1. Half those Russians will suffer for life with alcoholism and untreated PTSD.. there suffering has only begun.. they will be only be a burden to thier family and country.

    1. @Karakzanskruff likely not. I don’t think the fallen russian soldiers in the winter war is celebrated for example

  2. Thrilled to hear that ‘facial recognition’ is being used for a good cause; to find barbarian murderers

    1. @Gearoid T you really want nato jets flying over and boots on the ground dont you huh lets remove a nuclear option and see you guys get rolled

  3. Salute to the “Ukrainian soldiers, the International Freedom Corps fighters, the war correspondents on the battlefield, the Ukrainian people who resisted bravely” on the battlefield!

    Continue to act calmly and thoughtfully, Move quickly and efficiently, Multi-point coordinated precision strike!
    All people are soldiers! All people participate!
    Restoring and consolidating victory with “Liberty justice and Democracy unity”,
    Maintain the support and bases in the rear of the battlefield, fully support and cooperate with the front line of the battle,
    All national territories must be recovered.
    At the same time, “accurately targeted strikes and comprehensive and complete destruction” of Nazi Russia’s rear support, sea and land military bases, military command centers, military industrial bases and production bases… must be completely destroyed.

    Before this time, Ukraine, there were indeed many problems:
    There are traitors and KGB maggots infiltrated by “Soviet-Russian Nazis” in every corner,
    The Profiteer and Politicians by profit kidnapped and evilly manipulated by the “CCP Anti-Humanity National Terrorist Organization”,
    The chaebol and corrupt officials who collude with corruption and harm the country and the people…
    There are indeed many questions.
    Those are more of the residual parasites left over by the anti-human brutal dictatorship of Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union.

    After being premeditated by the “Soviet-Russian Nazis” in a brutal war of aggression against humanity,
    Hope Ukraine completely removes the parasite of corruption in society and in the brain.
    Expectations and blessings:
    Completely reborn after the baptism of the Ukraine war!
    More Freedom and Unity!
    More Democratic and Honest clean government!
    More Integration and Mutual assistance!
    More Richer stronger and Civilized.

    In eastern and southern Ukraine,
    “Soviet-Russian Nazi Fascists” still uses: “Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union’s anti-human slaughter, repression, persecution and genocide-style brainwashing education and other barbaric and evil methods” invade neighboring countrie.
    In these places,
    most of the indigenous people were impersonated by “Soviet Nazi terrorists”,
    there are also a small number of “bought and brainwashed aborigines” (profit-seeking traitors).

    So, All national territories must be recovered,
    Those “fake aboriginal (Soviet-Russian Nazi terrorists)” and “traitors bought by the Soviet-Russian Nazis can leave the territory of Ukraine”,
    Must leave, or Forced eviction.

    The “tools of aggression and killing” of the “Nazi dictator” are very sad!
    The war supporters who are brainwashed by “corrupt dictators manipulating the state apparatus” are even more shameful!

    For the extremely evil “state terrorist organization”,
    Putin and the terrorists under his command are actually just one flesh, four limbs, and one brain…,
    Selfish and Cunning authoritarian manipulator!
    The wicked parasite of human society!
    In fact, it is a “walking dead” that is decayed, mutated and degenerated.
    In essence: They are nothing.
    Necessary to decisively eliminate the Soviet Russian Nazis and completely “disintegrate” one of the axes of evil, “Nazi Russia”,
    Then came the “Holocaust Against Humanity and Nazi State Concentration Camps” trial,
    Comprehensive investigation and thorough exposure of “Putin and his related evil and corrupt gangs”:
    All their Evil atrocities against humanity, Their Super Corrupt Facts and Evidence around the world.

    To avenge the people who were brutally killed and violated by them,
    They and their devils king should be punished accordingly.
    A tit for tat must be given, and the punishment must be doubled!
    The inferior “Tsarist Russia Soviet remnants” and “the CCP Anti-Humanity Terrorist Organization”” are very evil and cunning, and there is nothing to trust.
    Liberal and democratic civilization must resolutely and completely eliminate the evil axis of anti-human dictatorship and its savage terrorists.

    🗽Unite together, Form “Million Army of Liberal Democracy and Civilization”!
    Thoroughly excavate and permanently expose “the remnants of the Soviet-Russian Tsar and the dictatorial Nazi Putin’s KGB anti-human spy killer” and “the global corruption infiltrating underground party members of the CCP Anti-human terrorist group (CCP terrorists)”,
    They are the “most evil dictatorial monopoly and corruption and cunning” anti-human demons that have ever existed.
    must be decisive, to destroy them completely,
    After being crushed, it will be publicly judged and cast aside by all mankind.

    For Tomorrow, Awakening Unity, Resolutely fight to destroy: Mutated and vicious neo-Nazis (Soviet Russia and CCP evil dictatorship),
    All should immediately and decisively, comprehensively, simultaneously, precisely and completely eliminate “the CCP Anti-Humanity Terrorist Organization and the Remnant dictatorship Nazi Russia of the Soviet Union and other evil terrorist organizations that are anti-liberty, anti-democracy and anti-civilization”.
    Evil must be eradicated decisively and completely.

    Focus on the long-term, decisively and completely disintegrate:
    Completely wipe out the remnants of the savage Soviet tsarist Nazi fascism,
    The evil “Marxist-Leninist Cults and Lies Dictatorship State Terrorist Organizations”.
    Only in this way can human beings achieve “freedom, democracy, civilized governance and perfect governance” and “peace, tranquility, stability, prosperity and development”.

  4. Anyone else remember the Russians saying that the “Special Military Operation” was on schedule and that the timeline was for the 18th way back in March? Yet here we are on May 30.😅😆

    1. The Russians have moved to a broad front strategy recently and they are launching bite and hold offensives. They launch small localized offensives along a wide front hoping to draw a numerically inferior Ukrainian force into counter-attacking and then use their numerical superiority in artillery to attrit the Ukrainians. However, bite and hold offensives require good communications, good training, good tactics, and experience to be successful. Since these are small unit actions leadership needs to be delegated forward to unit commanders which is the opposite of the way the Russian military works. It can be an effective strategy to dilute the strength of your enemy by forcing them to defend a wide front but it also has its weaknesses. Because the Russians can’t coordinate their actions if they are going in opposite directions and it allows the Ukrainians to defeat the Russian offensives in detail since widely separated attacks can’t provide mutual support. I’m not sure the Russians have the logistics necessary to achieve a large breakout in any sector or to supply the forces they already have in the field?

      A wide front strategy also makes it hard for the Russians to achieve a numerical superiority on any front and logistically it’s a nightmare if you don’t have a sufficient number of transport vehicles and adequate supplies. With a tiered readiness force structure like the Russian use, many units are understrength and are backfilled with conscripts. However, the problem is an understrength unit ends up with too many non-combat logistical and administrative personnel. Each unit needs so many support vehicles and if the unit is only at 60% strength are those vehicles being used efficiently? Are they overused or underused? From a command perspective, how do you judge the strength of a unit which on paper is supposed to be X number of men strong but was deployed before it was at full strength or has experienced serious attrition? The answer is to aggressively break up understrength units and create new units from the survivors but that requires low-level command flexibility.

      The situation in the south is similar to the race to the sea in WWI. Since it is artillery centric and relatively static it requires more artillery and also increases the consumption of ammunition if the artillery isn’t well directed. The Ukrainians need the ability to ability to strike bridges, railyards, roads, airports, and harbors 100km behind the front to interdict the Russian supply columns if they hope to survive. If NATO won’t give Ukraine aircraft and cruise missiles NATO is condemning the Ukrainians to death in hopes of not escalating tensions with Putin.

    2. @Suzanne Forasiepi Thanx and I wasn’t aware of it, but I’d know that there’s a trigger Psycho using my older pic and name Dittzx . That fake Psycho has at least five accounts closed by Google & YT and he still got two or three more that YT is getting ready to shut down

    3. @Don Koh You haven’t keeping up with the Ukrainian counter offensive at Kherson as the have pushed the Russians 20 miles back and reclaimed territory.

    4. Yeah may 30 and Ukraine lost over 30% and all important cities and ports after russians take Odessa be happy to be a landlock country 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. More pain and suffering to Putin and his war crime’s military 10 Fold. Peace and healing to strong Ukraine 💯 Fold.

    1. @Thetequilashooter1 I think you are mixxing up the money laundering we did. 🤣 , Money printer go Brrrrrrr

  6. Living in a country being occupied by russia many times in history we are well aware what russia is – texbook medieval society, which is run by a tyrant, supported by church. Army is typical medieval army, which goal is to kill, rape and loot. And society is lacking critical thinking, build on feeling of hate towards everything and everybody who is different from them. It is very naive and dangerous to think, that putin and his regime is a problem. The problem is much deeper than that and to change that to the better will require generations to change and completely different environment. But meanwhile we just need to strenghten our military force as much as we can, because medieval society understands only one argument – that one of power.

  7. A Russian Kamaz military truck has run over a Renault passenger car in #Russia’s Belgorod region, killing a man and a teenage girl, local police inform. According to the local road police, the 42-year-old driver of the Renault and the 15-year-old passenger were killed instantly. A 40-year-old woman, who was also in the car, was injured and taken to the hospital. The military truck was driven by a 25-year-old man, who was turning left and collided with the passenger car moving in the opposite direction.

    1. i can so see that happen , how many big convoy accidents havent been happening in the past till present all over the world ? even at training convoys . so its plausible ! 🙂 ….. but sounded much like the UA , where that tank drove over that car ! maybe same driver ?

    2. A banal car accident. So what? Hundreds of times more people die under the wheels of cars with drunk drivers in all countries.

  8. People represent their leaders, the cowardly slaughter of innocent people fits Putin & his filthy killer troops to a T, the bravery of the Ukrainian soldiers & their people who fight with determination & honor for their country is admirable, just like their leader. President Zelinsky. Night & day difference, prayers for Ukraine.

    1. @Terah Ndlovu So I guess you must know him personally? Yea…I didn’t think so. Typical fool speaks that of which he knows nothing

    2. @Ann James in speaking of being out of touch, we’re looking at the inhumane evil atrocities against innocent civilians and you deflect by rambling about high gas prices?🤨

  9. Interesting they built up a reputation for committing these war crimes in Georgia, before being sent into Ukraine

    1. @TheDiamond2009 Remembering also that Russia engaged in a scorched earth policy in Syria supporting Asaad. You are right that so many people have been killed in invasions and never get justice. It does not make it okay for Russia to be doing this in Ukraine.

    1. @Eli Harp You doubt that they’d lie to you about a war? Yeah, I guess that’s never happened in living memory.

  10. Wow the gave those cowards of metal that shows how nasty and vicious they really are one day the Ukrainian people will see a way out of this🤔

    1. @Seth Next Door Well, technically they are being used to resolve hunger, we don’t call Ukraine the bread basket of the world for nothing – there will be worldwide shortages of wheat and other exports that normally come from Ukraine. And as long as Russians keep blocking their ports (and emptying and stealing their grain straight out of silos, well. So perhaps the aid isn’t directed at hunger per say, the aid will definitely help prevent or mitigate some of the impact…

  11. Heinous crimes. I’m disgusted and saddened by this information. The more I see is the more I feel justice must be served. I hope the perpetrators are held accountable

    1. You’re right. Justice must prevail. The SNN reporters guilty of this monstrous slander must be held accountable ! I think that the right people are tracking these fakes, and the perpetrators will not escape responsibility.

  12. All the ones that committed these terrible war crimes must be brought to justice. Justice and truth must prevail. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇦

  13. I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy this way. Absolutely repulsive to do something like this to someone you don’t even know. There is a special place in hell for people like this.

  14. I was listening only, while doing laundry, but that mother’s cries, despairing, saying over & over that she “just can’t look,” ripped my heart right out of my chest! I have 2 teenage boys and her crying out those words in such a desperately heartbroken way really made my heart break for her. Russia’s military has no heroes. They are all villains. Every one of them needs to be held accountable!

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