1. Remember, a lot of Ukrainian army officers served in the Soviet army during the war in Afghanistan. They know how Guerrilla warfare works.

    1. @Mark Berryhill It is the only reason Im on cnn right now…some of the live footage but, it is much better on foreign news. CNN has nothing to offer as far as intelligence or useful information. Here is the best analysis from US news media of what is likely panning out and what has happened in Ukraine …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFHN-8Adn98

    2. I bet you Dementia Joe supporters are so proud today of who you voted for. Putin is taking over Ukraine and looking at Poland next. And Dementia Joe is completely powerless. Joe is a JOKE.

    3. @Tom Durkin  and your president Trump will be having private lunch with putin, laughing, and praising him and offer military support.

  2. Respect to those Ukrainian soldier’s who didn’t surrender they Island to those invader. RIP to them.

    1. @Bay Area Thrasher.
      You people must have brain damage.
      Biden (Brandon) Is the president right not NOT TRUMP!!!

      If Putin and Trump were colluding, why not invade during the first 4 years of his presidency? Why wait for the next 4 years? Is there something special about years 5 to 8?

      By the way, how did Robert Muller work out with his special investigation? Oh that’s right NO COLLUSION!!! After 3 years and 45 million spent.

      Clearly you are from the Bay Area. One of worst places in the USA to live. Full of losers!

  3. Putin can take their land ….but he will never take their hearts. Stay strong Ukraine! And for those taking up arms to protect their country. I respect you.💪❤🇺🇸

    1. @Kiran JTMK But not the only reason, and Putin didn’t have to be the aggressor, but he CHOSE to be the aggressor. He gave the orders to invade. And there will be consequences to his actions.

    2. Putin is hated all over the world, he’s a Power Hungry Crazy Antichrist Dicktator and a Murderer. Even Russians hate him. He. Will. Fail. It seems like he’s winning now but he will not. Hitler killed himself in the end, people need to learn World History

    1. I bet you Dementia Joe supporters are so proud today of who you voted for. Putin is taking over Ukraine and looking at Poland next. And Dementia Joe is completely powerless. Joe is a JOKE.

  4. I hope the Ukrainians know that the US wants to support them, and are inspired by them beyond words. We can’t get militarily involved for fear of nuclear escalation, but we are sick to our stomachs over them being left to fight alone😭

    1. . . nazi ideaology. Total failure of your govt to do anything to prepare you….
      then tells you to go to hardware store for weapon…..today….
      No….no my friend. Should have thought of this when you elected ppl with neo nazi ideaology and integrated them into your military….
      Go to Poland

    2. @Darrin Fry once he touches a country part of NATO its a wrap for Putin.( the whole world will suffer) I think NATO isn’t wishing for it but they are seriously ready….. Ww3 will pip off for sure.

  5. This man, Andre, is willing to die, leave his family to fight for his freedom. He’s untrained, he has no long term food or capital, it’s a tragedy.

    1. To all my American friends here on this post and other post there is a feature when you see false propaganda on YouTube where you can click on report and claim it as misinformation I think right now we should do that this is the time it’s very crucial the Russians are known for false propaganda

    2. I bet you Dementia Joe supporters are so proud today of who you voted for. Putin is taking over Ukraine and looking at Poland next. And Dementia Joe is completely powerless. Joe is a JOKE.

  6. God bless Andre and all Ukraine citizens who are taking up arms to protect their country! I pray that the U.S. and other countries provide the weapons to Ukraine needed to defend themselves better. Immediately!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. @The Real American Patriot! It’s always Trumps fault with you people. Trump created peace in Israel with Palestine and Russia with Ukraine. Joke Biden takes office and the country goes downhill. Trump is not to blame but the one who actually runs the country. Putin respected Trump that’s why there was peace, but you libtards were like” TrUmP aNd PuTiN fRiEnDs? BaD. We NeEd To Be EnEmIeS bEcAuSe PuTiN bAD”. Putin does this because he knows Biden is weak. Biden is a useless clueless weak fragile sensitive and submissive, marshmellow snowflake, sunflower rainbow cloud, chocolate chip cupcake, magical dust trail unicorn be’ta cu,ck libt-ard next to GENERAL CHIEF COMMANDER ALPHA CHAD MAJOR KING LORD MASTER AND ULTIMATE SUPREME BADASS RULER EMPEROR HERO LEADER PUTIN.

  7. The Ukrainian people are tough, courageous and determined people. They fought in the streets in 2014 and saved their nation. They are not pushovers and they will overcome. More power to the Ukraine! So glad the U.S. is helping the non combatant refugees (women, children. and the elderly) get across the Polish borders & have set up refugee camps for them. Terrell is a brave man to be there in the middle of this.

    1. I bet you Dementia Joe supporters are so proud today of who you voted for. Putin is taking over Ukraine and looking at Poland next. And Dementia Joe is completely powerless. What a JOKE.

    2. Stop buying oil from Russia and complete the Keystone pipeline. But somehow John Kerry thinks Keystone oil is worse for the planet vs Russian oil.

  8. It’s powerful to hear from the Ukrainians themselves. They are admirable and proud people, and I hope President Biden swiftly responds to their needs and secures their safety.

    1. @BlueEyes Biden is definitely not pro-America. a globalist! Look at how bad our economy is. It’s about to get a whole lot worse.

  9. This man is a true patriot. He’s ready to fight a REAL threat to his Country instead of just COS-PLAY for a fake one.

    1. I think calling Biden “Dementia Joe” is just a way for someone to complain by insulting as they don’t have enough substance. Also it’s sad Trump supports Russia. I think Biden has acted very appropriately, it’s been very bipartisan with regards to sanctions and a mutual agreement. Right now I don’t even see a divided America on this issue except the Trump crowd which is a minority and hasn’t had much at all to say because the nation is pretty United and I am thankful for that. I’m a liberal but not a big fan of Biden but I do think he is doing the best job he can that garnishes bipartisan support and is realistic

    2. Ian. So .. your on a CNN chat measuring who’s a patriot . Wow this just gets more bazaar by the day. No one here has a clue what’s going on. The Ukraine invasion deaths are another opportunity to attack one’s police enemies! Sick

  10. I’m South Korean, and stand firmly AGAINST Russia’s
    atrocious war that severely infringes on Ukrainian
    나는 한국인이며, 우크라이나의 자주권을 심각하게 침해하는
    러시아의 극악한 전쟁에 강력하게 반대합니다.

    1. @Chy Ezenwa … except the GOP of course Guardians Of Putin…and MAGA Make Americans Gravel from Atrocities..Fox Russian Propaganda Channel, Facts Only for Xenophobes…

    1. @NPC 123 trump said the election was rigged. He said that as the actual POTUS he couldn’t prevent private citizen Joe Biden enacting plans to rig somewhere in the region of 50 states. If you believe Trump, Biden is an unparalleled strategic genius and runs rings around Putin.

      Can you believe Trump invented a lie where he, Donald Trump is actually the most impotent President America ever saw? Sitting in the White House unable to stop the white haired pensioner taking power from him ? WOW

    2. @Tom Durkin yeah , Ukraine does better when Trump is withholding a billion or so in defence funding to try to extract fake investigations of his rivals.

      Even then, trump knew Biden was gonna trounce him in an election and he preferred ANY of those 24 other Dems.
      He knew there was no rigging needed. Turnout is partly because people trust Joe, partly cause they see Trump is corrupt and impotent. Flaccid

    3. @Tim Marshall Are you serious? Or are you protecting Dementia Joe like CNN? Here is an article from 2020. And remember the polls I’ve seen today say 75 plus percent of people think Joe has dementia. ARTICLE STARTS HERE>>> by Spencer Irvine on June 19, 2020 CNN, which has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, chose to ignore a recent poll that asked likely voters about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mental capacities.

      The Zogby poll, which was released this week, found that a majority of voters believed that Biden is in the early stages of dementia. Fifty-five percent of likely voters said it was more likely that Biden is in the early stages of dementia, with 45% of likely voters believed it was less likely to be true. The majority of Republican voters believed Biden has dementia with 77% expressing that opinion, while 32% of Democratic voters believed it. However, 56% of independent voters believed Biden has early dementia.

      Also, the majority of younger voters were more convinced of Biden’s alleged early dementia, while older voters were not as convinced.

      Only right-leaning media outlets such as the Daily Wire and NewsMax reported on the Zogby poll. CNN and the mainstream media were nowhere to be found when it came to this poll’s findings and potential implications for the 2020 presidential election.

      Biden’s stuttering and losing his train of thought have been well-documented during this election cycle, but the likes of CNN and the mainstream media dismissed the possibility that Biden may lack the mental capacity to serve as president at his age.

  11. This is so upsetting to watch the Ukraine people be put through this over Putins need for more power.. I am so proud to watch them stand strong against those trying to take their home!! I stand with them all the way… I pray he makes it back to his family with a victory!!

  12. I’m American, and I support the Ukraine people! I’m moved to tears by his words, and his bravery! Putin in Evil! This is so wrong! I’m so horrified by what is happening! The rest the world needs to stand up for them and for democracy!

    1. @Bill Rodriguez , News flash Your boy Trump sent his puppet Pompeii to sign a declaration of defeat and you’re blaming Biden. Nice try. He signed just before Biden was elected.

    2. @Tom Durkin I don’t read fake news provided by you… Biden does not have dementia. I believe that you have early signs of dementia 😂

  13. Ukrainians will always have my respect. This is beyond a tragedy in this era, and somehow they must receive more real help. Sanctions may be right for the long run, but they need help now.

  14. This was a very moving report. I have such respect for Terrell and all the war-time correspondents. The job they do in showing us the horrors of conflict is vital. And of course my heart goes out to Andre and his family. What a brave and good man he is. I’m praying for him.

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