CNN investigates if your school is equipped to save a life

CNN launched an investigation on how schools can be more equipped to respond to cardiac arrest incidents after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field in January. CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines how accessible resources like an AED (automated external defibrillators) are available at schools to treat cardiac arrest. #CNN #News


  1. Thank you. I appreciate you keeping us informed. Really, I’m impressed. I will always appreciate Richard Thomas. Our government has no idea how much people are struggling right now. Your truthful advice on mental health, homelessness, gun violence, mass killings, elementary schools, hunger, lack of access to healthcare, racial tensions, hatred, fentanyl overdoses, gang violence, police brutality, violations of human rights, mass illegal immigration, the collapse of the financial system, the extreme economic downturn, record-high inflation, and the Great Depression has been very helpful to me and helped keep this story alive. It has been a true blessing. Can it really get any better than that? You are brilliant

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    2. Brilliant is pushing it man. And I’m not disagreeing with you and what you said but do me a favor…. Go take a look at the budget for big city school districts.- LoS Angeles. New York chicago Philadelphia Atlanta Detroit boston Minneapolis Baltimore Trenton etc.

      Just take a look at how much tax payers pay PER KID …. Take a look how many kids weirdly graduate each year when 50-60% of students in 8th grade csnnot read or do math at a 3rd grade level…. So how did they get passed up the grades when they can’t do 2+8 =10 ???? OHHHH THE DISTRICT GETS MONEY PER KID THAT GRADUATES. AND THEN LOOK AT ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS….

      If I kid show up I think it’s once a month and signs into school – and then leaves and plays hookie the next 29 days in a row – ohhh the school is rewarded with full money from government funds for thst student “attending school “.

      See where I’m going with this …. Also can someone ask where the $300 BILLION DOLLARS went that the unions demanded ? No idea … no one knows.

  2. This video: _commotio-cordis is extremely rare, less than 30 cases yearly_
    Also this video: _a third of schools don’t have an AED or quickly accessible_
    Instead of throwing general shade at schools for not having supplies for rare conditions, maybe focus on the _athletic_ aspect. Say that SPORTS teams (scholastic or not) should have an AED on hand at EVENTS. Not just in schools in general. 😒

    1. The number of children who have severe allergies in which going into anaphylactic shock is a symptom is increasing.

  3. Question???!? 🤔 Does he have the in history medical history, taking the💉? Remember our government mandated it. Just asking. A lot of reports have been released the last two years regarding young athletic children ( teens) developed heart issues.

    1. No. Commito carditis is a very well-known condition relating to high speed impacts to the heart. This has been well known for years in the medical field and is usually only seen in sports.

  4. Did they ever tell us what happened to Damar? What happened to Uche Nwaneri? Or Jessie Lemonier? Why are football players collapsing or dying all of a sudden? They said it might be commotio cordis, and then we found out there were only 12 cases in 25 years of football, usually involving the ball, all perhaps, all teenagers I think, and none in high level football ever. University of Conneticut even found zero cases of CC in football in their in depth study. So what happened? They never told us.

  5. Less than 30 cases of commotio cordis in ALL sports. 12 in 25 years of football. None ever recorded in high level football, or or semi pro. And the average age is 15 because it requires the chest wall to not be fully developed. So again….what happened to Damar Hamlin??? Was it a once off fluke. Or the impact or exertion cause arythmmias which caused arrest? What happened to his heart? What happened to Uche Nwaneri. Or Jessie Lemonier. Did they have commotio cordis too? On an unrelated note… Does cnn still get sponsored by Pfizer?

    1. Same thing happen to him. It is a condition that any EMT or paramedic is fully aware of and trained on. As a matter of fact, when you get that scenario in class, it’s always a sports related scenario. Usually a baseball striking the chest of the pitcher. The problem is, we are trained on it but most coaches are not.

  6. AED are so expensive they need to make them cheaper so everyone can afford them. It should be 1 in every household.

  7. As an English learner, I really appreciate the English subtitles in this video, it’s perfect. Since CNN news helps me so much in improving my listening skill, maybe due to some problems with international server (?) the other videos’ English subtitles were so bad and slow 🙁

  8. The school where I work in Australia pays for everyone to do their first aid training every two years (which includes CPR training). We also have the right equipment on campus including the defibrillator. In Australia there is an app that tells you where you can find one just in case a member of the public needs it.

  9. I’m a school resource officer. I also keep up my EMT license. Every school in our district has an AED. Our local high school has three within the school. One on the upper floor, one on the lower floor and one in the athletic training room.

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