Ex-Capitol police chief contradicts GOP senator at riot hearing 1

Ex-Capitol police chief contradicts GOP senator at riot hearing


During the Senate hearing on the Capitol riot, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) claimed that the vast majority of Trump supporters are pro-law enforcement but the former Capitol police chief said that many rioters at the Capitol identified themselves as police and tried to illegally enter the building.

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  1. Ron Johnson continues to embarrass himself everyday on the Senate floor. I pray and hope he loses his Senate seat next year.

    1. @Skippy the Alien There are clearly plenty of Democrats too as evidenced by Biden winning the state this past presidential election!

    2. @Skippy the Alien Well, good luck finding the promise land. Yes three (or 4-5) months of year suck, but I love the Summertime.
      Just remember that the grass is always greener…

    3. @’sniceverything it’s a nice thought but unfortunately there are still a lot of people here in good ole wisconsin that love this man! Why? I have no clue, what so ever!

    1. @warpedjaffas1 twitter is pro DEMOCRATS lol… your hilarious.. you point at twitter who is biased towards your cause… and say its biased for trump… LOL you need psychological HELP and you need a to find a home to live in after BIDEN & CNN is done with using you up… LOL

    2. @Lawngue Blackduke LOL wow your supposed to be Democratic and anti racism.. and all you can do is talk down to my race… UNBELIEVEABLE>>> YOU NEED SOME LOGIC in your brain… too late though cause your gonna be homeless and unemployed next year…

    1. @RobBCactive Its not that he didn’t watch footage, he is spinning things to push a political agenda supporting Trump. Also, he has been named as one of several Senators who helped plan Jan 6th so he is distracting intentionally

    1. There’s something seriously wrong with that man, I feel like every time I see him speak his hair gets grayer every time

    2. All Senators have a sizable team. Those who intend on running again strategize every issue to determine
      the best spin for the most votes. Focus groups are used. If those groups are saying “We like crazy”
      there’s trouble ahead.

  2. Ron Johnson is a traitor . He’s quite insane . He is continuing the attack by pushing the big lie .
    He lies like a rug

    1. Yeah, right, jovially and friendly chanting “Hang Mike Pence” , attacking police officers and storming the windows. Johnson is a perfect example of Republicans shamelessness and hypocrisy. Rotten to the core. It is a sad testament for the political realities in this country thaf this guy is an elected Senator.

    2. @Eva Masters EXACTLY !! Don’t forget building hang man GALLOWS and carrying zip tie hand restraints !! Yep…..REAL ” friendly” IDIOTS !!!

  3. “Deplorables”:
    Republicans inciting Insurrection.
    Republicans violently rioting.
    Republicans excusing rioting.
    Republicans covering up the riot.

    1. @C.C.P. News and Entertainment you jest, and it still means nothing. Yes, we are the type… its good you can see that. It means you won’t be surprised as your jokes fail to save you and your kind. We are exactly that type.

    1. @Gerald Meehan yes but they have all embarrassed themselves on the ridiculous answers they are giving. But I feel the same way. If they are part of the problem they should not be part of the solution.

    2. This has to stop! If found they were a part of the insurrection they should be taken out of their seats immediately.

    3. As is Josh Hawley…you all have to know that the end of the republic – not much worth keeping – is not far off when you allow seditionists and conspirators to take part in the hearings…

  4. He sounds like he’s trying to blame antifa. But why would antifa want to prevent the certification of Biden’s win?

    1. If we’re being real most folks who align with antifa are on the left. Not liberals, not democrats, actual leftists; trust me they have no love for Biden. But no, there’s no reason for them to try to halt Biden’s certification. He is at least less horrible.

    2. It’s called a false flag event. Look it up in wiki. Do poeple really lack this much strategy and intelligence?

    3. @E R Antifa does not have to false flag red hats to make them look worse. Antifa under the worse possible circumstances use encrypted apps and face masks, even when not required by Covid. All Antifa has to do is sit back and watch. I fail to comprehend the reasons for this projection.

  5. Ron Johnson is a classic Republican politician: They Never accept responsibility, and always blame someone else.

    1. You aren’t seeing what you see, you aren’t hearing what you’re hearing, you don’t know what you know. It’s fucking UNREAL.

  6. All these lies. I’m really tired of many republican senators lying about any and everything. It’s a damn shame.

    1. Trump is just one pathetic little man, but the real danger is all his enablers who ride upon his coattails because they felt that Trump gave them license to be the worst of humanity. Keep in mind that Hitler took 22 yrs to come into power and poison his nation ~ his venom has been injected into our society and will lead to the downfall of this nation. America is a failed experiment and will follow in the shadow of 1930s Germany – becoming the monster we once fought against because we are ruled by monsters.

  7. Senator Johnson’s version of this story is outright insulting, deprave, immoral, reckless and clearly irresponsible. What universe is this perverse mutant residing in?

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