Tiger Woods hospitalized after serious car crash 1

Tiger Woods hospitalized after serious car crash


Golf legend Tiger Woods was hospitalized after a serious one-car rollover accident in Los Angeles County that required the "jaws of life," according to the LA County Sheriff's Department.
The sheriff's department said Woods was the only occupant of the car. He was taken to a hospital for his injuries, the sheriff's office said.
The vehicle suffered minor damage, according to authorities. The crash is under investigation.

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    1. @Debby Purcell ~ Thanks, Debby; that’s a very nice compliment. Must admit, though, that my patience for dealing with Reich-wing fools and weasels has been stretched to the breaking point after recent years.

    2. This whole “accident” reeks to me. I bet if we did just a little bit of Investigation we would see the details do not add up. I did extensive research on Kobe’s supposed death. After watching the insincere funeral(only 1 person seemed genuinely sad and it wasn’t Jordan) the NFL Halftime show that neglected him and the way they were immediately talking about him in past tense. I looked into it the more I noticed irregularities. He found out a lot crimes that were being committed against children to say the least. You can say he was the NBAs Paul Walker.

    1. @Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee What a horrible thing to assume. You have no idea what caused his accident. It could have been an animal running across the road, something wrong with the car, oil on the road, all kinds of things.

    1. @Genghis Khan Wei Why are you criticizing Christians over something untrue? The phrase “God speed” has origins in the 15th century and is a personal blessing for someone to have a safe journey.

    2. @Muttley heard something like that too! One thing I do know is that the term is older than any US generated space program!

  1. Sad to hear this….. looks like he may have fallen asleep at the wheel crossing over to the other lane. He might still be on painkillers from a recent back injury. Hope he is okay and makes a complete recovery.

    1. Moderate injury could broken bones and critical could be internal bleeding. I’m sure he would have more than one injury to more than one part of his body. It’s not rocket surgery.

    2. @Parodoxical Sox im just saying they act fishy during certain “accidents” this one seems similar to Kobe and Paul Walker. Just my opinion

  2. vehicle suffered minor damage? Is this a misprint? You don’t need ‘ Jaws of Life ‘ with minor damage. That vehicle is totaled.

    1. I think the whole thing is made up or they tried to take him out. Trump gave him medal of honor. That’s enough to put a bounty on your head

    2. @YouStink …. yet , here you are spouting off on a non-political issue , certainly not out of concern for Mr Woods wellbeing . Your singular purpose is to troll . You must be so proud of yourself !

    1. If he had and still had this accident … You would say : he should have had a “good” personal driver ? …. My point is : an accident is an accident.

    2. They said this area is bad for accidents and that lots of people speed around the area. They also said he had to be going faster than the posted 45 mph limit. Speed kills….he’s lucky this time.

    1. @Keith Johnson Ikr. You woulda thought he woulda had a driver by now. Just like how all these millionaire celebrities have a personal assistant or bodyguards. I thought it just came w the territory.

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