Lawmaker: Digital tax ensures Big Tech pays their fair share 1

Lawmaker: Digital tax ensures Big Tech pays their fair share


Just days after Maryland became the first state in the country to impose a tax on digital advertising targeting Big Tech, lobbying groups representing companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google are trying to stop it.
Maryland State Senate President Ben Ferguson says that technology companies who make over $100 million a year in ad sales have benefited from public investment and should pay their fair share.
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  1. Enough is never enough great leaders just need to lead then we the people will push you to the promise line for us all

  2. Paying taxes in this country is always left to the poorest of the people as rich people don’t get rich by following the rules *cough #Zuckerberg #Bezos

    1. @Nicole Lewis When you say “mental health background checks” you mean “conservatives”. You don’t and can’t fool us. We know how deviant and underhanded you liberal monsters are.

    2. @Nicole Lewis This is against the Constitution. Does the saying “shall not be infringed” come to mind? It should. Our corrupt government is moving away from the Constitution which is in violation of their oaths of office.

    3. @Morbius of Krell first of all I don’t lean liberal at all I am actually in the center I like some liberal policies and conservative policies also but when you look at the data all the school shootings and a lot of killers had mental problems and were able to get weapons. Secondly I don’t know why you’re calling me a monster thirdly the conservative party has a lot of liars cheaters and con man that are very selfish right now look at Mitch McConnell for example or Ted Cruz who just left Texas during a power outage and a pandemic to go to Cancun this is unacceptable Mitch McConnell not wanting to give out adequate relief for this pandemic is unacceptable. On the Democrat side of things I would say Andrew Cuomo has to be the worst right now that I have seen and possibly pelosi for also not negotiating for covid relief while Trump was president. Trump was also a liar that’s under investigation right now for tax evasion and amidst of other campaign fraud issues there’s definitely no good candidates right now and anything so it ain’t about conservative or democrat to me

    4. @Shawn Corbin yeah there is a lot of corrupt politicians on both sides conservative and Democrat that definitely need to be addressed this is not a one-party issue this is a widespread problem but I will say a lot of the conservatives have really been very selfish and disgusting me lately like Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz Ted Cruz abandoned millions of Texans for a vacation while they’re suffering Mitch McConnell doesn’t want any help for nobody but himself and his ties with China. I agree though we definitely need new politicians on both sides

    5. @Nicole Lewis he is just a bot/troll it doesn’t matter what you say, his purpose it to rile you up and promote division. period. He is a foreign agitator/propogandist shill so argue if you want, but remember in the end you will not stop him. It is best to just try to counter his propaganda and ignore him. Our country needs unity, even when we disagree. No one agrees on everything, and compromise works most of the time. There will be times though that we simply must accept that we don’t like the crap that happening, but it has to happen. We are always able to speak ( publicly, and privately, not necessarily on a private platform like twitter or a tv channel) and try to change it, with out resorting to violence. Anyway 😉 ill hop off the soapbox myself….Just remember if someone is not really making a point more then division they are probably outside agitators trying to open social wedges. You have a good one, unity does not mean agreeing, it means helping to support each other in problems, and at least listening to others. (until you have heard lies day after day without any proof and removed any doubt they are lies)

  3. Great talk, we need to have a dialog with the “right ” the “left ” …the …………far right and the far left…….., and everyone in the middle.

    1. Big Tech were behind the scenes ( according to Molly Ball’s article in Time magazine on 2/4) conspire to change the outcome of the election, they thought Democrats will let them continue their manipulation.. lol..
      Here is the problem: a lot of those who think they are the top banana and know it all ( including Billionaires, very Well educated folks ) have very limited life experience i.e. unless they have lived overseas under a dictatorship or a socialist regime then they have no clue and no predictions for the future.. And of course a lot who read this will not make any sense to them , just like explaining the red vs green color to an unfortunate blind person

    1. @SmasHHulk79 God created these stupid people. It’s his design. Now where is he?
      All deaf, dumb and mute?
      I have come to realize that there is no God. Only stupid people that I have to avoid until I die.
      Some gift this life turned out to be!
      What kind of a God takes back a gift?
      I was born in to a grave…

  4. No need to be consistent, no need for equality under the law, and how is advertising subject to a negative externality? (Who is the harmed third party?)

    1. …and it will continue to be that way. Back in 1913, income tax was rolled out and was designed at the start to be a tax on the wealthy, a way to “soak the rich.” Who pays the majority of it now?

  5. The Australian case is solely about murdoch v tech, not about ANY davids. Its goliath v goliath and the nasty right wing insurrection backing goliath won. So if you are going to use Australia as an example for this then I know (imho) I would not care for it.

    1. Get a clue mate. This is just like what America was told about income tax in 1913. It was meant to be a way of getting money out of the wealthy. Now, they’re the ones paying the least amount while the swiftly reducing middle class and the lower class are paying it. This will end up being no different.

  6. “We assume that companies are going to be honest with the state in their taxation…”

    Oh, you sweet summer child.

  7. Life has been a living hell for me until I came across this life changing opportunity and it would be unjust if I don’t share tag along now

  8. If more people used VPN’s nobody will know what you’re watching on the internet, & they wouldn’t be able to charge taxes for ads.

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