CNN questions pastor who falsely says Covid-19 is a 'fake pandemic' 1

CNN questions pastor who falsely says Covid-19 is a ‘fake pandemic’


News of imminent vaccines comes as coronavirus surges throughout the country. CNN's Elle Reeve examined if the same resistance to face masks would happen to the vaccine in rural parts of the country.

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    1. @kjsieme 1 he came to my church… I’m not going back there. That is all his “sermons” are about!! We are to fear God only and worshipping man is blasphemy.

    1. Ain’t that the truth, they all support Trump because he gives them Tax breaks, smh. To a man they all said God told them by Prophesy Trump would win the Election.

    2. @Smiley Chris I am a 100% Republican, I live 60 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020,, but seeing all the fraud happening., My family, my neighbors will not vote in the runoff elections because our vote will not be valid, our president trump has told us NOT to VOTE because it will be a waste of time. If you love trump, Please, don’t vote.
      Let’s vote in 2024!…Let’s come together Again

    1. @Danny Trump I have a friend who works in a hospital. This is not something to deny until your last breath on a ventilator. If you survive it, you will have lasting side affects. Keep your trust in God….not trump.

    2. @laura Silveria he travels!!! He was invited to speak at my church in NC. I’m currently looking for a new one. I’m sure he’s so proud of himself for this interview.

    3. @laura Silveria That’s a bit much don’t you think. Just because a portion of them act like idiots doesn’t mean they all are.

    4. @Mad Max Tennessee & I never got along. It’s a family feud. I hated living down there almost as much as I hated the people.

    1. @awakeningspirit20 You know that guy would spend half the night in tears, and then make up some bullshit to tell his followers how tough he is
      Just like Tom here. He spews his false bravado on you tube, like the alpha male he isn’t, but he would be the first to take a hospital bed if he needed it.

    2. @Smiley Chris I am a 100% Republican, I live 60 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020,, but seeing all the fraud happening., My family, my neighbors will not vote in the runoff elections because our vote will not be valid, our president trump has told us NOT to VOTE because it will be a waste of time. If you love trump, Please, don’t vote.
      Let’s vote in 2024!…Let’s come together Again

  1. There’s no pandemic = I’m a grifter and I will lead my flock to their death so I can get the change out of their pockets

    1. @Danny Trump

      Its seems to me a lot of people are sticking to the ” It has a 99.9% survival rate”
      Yet are ignoring the sequels of this illness:
      Damage to heart, lungs or other major organs.
      Neurological damage.
      This isn’t like the Flu where you “have it once & are done”

    2. @Tom Griffin What are you going to say when Biden is sworn in on Jan 20th? What new story will you tell yourself to make it all better as you cry into your pillow at night? Reality doesn’t care about your conspiratorial self-delusion.

    3. Green Eyez- What you have stated is very true, he also is someone who showed in the short clip a man with a large ego that wasn’t there to discuss with the reporter but instead just has sound bits instead to shout out. Sad.

    1. People are so ignorant. This virus does not finish with you when your in the so call clear. Your left with possible blood clots throughout your body. Look at real autopsies of covid patients and let that sink in.

    1. @David Williams well while I’m a bit skeptical (faith and ignorance are different things) and I don’t believe in pushing religion onto others to answer your questions, yes I do believe in Jesus. If you don’t then I’m ok with that, but the way I see it. The portrayal of Pontius Pilate matches with how historians describe him, so the disciples who wrote the Bible likely did live in Jerusalem, the places described to match the description of those places, so the disciples likely did visit those places on their missions, and they do a very accurate job at describing how a crucification was like, such as sweating blood, as well as water and blood coming out the wound. While these do NOT prove any of the miracles or theism, it does mean that the disciples did live in Jerusalem, went out preaching “who who lives by the sword dies by the sword, let he who is without sin cast the first stone,ect” and witnessed the execution of the founder, even if he was a cultist, or a reformists rabbi with myths that formed around him . Catholicism has helped me through hard and lonely times, so regardless of if this man behind the Jesus movement was a cultist, good intentioned radii, or the Son of God, I’m happy where I stand. And yes I do know of other religions and accept evolution

    2. @David Williams well said brother. And you made an interesting point about humans not knowing the true inner workings of the world when religion started. Imagine if religion started, or even the belief in a creator, started just before we started the technological age. Invariably it would be 95% of the population of earth believing in science, instead of religion.

    1. @Danny Trump wrong covid19 moratily rate 2%
      10 times higher than the flu. The flu kills about 50000 people a year covid19 will kill around 300000 people in 2020. As Trump stated himself he knew covid19 was far more deadly than the flu, becuase it is

    2. @Like Father Like Son
      It’s absolutely NOT an influenza. They are both respiratory diseases but they are caused by different viruses. That’s why flu vaccines don’t work on COVID, ya nitwit. I swear, why do people so dumb assert their idiocy so damned confidently.

  2. “I’m 44 years old, and I’m too undeservedly confident to know how deeply embarrassed I should be about my ignorance.”
    There, I fixed that statement for him.

    1. @Frank Garza trump himself got the virus, and since you cult leader NEVER lies, why would he do that? Stop watching newsmax, fox and oann, im done bye

    2. @J.L. Roper Jr. I mean, now that you mention it, yeah, we could definitely spend less money on killing people and more on feeding people.

    3. Guys how much you wanna bet that B1ACKP0W3R & Danny Trump are the same people who keep coping and pasting the same garbage over and over

    1. Here in the UK it has been proved that our hospitals are at less capacity than usual for this time of the year. We have had many many whistle blowers inc. scientists, doctors, health workers coming forward to expose the deception.

    2. @Baba Ganoush I think hospitals can be below capacity in areas where people are taking the rules seriously. Some countries are dealing with this very well. But this guy is from the usa and we have hospitals that can become overwhelmed

    1. I was raised Mormon ( not anymore) and they heavily put politics into their religion. They even talk about voting at church. They put so much money to control politics in this country and in the state of Utah. It’s insane how much money they put into politics. A lot of churches do that.

    2. When a country such as Germany lost its soul to a man like Hitler, the world paid the price. America is losing its soul to Trump. History has a way of repeating itself.

  3. This guy is also a vocal flat earther, anti vaxer, anti mask…basically a complete anti science ignoramus running his mouth on YouTube.

    1. That is why CNN chose him to spotlight. They get to demonize Christians, the south, Republicans, and people who question the vaccine in one interview. Genius, really.

    1. @Like Father Like Son – You don’t get to decide who goes to heaven and hell. That’s definitely not your job. You are not a real Christian. You’re just full of crap.

  4. come onnnn. you cant ask the dude the same question thaaat many times when you clearly saw that he was about to cry 😛

    1. He’s 44 years old and never experienced a pandemic in his life time but he “knows” this isn’t a pandemic.

    2. should have asked SIR , IS THE WORLD FLAT AND ONLY 4000 YEARS OLD , the rest of what he said , would be they are all free to come die with me, what the frick happened to the god people , your not wearing a mask for yourself your wearing it for others ,,, KINDA LIKE WHAT JESUS SAID, BE KIND AND HELP OTHERS, we need to get a handle on this or its going to get worse and worse , MANY MORE WILL DIE , MASK-UP BE A PATRIOT , USA ALL THE WAY

    3. @Real Life I could see that. hes definitely a handsome bastid lol. and he’s probably pretty sharp. but he comes across as a moron since he’s a grifter who has committed himself to lies and is seemingly unwilling to change

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