CNN reporter rides along with NYPD amid spike in crime rate 1

CNN reporter rides along with NYPD amid spike in crime rate


CNN's Jim Sciutto speaks with NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and NYPD officers about the increase in violent crime in the city, while communities across the US debate the role of policing following George Floyd's murder. Sciutto spent two nights riding along with New York City police in the midst of a spike in crime in the city.

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    1. You are a dumb.. Lol CNN erasing my comment after pointing out how the first stop was for harassing a poc for a crime most white are guilty of, especially since the pandemic. Also pointing out that there is a global recession and how 70 percent of New Yorkers have a criminal record thanks to the NYPD over policing… CNN damn

  1. I dont know where Officer Torres lived but I live there and while its definetly spiked their is no comparison the the South Bronx of the late 80’s and early 90’s.
    Not even close.

  2. Everybody used to copy New York now New York is copying everybody else cities like Chicago to be exact

  3. “…up 73% from last year…” Last year, you mean the one in which most people were in quarantine? In which NYC was a ghost town? Context is everything.

    1. @Biden sucks did you really go through the trouble of making a new account just to name it biden sucks

    2. Crime spiked in the summer of last year because of all the Democratic riots. Now it is up even more.! You f**kin’ liberals will never admit that crime has gone up because of Democearic leader’s reckless policies.

  4. I literally had to call the police this morning to get this completely naked man standing around my street.

  5. Desperation breeds crime. Poverty is a choice made by policy makers. Personal responsibility is NOT an excuse for bad policy. Bad policing delegitimizes their authority.

  6. They are denying those men their constitional rights. A passenger in a car does not have to I.D. NYPD tramples on people’s rights daily in the name of “public safety”

    1. I think your gonna find that when you break the law or resist arrest then your gonna get results you don’t like

  7. I’ll tell ya this, no matter your politics, i think we all can agree no law abiding citizen wants to see criminals on the streets. Whether they have a badge or not

    1. I’m guessing this is another thing about how the police are systemically racist when they arrest criminals and a couple of them do bad things then either go to prison or get fired and whatnot

  8. Ask them about how the spike in crime just COINCIDENTALLY, coincided with their disciplinary records being made public, citizens being able to sue them, PERSONALLY, and, marijuana being made legal to smoke in all places that cigarettes can be (except while driving and by schools). You know, marijuana, the thing that used to give them the P.C. they needed to do everything else.

    Also, the 46 is STILL the same and she’s lying. I’m 41, older than her, and the Bronx, that part ESPECIALLY, has always been this dangerous. Half of the Bronx was on fire in the late 70s and early 80s, so she can guh head with that lie.

  9. “Pandemic’s basically over”
    Gun violence and mass shootings have increased.
    Yep, sadly, America’s back to “normal”

  10. Rudy Giuliani got crime under control when it’s was at it’s highest in history to date, and was called the mayor of America for it

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