1. Basically the video proves two things:
    1. Their planes are not as agile as F18s
    2. They’re certainly not the Blue Angels.

    1. @1872WATP Maybe if he repeats it enough times it will become real in his mind. You can see the stripes if you look hard enough, it’s just a different angle as the drone moved compared to the sun’s position. These guys are so dense they can’t comprehend how movement and light works.

    2. @1872WATP I guess u were there too and said the same. How it made him a bot but not u 🤔 do u expect his opinion to change video by video 😂

  2. Today is My Lai day when US soldiers of the 23rd “America” division killed between 347-504 people in villages of My Lai and My Khe in Quảng Ngãi province in Vietnam. The massacres took place in the immediate aftermath of the 1968 Tet offensive. It is worth noting that the commanding officer of the unit, Lieutenant William Calley, was widely supported in the United States when he was court martialed for the massacre. There is even a “Ballad of William Calley” that became a hit, in support of him and the soldiers who carried out the massacre. This demonstrates that American society is not and never has been too concerned about war crimes, when American forces commit war crimes. Those are just things others have to accept and the men who do them are heroes. The man in the picture is not William Calley though.
    That is Lieutenant General Richard Ewell who later that same year and into 1969 when he was commander of 9th Infantry division took the ‘free fire zone’ concept to the next level. Ewell decided to pacify his sector by designating anyone who moved in free fire zones as an enemy combatant and ordering his men to shoot on sight. The result was that Ewell achieved a very quiet sector – mostly by killing civilians. Was Ewell punished for excessive use of force? Of course not. He was promoted and ended his career as NATO Chief of Staff Allied Forces, Southern Europe command.

  3. If our military equipment is ever captured it should have and manually or auto self destruct option!

    1. The hardware would be great to recover or destroy, but the destruction of the software is definitely more important.

    1. The U.S. Military’s biggest concern was the decryption software used in receiving commands.
      Of course they’re still concerned about the hardware, but wiping the software will prevent the drone becoming a sort of Enigma machine the Russians could use.

    2. @Oracle Of Delphi One would think in this day and age, there would have been something that could go BOOM, and destroy everything.

    3. @Jeff me Who knows, they may work that in now that Russia is ignoring the rules of international airspace now, along with everything else.

  4. The tail fins stick out further than the prop.
    Tail fins were intact therefore the was little or no contact.

  5. Why are there two different drones in your drone footage one drone has yellow markings on the tips of the propeller then the video goes fuzzy and then there’s no yellow tips on the drone Propellers in the next bit of footage

  6. That’s great piece of flying and I don’t think that pilot could do that every time but he will get a medal 🏅 for that crazy maneuver !

  7. Fun fact, the Ukrainians have proven they can hit russian navy ships, perhaps they will be inspired to do so if the russians go after the drone wreckage?

  8. Дрон летит над Черным морем
    Рядом я лечу на СУ.
    Но ракет не буду тратить
    Лучше просто обоссу 😅

    1. То обсираетесь, то обсыкаетесь, нация z-эков с проблемами жкт🤣

    2. Я вижу русского солдата-гопника и передам ему привет сказал американский HIMARS, до того, как его цель была отправлена ​​​​американским спутником

    3. когда 200000 русских солдат гопников ушли на тот свет от американского оружия в Украине, при этом потерь американских солдат нет

  9. “A lie does not cease to be a lie, even if millions of people are guided by it” (Leo Tolstoy).

  10. 😔 The United States must answer a question from the people of the EU: If Russia is cornered by war and Russia dares to use one nuclear bombs to attack one of the NATO countries, will the U.S dare to use nuclear bombs to attack Russia territory for the sake of NATO ? Then Russia will also use nuclear bombs to attack territories of the U.S. ( tell the world )

  11. The simple answer is to have a fleet of F22 or F35 jets in the area that these drones are flying in, if a Russian jet threatens the drone, just take it out, and see what the Russians have to say about that.

  12. Put warheads on surveillance drones – arm them when they’re engaged by an enemy aircraft and stream GPS coordinates to prove location.

    Detonate the warhead if the enemy aircraft comes too close or impacts with the drone.

    1. It destroys the drone and makes it less recoverable.
    2. If the enemy loses a fighter and pilot they may exercise more prudence in the future.

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