Video of high school student making racist remarks leaves Lemon without words

Video shows high school students spraying black paint on another student while simultaneously mocking Black History Month. CNN's Jean Casarez has the details. #CNN #News


  1. So sad because these are the type of individuals that will hurt someone because of there skin color 😢

    1. @Bridget Lee – I was going to compliment you on being able to give an actual link since yt doesn’t like those, and sure enough, they took it down.

      It would appear that was justified since she was found innocent.

    2. Statistically black men kill other black people 100 more times than they do Asians. Why do white people always use Asians to deflect? Just stop.

    3. @realdeal8303 exactly! He’s doing what his kind usually does; pit minorities against each other. Divide and conquer. I’m sure when he’s amongst black people he tells them how much Asians hate black people and that they eat cats and dogs.

    1. @T/A Plus Hemi so instead of trying to actually argue your point ( which you have failed at so far) you instead opt for the ad hominem 😉 and automatically fail again.
      Care to try again? If not TA 😉

    2. @corn pop was an orange dude
      LOL nice, not the points can be addressed by point.
      1) Nope, it is typical of any reasoning and logical conversation, bud. Not just lefties… Which Corn Pop I am an indie, not a dem, not antifa ( although I do hate fascist) and I fully support gun rights ( although a mental check and three day waiting is reasonable to stop problems)

      2) The republican party was founded by anti-slavers, true. However most of them were still racist, they wanted to send them all back to Africa as well. Lincoln their first president was a socialist that got beaming letters from Karl Marx for his actions. LOL
      Then you have the FACT that during the first of the 20th century the money started influencing the republican party big time ( right around Teddy Roosevelt ( another socialist) time. Then follow up to the 60s and you have the Dixiecrats ( you know the people that brought us the KKK) start deserting the democrat party to move to the republican party after the Civil Rights act. This took 30 years but it was finished by the 90’s with all the southern Dixiecrats moving over…right when the republicans started using hatred as a campaign tool.
      So you little insult falls flat bud, you are either ignorant of your history, or you just tried to cherry pick it. either or…epic fail

      3) guess I need to explain the math to you because you are still repeating lies about who he called what. First off he referred to MAGA republicans…Not all republicans ARE maga…only about 1/3. If you divide 74,000,000 by 3 you get roughly 25, 000,000 which is what I said…AND he did not call them deplorable.
      “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,”
      He also referred to them as neo-fascist… which they are fascist.
      So you lie about the number, and you lie about what was said ( that was Hillary bud, not Biden)
      So again epic fail

      3.5) nope, the left would just understand it was trump throwing another temper tantrum because he is a 70+ year old child. 😉 Just like all the OTHER names he and your ilk have thrown over and over

      3.55) BTW it is enemies…at least get a spell checker…wont solve all your problems, but it shows some strong indicators.

      4) You really are uneducated bud. Fascism is by definition RIGHT WING. period the “lefties” may be authoritarian, but they are not fascist. So in direct response more typical ignorance from a right wing cultist :)…there does that make you feel more at home?

      5) LOL if you do not understand how anti-vaxxers and qanon are cults then I cannot explain it too you bud…. I stand by my statement and you have said NOTHING to change it….you guys also almost all vote for trump…that is not my problem either.

      6) riddled with ad hominem attacking lefties or me, instead of actually addressing points 😉 and you try again to change points so strawman as well.
      Interestingly enough those ARE the two most common russian tool tactics which are also both failing tactics…guess they are like other russian soldiers…failing when it comes to confrontation. ( note that was not a point of argument, that was simply my observations on your style, use of arguments/logic/reasoning and noting the similarities with the other russian products)

      7) the rest is tripe, but I would not that the republican party as run on fear mongering for more then my whole life ( im in my 50s). then in the 90s changed it up and added hatred with the Newt Gingrich bunch. So you must just be projecting your own guilt over right wing tactics ;)….again historical fact and observation.

    3. @Dale Hartley That makes no sense whatsoever.
      Who would have been the original teacher of this, if it is learned at home first?
      Racism wouldn’t exist if what you are saying is true.

    4. @William Springer no, your point is the one lacking sense and logic.
      1) where do humans learn the most basic information. Answer: from their parents ( or parental role models)( thus btw the term role model)
      2) can we learn new things? ( for instance can these girls look at their actions, understand they were a problem and change them in their lives to remove the personal effects?…Yes) Answer Yes
      3) The statement the original poster made was that kids Live out what they see and hear ( from ALL in their lives) Do you disagree with that?
      4) im not sure exactly what you are disagreeing with me about…That it comes from home? Please clarify.
      5) YOUR point as far as I can see makes NO sense BECAUSE who would have been the original teacher for ANYTHING.
      6) racism in its modern form is only a few hundred years old…before that your culture was your race… for instance the greeks felt anyone that did not speak greek was from a different race. They named all non greek languages Bar-bar meaning basically gibberish…thus the people to the north of the greeks (the Keltoi) were barbarians.
      even though both sets of peoples were proto-indo-european peoples/languages/cultures and most certainly skin colour.
      modern racism is a need to feel emotionally better then the people we enslaved. So we used the most obvious reason, the colour of their skin. So do you think that anyone might rationalize their economic needs with a way to demonize/dehumanize?
      This is not so much about WHY racism exists and how it is currently transmitted, because it is primarily a learned trait. You are not born a racist.

      Anyway, please see if that answers you, if not then specify exactly what it is that you are objecting too.

  2. Asking the parents why their children feel so emboldened to post something so vile and offensive will tell us all we need to know.

    1. @I am Negan they didn’t just learned that they always been like that the hell you mean learned that online. Yeah, mom and daddy taught them that

    2. @Sara Mill One black girl on her own? Are the people she is attacking male female or both? This makes no sense at all.

    1. Nothing wrong with what they’d doing at all. You’ve seen kids hold their eyes back poking fun at the Chinese or pretending they’re American Indians. You’ve seen black kids dressed up as white people for halloween. Why are you so worried about kids poking fun at blacks? Do you really think slavery is going to make a comeback? It’s not. Slaves are obsolete now that machines came along.

    2. What do you mean HUMANITY??? They’re kids having fun. Do you cry because “Chekov” on Star Wars wasn’t really Russian or that Captain Kirk really isn’t a captain and really isn’t in outer space?

  3. It keeps happening! That shows whatever is being done is not working. People keep doing this. It’s a learned behavior. They know where they learned it. I have no clue. It’s a shame!

  4. First! What kind of nonperson would spray someone in the face with paint?!!! I went to Catholic high school long ago and can’t imagine anyone acting like this! What are they learning there? They need to be expelled!!! If they don’t know now how to behave, then let them find out in the cold cruel world!

    1. When you went to Catholic high school was Fox TV on every night ?
      Do you feel like a victim, because you believe many, many things that are not true ?
      This is 30% of the USA. Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump and Fox TV, still exist. Soon it will be 31% of the USA. Does it matter that Glenn Beck’s goal was ratings and profit, when he scribbled ridiculous BS about the first black President in American history on a chalkboard, on Fox TV ??

  5. 2 things my parents never taught me was how to truly keep hate in your heart and reject someone because the color of their skin. I can remember the if you dont wear your seatbelt speech you go to jail or mom will get a ticket to the yea go ahead and tough the stove he’ll learn but never anything close to hating or fearing the way god made someone. In 36 now and I always wear my seatbelt. Kudos to my peeps.

    1. Kudos to your parents. Racism WAS taught in my household and in my extended family as a whole. My Dad was a teenager in the 50s, and their idea of an exciting time was to drive to the part of our city where most inhabitants were black, roll down their windows, yell the N-word, then race away and hope the car didn’t break down. Real rocket scientists in the making there. It should be pointed out that I live in a very red, southern state. No surprise, I’m sure. Fortunately, my mother told me stories of oppression and discrimination black people faced that she personally witnessed, like how she got in trouble at work in the 50s because she was on friendly terms with a black coworker and chatted with him when they saw each other. That wasn’t even allowed. She was once scolded by the driver for sitting in the back seat of a city bus. Her mom hadn’t brought racism into the home, and she had no idea what the “norms” of the time were. I was also blessed with a daughter who despises racism, sexism, etc. She continues to educate me on a daily basis.

    1. Before social media people would try to gaslight black people in how things are different and so much better than even 50 years ago.

  6. This has been going on in the country for a very long time, at many age, educational and professional levels. And it seems that no one wants to put their foot down and change this in the heavy headed way that it deserves. Enough is enough.

    1. @b Here is the thing – with the current methods of racial “deterrence”, there has not been any improvement – part of it is definitely a socialogical issue. Part of it is family based. Part of it is media based (whether its social media, traditional media, word of mouth, etc). All avenues must be tackled. And with communications so prolific to everyone of all nationalities, it’s actually easier to learn both bad and good things. I agree that using your suggested methods is a good idea. The problem is… all those methods had been tried since MLK. And those who really fight for racial equality etc are too few and far between – heck, it’s difficult to even get an occupation as a civil rights person in my area. I do appreciate the communication between us… but I just wish there is something more substantial that can be done.

    2. ​@WanderingWW Again….who cares? It’s some teen kids having fun. They’re not hurting anyone. Would you be offended if they dressed up in a chicken outfit? Are you offended if someone dresses up and tries to act like Elvis? If not, why not? Why does it always have to be some NATIONAL EMERGENCY if someone says or does anything about blacks? What you SHOULD be offended of, is the black crime rate, their CHRONIC protests, their CHROIC thefts, their looting, and setting buildings on fire. Yet you’re worried because some teenagers are pretending their black. The media has told you how to think, and you bought into that.

    3. @terry7893 If you think it’s about just “fun”, then you know nothing of the consequences that they, and others like them, had already faced. And this is no longer just a black to white or vice versa issue. In this day of multiple avenues of racial discrimination, anything and everything is fair game. And those who are foolish to leave themselves open, such as those teens, WILL face the consequences. No matter, if you do not find it “fun” or not.

      Let them suffer, and face the consequences of their actions. And may you suffer, for agreeing with their deeds. Change… happens NOW.

    4. @WanderingWW Awwww. Poor babies! Someone made fun of them. Boo hoo hoo. Don’t watch any movies anymore if you didn’t like this. People might portray themselves as native American Indians in a western movie. Don’t watch Kung Fu. The guy wasn’t really from China. Don’t watch Blackish, the title is racist. Don’t watch Star Trek, they weren’t really astronauts, they were just actors. Scotty wasn’t really Scottish. Your whole world is just crashing down around you now, isn’t it?

    5. You are right, there’s literally a movie called who’re chicks where they wear white face paint. But that’s ok right?

  7. Well, if you let your own politicians do it on television and social media without any consequences, this is what it gives…don’t only blame parents.

  8. The racism, the toxicity of the paint, this is a complete attack on that girl. Blood is boiling. It’s criminal.

    1. @storm skye I’ve never seen the movie. Nor have I ever watched the NON RACIST tv show “Blackish” or Black Entertainment TV.

  9. These people feel entitled to behave in such a degrading manner! This is so ignorant and should not be tolerated! We are watching!

    1. Watch all you want, but it’s not illegal or improper. How many times have you posted all upset about black kids who dressed up like white people for halloween?

    2. @jason fuchs Really….who cares? It’s some teen kids having fun. They’re not hurting anyone. Would you be offended if they dressed up in a chicken outfit? Are you offended if someone dresses up and tries to act like Elvis? If not, why not? Why does it always have to be some NATIONAL EMERGENCY if someone says or does anything about blacks? What you SHOULD be offended of, is the black crime rate, their CHRONIC protests, their CHROIC thefts, their looting, and setting buildings on fire. Yet you’re worried because some teenagers are pretending their black. The media has told you how to think, and you bought into that.

  10. I’m confused.. was that girl in on the joke?? Why would you let your “friends” spray paint your face?! Either way, so despicable the words and actions of these girls.

  11. All starts with the parents! Makes me feel sick but does not surprise me one bit. I avoid people outside my family in general regardless of race because true human nature is not kind and giving its harsh and selfish.

  12. That’s a great way to blind someone or cause irreparable damage physically as well. Unbelievable and sometimes the private schools get some real doozies of a student base.

    1. @Jay Mass is powder and that language okay? Must be a Fox News fan and racist. Either way 🤣🤣🤣👨‍⚕️🚌.

  13. This is what hate speech, in all its forms, made by every participant no matter their station in life, teaches children. I am positive these girls believe they have permission to behave this way, and children learn best from example. Absolutely disgraceful.

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