1. if even a CNN reporter can find, access and film a Chinese military manufacturer so easily, then it doesn’t seem to be a secret. Common senses tell us this is impossible.

  1. I looked it up, Will Ripley reported from Taiwan on this story. So your Facts is not actually Will Ripley there doing the story, thats completely false. Thanks CNN

  2. A while ago, China has started a military buildup requiring civilian manufacturing plants to convert over to military production to aid in their buildup. Like Germany needed Japan, maybe Russia needs and has China. You never know until after the dust settles.

    1. There have already been multiple reports from the WSJ that China has sent military equipment like Mi 17 and S400 parts to China. There’s no question their military production is aiding Russia.

    2. China has a CCP initiative called ‘Military-Civil Fusion’ where they use civilian or supposed ‘civilian’ businesses for military purposes to hide behind.

  3. After another update for their brain chips in their robot chicken brains, democrats wil say…..(beep boop beep)..”It’s Trump’s fault!”

  4. I love how they are playing this story like they got some kind of inside scoop. all of this info is useless. keep on trying CNN. The Fall is real and flailing around spouting jibber jabber wont help.

  5. Democrat’s this is for you and Joe B : It’s been said “democracy is a form of government where the people get the government they deserve.”😳

  6. Where did China develop the capacity to manufacture spy balloons??!! The US is in trouble, we need to increase our military budget.

    1. Bet bidung knew too and why he let it fly across the whole U. S. A. before taking action. He should not be in the seat he was placed in.

    2. Yeah, and they think we’re dumb enough to believe them and the losers in the comments that support this stupidity.

    3. if even a CNN reporter can find, access and film a Chinese military manufacturer so easily, then it doesn’t seem to be a secret. Common senses tell you….

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  8. “It’s a secret laboratory” and it’s located in an open field with constant traffic driving by. I want to know the name of the dummy responsible to place a secret lab in a busy district. 😇🤣😊

  9. “…the site of black listed balloon manufacturer…”, along with he black listed pony farm and the black listed sugar plum tree …. funny quote.

  10. This reporter’s a joke. He tells you to listen to the Chinese reporter not mention Meteorology as if both we understand Chinese in a 5 second clip. LoL! Guess we’ll just take his word for it.

  11. You’re supposed to raise the window shades upon landing in commercial jets for safety reasons. At least that’s the way we do it in the United States. Changzhi Wangcun Airport is a combined military/civilian airport like Honolulu International, except much, much smaller.

  12. Nice scoop. Thank you for giving us enough facts to see your position, yet understand that it is a not yet absolutely rock solid.

  13. How can a country’s airspace allow these flying balloons of unknown nationality to fly arbitrarily? If they really belong to the Chinese military, that would be too bad. The flyers are bold and rude, and the security monitoring of the airspace of those countries that are being monitored must be stricter.

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