CNN reporter receives Russia's Sputnik V vaccine 1

CNN reporter receives Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine


In a CNN exclusive interview, Matthew Chance takes us inside Russia's new vaccine factory that produces the country's Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine. He also receives the vaccine in the lab where the vaccine was created.

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    1. @Porgy T Again wait in line if your American, the silver turd thinks border runners come first, hold on to your family tight and close, many thousands are coming, the silver turd has invited them

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  3. An underdeveloped country developing and selling its vaccine to underdeveloped countries. Zero transparency in its production…as well as in the rest of global and internal activities (remember Navalny, Chernovyl, Norilsk, Beslan, Nemtsov, Skripal, etc, etc).

    1. Imperialist propaganda, the US empire can’t accept that Russia is a first world country again and the ignoramus keep calling it a 3rd world country. Stop drinking the cool aid, US citizens are just sheep, stewpeed and gullible, they believe EVERYTHING they read

  4. In other news: Neera Tanden is not being talked about. Biden said that Hispanics and blacks don’t know how to use the internet. And Coca-Cola told their white employees to be “Less white”

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