and became a Physician. And Nurse Flores is a Champion with her valuable insight. A well run system with great leadership is visible.

    1. @Neng Mua I went to school in a very diverse community and the kids that were 1st and 2nd generation in the US took their education very serious.

    2. @Chris 159

      English is by far the number one language in the world for people of non-English speaking countries to learn.

      Even if you go to Laos, a small poor communist Asian country, English is pretty much like a second language there with signs in English at hotels, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and just about everywhere…especially in Vientiane, the capital.

    3. Feels like these people arguing whether it’s easy or hard to learn a language, is tone deaf to what this is all about.

      The physician brought it up when they were showing concern for the “invisible scars” that these shooting victims have to deal with.

      She’s talking about how she understands mental trauma because she suffered from bullying for being a foreigner, not about how easy or hard it was to learn the language.

    1. @Mariana Lopez I was acknowledging the workers who save lives. I have had a child in a trauma center and she is dead. So I do know how awful it feels to lose a child. Mass loss is overwhelming to understand and handle. These folks save the people they can and that is amazing as they have emotional response as most people do.

    2. @Heather Camp yes I agree, I am so sorry about your loss, I lost my dad to COVID so any type of loss is devastating, I pray to God to never have to deal with such loss as yours I will wouldn’t be able to bare with it, my respects to you for your strength

    3. @Mariana Lopez thank you. My daughter was 26 and everyday I miss her. These parents of the mass shooting are never gonna get over this. But hopefully the love and kindness will help them through their dark hours. The hospital is hurting too as we all cry for these young children taken too soon.

    4. I am sorry to hear of your father’s loss. I’m sure that was heartbreaking. May you find strength in God

    5. There are sometimes where it’s even too much for them to handle.
      I have family members in the medical field & they would sometimes end up forgetting to eat or sleep just to take care for their patients
      When I’ve seen them most shaken is when an infant or child under their care passes away.
      They need mental health support too, I’d dare say even more than most of us 🤍

  2. What the kids in that school had to go through because of this is truly heartbreaking. My condolences to the families of the victims.

    1. @Rotfl Lol why is it that the nurses seem more upset by this than that uncle cnn interviewed? You know that uncle who is of god and isn’t upset.

  3. i think that law enforcement should have just stormed the class room and not waited for over an hour to do so maybe a bunch of more lives could have been saved

    1. If you are a police officer you have made a decision that your life is not more important than those of civilians. If you can’t live up to that don’t become a cop.

    2. @mylescharles facts its there job to protect and serve and they didnt protect those kids or teachers he was in there for over an our they let him stay in there way too long

  4. Love how brave the police was that day, waiting 45 minutes and give kids no chance to survive while the gunman went on hour long rampage.

    1. @MKultraInstinct you want footage of children’s bodies blow to pieces that can only be identified by what they were wearing and a mark on a foot!?
      what exactly do you need …besides decreepified

  5. Trauma spreads far beyond people who are physically harmed and grieving for their lost family members.

  6. I think the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who treat these patients are often overlooked when things like this happen. Its traumatic for them too. I really hope everyone who treated these victims is able to get the therapy and support they need to move forward.

    1. @True News Is that really more important than this right now? You upload your own news videos, keep your spam off other news channels.

    2. This case is not the worse thing doctors see. Think about someone falling on a chainsaw or getting attacked by a bear

  7. Respect, something I probably could never do / handle. This gives me a different perspective of when I was in a coma inside the ICU for a week after a wreck last June. Seriously have so much respect and love for Trauma units.

    1. Same. I had a near fatal car accident in Jan 2006. I was in ICU, in a coma almost a month and had 2 open heart surgeries during that time. I was conscious from the time of the wreck for probably 3 hours after when I reached the trauma unit so I remembered the dance like choreography of 1st responders,doctors and nurses as they worked on my broken body. It was a long road to recovery,one I still walk today. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the amazing efforts of those who saved me. Anytime I cross paths with someone in the medical field I thank them,and very briefly tell them why. Covid has only strengthened that respect and gratitude,as do stories like this. I don’t know how they do it-I only know how grateful I am that they do.
      For those of you in the medical field- THANK YOU,for all that you do. I say that for myself and for those who,for whatever reason, are not able to say it themselves.

  8. The cops were outside heard what carnage was going on inside. The cops there should all be fired and have to pay for the children’s funerals.

  9. Oh god! Poor doctor .. it must be so hard to see young children in that situation and knowing the implications of gun shot on them. Even if they recover, it will still be very difficult to be normal physically & mentally.

  10. I hope someone is able to be there for these health care personnel. I’ve seen her on multiple interviews with the same disposition. She and her colleagues are amazing and strong, but they need support.

  11. God bless the doctors and nurses and surgeons. They were well prepared for a situation like this and delivered outstanding service. May God heal their pain as well

  12. Coming from a Trauma center.. believe me when I say gun shot wound are one the hardest and the worst compared to other traumas. Most of the time you can save stab wound victims but gun shot.. most gun shots end fatally.😢

  13. These precious kids and their families are going to need a lifetime of therapy. Especially the babies. Childhood trauma is easily triggered for the rest of your life. Kids don’t forget.

  14. Wow, I am just truly more grateful watching this video and wish I could hug these people who serve us. We depend on them so much when the community hurts.

  15. Death penalty needs to be applied to all officers on scene who are investigated and found negligent, and fleeing from responsibility and protecting lives, just like soldiers who flee from times of war.

  16. I respect all the pediatrics/infant RNs, MDs, care takers. I am an adult RN and I am a father who has a young daughter. It would break my heart if I had to care for those children, I wouldn’t know what to do except to cry.

  17. I don’t know why I started crying less than a minute into this video. I feel it’s important for me to watch though. It’s just through a screen for me, these hospital workers have to actually live it.

  18. What An amazing empathetic nurse who put herself in the shoes of these 10 years olds.
    I remember thinking, wow in 2008 I was 10 years old, grieving the death of my grandfather and realizing what life and death is. I was barely coping. Now imagine being that same age yet trapped in a classroom with the loudest popping noises ringing while all your friends are bleeding around you you’re playing dead. It’s just ridiculous I mean how will these kids ever return? How will that classroom be used again? I mean how can all the kids of the US feel safe? I’m lucky to have attended 12 years of school and 3 years of college and never had an event like this occur although it did cross my mind always that it was a possibility..

  19. The University hospital is outstanding! They saved my life almost five years ago with a double lung transplant. Many prayers for the families of these brave children.

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