CNN plays Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy as it breaks records

After five years in the making, Hogwarts Legacy – the newest Harry Potter video game – is already breaking records: on Twitch it became the most-watched single-player game, played by streamers who got the game ahead of its official release. And it's the No. 1 pre-sale this week on gaming platform Steam. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich has more. #CNN #News


    1. @Memetos there’s a whole wikipedia page on it. but just a quote:

      “Religious debates over the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling are based on claims that the novels contain occult or Satanic subtexts. A number of Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Christians have argued against the series, as have some Muslims. “

    1. This was enraging.
      If they don’t have anyone there with knowledge of gaming or Harry Potter, one or the other, then don’t do the story.

    1. “I’m a real account that got the exact same 110 like in 2 minutes as the other ones promoting the AMT9XX. …honest !”

  1. I’m glad to hear that the “controversy” surrounding the franchise and its creator didn’t invalidate the hard work put into this game.

    1. @Bill Jim nah man, trying to teach the youngsters to have integrity. I’ve got more games than I have hours. New Oculus keepin me busy but always have a minute to stick up for people. Bet you’d sleep better if you tried it.

    2. @VaderV. dude it’s a video game. You’re not some “great man” because you ridicule people for wanting to play a game they’ve been waiting for since childhood. There are way bigger threats to the trans community, and this game is just not it. And there are so many more important things going on in the world than this game. Grow up, touch some grass, and relax. The world won’t end just because this game is breaking sales records

    3. @Kiritama yeah the bartender at the three broomsticks is trans. And she’s a great character! Crazy how people are saying this game is transphobic

    1. Goes to show just how much exposure the game received from controversy. I would not have known about this game otherwise

  2. The game is amazing and in itself is very open to LGBTQ ideas so far. Met an NPC woman as part of a side quest who referred to her wife. Another NPC with a notably feminine figure has a voice more akin to a man’s voice. Even your own character creation can be made to accommodate your preferences. Create a male with woman’s hair, or even a male or female voice which can be adjusted to be lower or higher pitch. Point is, the game doesn’t appear to carry any bias in this regard. Boycott the book author if you want, but the game devs shouldn’t be boycotted.

    1. Ya the woman with mans voice cracked me up. It reminded me of Pee Wee Hermans Great Adventure when Pee Wee stars in his own film at the end and as the bellhop/front desk man a much deeper voice is dubbed over his saying “Paging Mr Herman, Mr. Herman, we have a call for you at the front desk”. I spit coffee out laughing SO hard since the game play instantly reminded me of that scene. First hearing it, I thought it must be a production joke of some kind for real, like an homage to Pee Wees part just mentioned.

      Or more like Kung Fu Enter the Fist, the kung fu parody film where they dub in voices like a southern united states accent for people who obviously in a million years would NOT have that accent since its filmed “overseas”. “Master Pain! Master Pain is comin’ to town oh shucks!”

      I thought it was same exact thing. And the wife part on a cool playthrough I watched made me think that the person speaking was just a guy hiding in womens clothes to be less threatening to other npcs and avoid battles that way. Who wants to beat girls up you know? Pretty smart on his part for an NPC. Even the content creator who everyone here has heard of made no mention except to laugh in confusion, making his voice go deeper, thinking it was a glitch or needed more polish with their editing and voiceovers.

      Hilarious to find out it had ANYTHING to do with what people are saying. I’m going forever with my original thoughts, it’s just rational, common sense.

    2. The character you’re thinking of (the bartender at the three broomsticks in hogsmeade) is actually transgender! The first canon trans person in the HP universe, and personally i thought she was a great character. Hats off to the devs for not putting up with JK’s views

    3. @deadlyydude I’m still going with my original idea, don’t keep trying to ruin it for me. I’m innocent of all that stuff and want nothing to do with it whether anyone likes it or not. So to me, now and forever, that bartender is a man pretending to be a woman (or a woman pretending to be a man, my head is spinning because this discussion is too crazy to even begin trying to explain) to escape getting killed since Hogwart times weren’t always easy on every family. Some had to pretend they were things they weren’t to survive. I can get that. Just exactly like young russian men dressing as women even using or carrying fake baby dolls to avoid the fight in Ukraine – ya, I totally get that. Who wants to die for nothing? Maybe that’s where they got the idea from. The current war and everybody else just automatically jumps to conclusions that women can’t have deep voices or men can’t have naturally high voices either without being lbgbqt or you know what I mean. That is so judgmental you should all be ashamed.

    4. @dukeofthedance not trying to ruin anything, im currently playing the game and loving every second of it. I am firmly against anyone trying to boycott this game, and im a massive Harry Potter fan. Just saying that I actually liked the trans character that’s in the game. Anyone that says buying this game makes you anti trans is an idiot. Enjoy the game my man 🙂

    5. @deadlyydude Thanks, I do enjoy the game. But you play it your way, I’ll play it my way. And never, anywhere did I say that buying this game makes you an anti trans is an idiot or anything like that. You did lol

  3. It’s crazy to think that this boycott backfired so hard to point that its number one and made news channels talk about it giving even more awareness to the game

    1. @N8 TheGreat It’s all digital merchandise. You’re just using your money differently than I am. Me not buying into HP (or you not buying into DarkSouls) doesn’t mean that there’s less of it for anyone else. I just decided not to support anything that will enrich JKR. Enjoy your game/life.

    2. @habirton why does it actually bother you that JKR gets rich off her own creations? Simply because she has a certain view on certain people? The world she created is absolutely breathtaking and brilliant so yes she should absolutely be paid for what she made

    3. @habirton it’s no different than how George Lucas deserves every cent that he earns from the world he created within Star Wars, jk rowlings personal views do not reflect in her art.

    4. @habirton if the creator of dark souls came out tomorrow and said they hate all gay or trans people just to hate them would you still play it?

  4. You can definitely tell they are reporting on something they don’t understand very well lol. Bless their hearts. I have personally been loving the game! I’m about 12+ hours in.

    1. It reminds me of funny scenes of the Senate watching San Andreas with CJ’s instructions “Go beat up the crack dealers!”

      Like that’s a _bad_ thing? They could have picked tons of other scenes but that one? What does that even mean? Beating up crack dealers as a gang member from the 90s _wasn’t_ something positive??

  5. Boycotting a game so hard that it gets played on a nationally televised news broadcast. We are reaching new levels of self own.

    1. Tbf, Harry Potter is iconic so anything that involves it is guaranteed to get attention.

      They could announce a new HP related show on Netflix or HBO and I guarantee it would be successful.

  6. I fell out of love with Harry Potter in the last decade, but getting into the world of hogwarts in this game made me realize why I loved the books and movies so much.
    Played a few PlayStation 2 hp games and this is just miles above that and is incredible
    And I absolutely love that some made up controversy is backfiring spectacularly

    1. Translation: my life is awesome and even more awesome because someone is hurting at the same time and that makes me feel better about myself Yay me!

    2. @VaderV. if your life is so good you’re worried about the title someone calls you then you’ve got it pretty great

  7. The crazy part about the boycott is how trans-inclusive the character creation is.

    You can quite literally present as masculine in every way, from your voice to your jawline and of course your haircut, and then after all of that, you can still be a witch. Just because.

    The way I see it, the only thing divisive about this game is the idiots who didn’t give it a chance and divided themselves from the rest of us.

  8. I for myself played the game for 20 hrs now and its just what I wanted since I was 9 years old. I respect that some people don’t want to play the game because of J.K.’s statements, that’s fine, but the kind of people who attack others, who want to experience the game anyway, are just human garbage. Have your opinion, but don’t bully others. Bullies are just bad people, period.

  9. It’s Just crazy how people are treating JK Rowling. Wether you agree with her comments or not she like everyone else on this earth has a right to speak her opinion about something. But we live in a society of cancel culture and shaming people we don’t agree with. that’s dangerous as a society. She is an amazing author the end.

  10. As a person who was never interested in Harry Potter, I can’t wait to play this tomorrow! Also this “controversy” is going to cause the game to sell over 20 million easily.

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