1. Distance, masks, vaccines, tests and politicians. Name three things that don’t work and should be thrown out of the Country.

  2. It’s no surprise! This has never been about the virus, it’s about control. According to David Icke, the mask is symbol of submission, being silenced, de-humanization, deletion of individuality and uniqueness,
    it’s not driven by health, but by psychology to change the psyche of the population.

    1. It is so true. After only a few weeks of staring at blank canvases and unable to see human expression I have realized this.Facial cues and expressions are so important to human beings and they are wiping them all out. Just the the lack of seeing a smile is one little example of what we’re missing out on

    1. you meaning during vaccination? they aren’t required too, it’s already a sterile environment and if they did use them, theyd have to replace them every single time too. But mostly cause it’s a tiny needle in an already sterile environment, it’s not like they’re preforming surgery. That’s just what i read on that topic somewhere

  3. How much more proof will it take before all Canadian’s stand together and put a stop to this stupidity.

    1. The only way this will happen is if the drug company executives and politicians are made to fear either for their finances or their lives. Nothing else will stop the murders while politicians reject everything but drugs.

    2. @jjmbeausoleil LOL at anyone who thinks a piece of cloth over their face does something meaningful. Would you like to buy this magic rock I have? It keeps tigers away. I mean, do you see any tigers around here?

    1. @Jennifer Chase yes it is. Which is why I recommend you never leave your front door ever again. You will not survive.

    2. @Jennifer Chase You can elect to stay home. Or wear a hazmat suit. You’ve got lots of options to protect yourself. Why do you demand that others have to kowtow to your perception of what safe is?

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