What we learned from the Capitol riot hearings 1

What we learned from the Capitol riot hearings


CNN's Whitney Wild recaps some of the major revelations from the Senate hearing on the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.

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    1. @Steve Nadort that’s where you’re wrong. Sorry but the odds are not in the favor of the dems now that their hypocrisy and extremism is being exposed.

  1. Everyone in the media and in videos on youtube knew that something dire was heading to Washington on the 6th. It seems a lot like these decision makers didn’t know because they didn’t want to know.

    1. @Morethanyouare About 50/50. From everything I have seen on both left and right wing media, and alternative media online. About half the people were mostly peaceful. They were within their rights. I disagree with what they were protesting, but I support their right to protest. Those who stormed the capitol building not peaceful, and not protesting,. Even goes beyond rioting

    2. @Blame the rich Jews in the American government. I did send a response but it got deleted by the YouTube monitors so I give up. It made three of my comments that have been deleted and I don’t use four letter words. I sent one to you that was deleted and two others to other people I don’t know if you noticed but YouTube has taken away a lot of are freedom of speech in the last three months.

    1. @Alex Oelkers Alex, when you get older, you’ll realize that the largest cities in America vote democratic because their hands are in the money jar. Go into those suburbs, where normal people who busted their asses to get nice things, and you’ll quickly see is republican majority, and not by just a little bit. Look at here in Chicago for example. Anyways, you can say w/e you want about “polls” we’ve all seen how ridiculously wrong they’ve been. So have fun bud lol.

  2. something needs to be done about officials telling us flat out fabrications, lies and manipulating the facts to cover their backsides. there should be a law to remove them from office.

    1. I do not trust the FORMER police chief AT ALL. HE KNEW that crap was going to go down. It was all over social media the dam president told you as much. YOU SAW HIM HOLD A RALLY and yet you did nothing. IM glad he stepped down he was either in it or ignorant.

    2. This “I have no recollection of that”. can actually be legitimate. Human memory is very unreliable. Humans cook up facts or genuintly forget facts that are painful or have harsh consequences. Not all of them are faked. It can even be real but we dont know which is the reality .

    1. If BLM were at the capitol they would have been massacred by police. You really think the police would have passed up the chance to shoot a person of color?

    2. @Crimson Guard lmao you aren’t the brightest star in the sky Crimson. Btw, i know how statistics are like the devil to you liberals, but the fact is, a “person of color” is more likely to get shot by another “person of color” than the police….and not by just a little bit either lol.

    1. @Whytepathe I gave you my thoughts and I am sticking by it based on patterns, habits, belief systems and practices along with our long consistent history from the beginning up to now. Nothing will change and many do not want to waste their short life span fooling with it all. I think it is you being played or you are the player trying to play me. Not happening!

      Trump should have been interested in saving lives from covid not the election results like all other presidents with real problems to deal with. Best wishes.

    2. @Loveisthe answer Hi again Loveisthe answer, The people “invading” the capital had no intentions of stopping the transition of power. They wanted to prove a point.

      There was no Russian collusion, that was a conspiracy theory the media used to discredit the Trump administration. There was no abuse of power or obstruction in the 1st impeachment, that is an example of more propaganda. The left intentionally made the covid response impossible to handle due to constant sabotage and harassment by the media. There is a lot more but I don’t want to bore you.

      The people who stormed the capital were angry, just like the people at the summer riots. That anger was deliberately instigated by both sides using the media.

  3. They literally boasted for 2 months how they were going to storm the capitol building and start a civil war on social media and people are shocked it happened

    1. That boasted for 2 months how they were going to storm the capitol building is hearsay and not said under oath so in a criminal conspiracy that is not admissible . It is good for the lay public to make up their minds but judge will not listen to that hearsay stuff. Testimony under oath would be requires. Put Trump on the stand

    2. @Pablo Silverstein u know what your saying is bull, lying comes easy for trump fans, do everyone a favor Stfu.

    1. Huge difference between what happened in MI and the capital…imho
      Those who walked into the capital at MI had (at least by appearances and resulting actions) purpose, organization, a legitimate beef, didn’t hurt anyone and exercised trigger and emotional discipline.
      This group at the capital was like a dog chasing a car

    2. @Sam Hansen They didn’t shoot anybody, but they had the wherewithal to do so. Kind of what “dry run” means.

    3. @Sam Hansen The boldness they displayed in enter the MI building was presented at the Capitol Building and they farther when on to plot the kidnapping of the MI Governor.

  4. Disclaimer

    Some Senators who are Part of this
    Hearing also Played a Crucial Role
    in the Insurrection. Ex: Ron Johnson

    1. There was no evidence of widespread election fraud and the fact that 100 representatives signed a doc and submitted that the election should not be certified until there’s a full investigation… An investigation into election fraud needs evidence, tweets of ppl being outraged is not evidence

    2. Nope FU You don’t know how to read do you? Excuses are like assholes, there are plenty to go around. You are such predictable haters. I’m not sorry I offended you by stating facts about Dictator Biden that triggered you. The only people who benefitted from the crap at the Capitol were the Dems, they knew there was going to be entire presentation on all the fr@ud, there’s video showing some of it was staged but it’s not like you care about the truth. Epoch times has it, but I know you’ve been told it’s just some far right news organization so that will be the next excuse.
      We all know you’d be singing a different tune if it were the other way around. It’s okay Dictator Biden along with the big tech people who donated to his campaign, got a position in his cabinet and helped rig the election, will make sure they shut down free speech completely, hell its already started. Cancel culture is in full swing. Can’t talk about election stuff on FB, Twitter, etc that doesn’t stick to the narrative. Can’t talk about the virus if it doesn’t fit the narrative on the same platforms. People said go somewhere else so they did and big tech came in and canceled that. We aren’t freaking America anymore, land of the free is gone, mandated vaccines, mask etc are coming.
      Biden even said we wouldn’t get back until the virus is fully GONE, there are variants coming out so that translates to NEVER. Welcome to hell on earth. So go leave a loving comment on the WH YT page while you still can, oh wait, too late comments are not allowed already.

    3. Danielle Jaeger Yes there is fraud, yes there is proof, you sound like a puppet saying what the msm jammed down everyone’s throats over and over. It was going to be shown to everyone on Jan 6th but oh look what happened of course. Enjoy the dictator you voted for, a POTUS who thinks genocide is “culture”, kids aren’t people and minorities are too stupid to know how to use the internet.

    1. @T D You’re right. Btw we have this knee-jerk distraction by referring to other allegedcrimes in Germany especially in WWII documentary comment. Ja, Stalin was bad but it doesnt make the mustache less evil. Rip Blondi

    2. @T D one lady was trampled to death while holding a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.
      We were only shown one mention of her. Out of all the networks.
      On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
      His writers made a ironic joke, and posted a graphic about it. The network pulled it instantly from tv. Then YouTube. But I saw it!
      She had long auburn hair, beyond her shoulders, big dark round framed glasses, and pink beanie cap.

    3. @Johnny Mnemonic
      Pelosi dies not work at or for the Pentagon. Congress did not hold up national guard response. Get yourself together.

  5. In an emergency, should so much emphasis be based on proper protocol? The whole world could see that the Capitol was being invaded, but the National Guard was on standby? Something is fishy.

    1. @Morethanyouare Yeah, everywhere else except Capitol Hill. WTF?! Saying it was “mostly peaceful,” is like saying “the house fire only killed one person.” So what?! Somebody’s still dead and your house is burned down!

    2. I can’t see how all this was not all on purpose, we are ONLY lucky it didn’t work…. no one will be punished ( the repubs. will distract and blame Hillary’s emails ) and they will try it again… they don’t want a democracy, they don’t believe in the constitution and they only want what dear leader tells them…IMHO…

    3. @Robert Dickerson trump NEVER gave the okay for national guard. pence and the army had to end up doing it. I wonder if it took so long because “they” were waiting for trump to give the okay? Or “others” in his administration in the pentagon, military etc..were NOT doing their jobs to give the “okay’ because they were in on it and knew trump didn’t want them to “interfere”..

    4. @Koko TheGoddess Corey L. (sorry not sure how to spell his name) was actually picked by trump to be “in the pentagon dept” 4 weeks before trump left white house. Unbelievable! People with no experience at all but loyalist to trump! trump presidency was nothing more than a “Mafia mob boss and administration”. Only “loyalist with no experience allowed”.

  6. “My reports didn’t reflect…” Disingenuous! Look up from your paperwork & look at the news. Everyone knew what was coming!

  7. I’m glad their not letting this go, but I wanna see some harsh punishments handed down otherwise Americas time is wasted and democracy is still in danger.

  8. “the possibility of wasn’t probable?!”
    i knew something like this was going to happen sitting on my couch DAYS or WEEKS beforehand! EVERYONE seemed to anticipate this except the people whose job it was to stop it!

    1. a few employees suspected trouble that day so they wore running shoes. Inside job. notice no helicopters, horses

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