1. Look how pathetic CNN is doing credit card commercials you’ve lost all credibility well that’s been lost a long time ago

    1. one benifit of this non-news story is that you can see all of the astroturfed ai bot comments. maybe the “dead internet theory” has some truth to it

  2. Savor card is great, 3% on groceries, dining and entertainment. No annual fee, Upgrade to 95 a year and get 4% on Dining and Entertainment.

    1. they are also getting more and more insecure. just a credit card number is all a hacker needs to make charges on it. they can easily figure out the exp date and cvv code. better keep your number in fort knox and be damn sure any service that you store it in is truly 100% secure.

  3. Pay as you go. Got no money? Don’t spend it…Credit was meant to be Rainy day security. Any points you get are from the interest you pay.

  4. CNN, why are you promoting people to get credit cards. Credit cards are what gives pretty much everyone problems. If your organization is promoting these credit cards, then I know to not get them, thanks for the great advice.

    1. @Gekisai Dai I can’t believe they still call themselves a news organization, they are just propaganda. Whenever I want a good laugh, I turn on CNN so I can make fun of all the false information they spread.

    2. @Crypto Reefer Prophet 15 years ago i would have called them a serious news organization. It was the only channel I watched when 9/11 happened. Now they are nothing more than a partisan opinion and activist group operating under the guise of a news agency

    3. @Gekisai Dai Yep they actually promoted the BLM riots that happened, where a lot of middle class business owners lost their business because of the BLM protests. This news organization truly sickens me.

  5. Here are CNN’s top five credit cards from credit card companies that in no way sponsor or give money to CNN.

  6. This is an add, they need more money, nothing to do with “favorite”, it’s who paid them, cnn even lies in adds.

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