1. So far the OXFORD & Jannsen vaccine manufacturers have addressed this concern … Astra Zeneca from this time last year.

    1. Freedom is not Free.. DOMINION AI MACHINES are still in use around the world to control elections . CCP has control of all the DEMONCRACKS/GOPTRAITORS. MARXISM TOTALIRIANISM ARE NAZISM BACK IN CONTROL….FACISM/COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM the new NATO/UN they are SATANISM. The FBI/CIA/NSA/NASA/FEMA and the new Death Camps are all FAKE NEWS…And the worst BIG Tech is SENSORHIP ..Voice of the people of America is gone. V@x Sin is fake. .Prepare…Told you So …..you voted the Swamp back in demoncracks. WAKE UP . You are next . OH! China CCP say Pfiez V@xxeen is Banned. All you need is a flu shot to cure it. WWG1WGA… QQQRAH.

  2. I do get the inequity within the world but don’t think everyone in these “rich” countries are even getting the same equity.

    1. @Bridget Engle Wait, woah. Hold up, you’re a nurse who hopes someone strokes? Remind me to stay away from your clinic.

  3. For some of us there is no vaccine, my doctors advised me to avoid it. I have anaphylaxis, severe allergies and a rare incurable neurological disease, making the vaccine is as much a risk as the virus.

    1. You may be able to get the johnson and johnson one. It’s made differently. It causes a slower response which becomes 100 percent effective in 49 days.

    2. @Roxy Lasch thank you sweetheart and I truly wish others would think like yourself and do the same instead of being so inconsiderate

    3. @Roxy Lasch I hope you live in the US, people who understand reality from outside the capital storm cloud of self interest and fear are in short supply atm

  4. The TV tagline reads “vaccine inequality.” That’s not the same thing as “vaccine inequity.” Which one is it, CNN???

  5. When you talk about “the most vulnerable”, you must be willing to define that demographic. When we do that kind of policy, we risk walking away from a pillar of democracy which is always an issue somewhere. It has always been the reality of our capitalistic democracy, that the wealthier elite have access, while the rest stand in long lines. It is not fair no matter how hard you try to make it sound fair. I am in agreement with this man’s stand because the science of covid19 demands that we get those who must “stand in line”, out of harms way to the mutating virus.

    They instituted testing in my town, but you had to be in a crowd to get it. You could get covid19, standing around trying to get tested…or vaccinated! Social distancing will still be the only way to avoid vulnerability.

    We have so much work to do! Let’s just get the compass points and a 360 degree radial direction going all the time with all due considered haste…not waste!

    1. “mRNA based viral vectors carry high risks, due to genomic integration, with PERMANENT genetic alterations of cells”

      “mRNA based methods are useful for genetic manipulation”

      Gene editing UV light vaccine implantable updates through hydrogel.
      This is the mechanism that is being used to influence our genetic expression.DNA ALTERING.
      It is essentially an electric pulse that allows the rna vaccines information to basically be able to bypass cell permeability. Certain possible side effects of this include cell damage.
      “quantum dot microneedle delivery system” developed at MIT in conjunction with Bill and Melinda gates foundation
      (Same Gates who wants AI gene editing systems)
      which is basically a tattoo that can be placed under the skin and can be inserted into human beings to collect and store medical data.
      Spike Proteins disrupt the blood brain barrier. And people are getting Bell’s Palsy which is a Neurological problem.

      – DNA MODIFICATIONS – – via RNAi-mediated recruitment of chromatin-modifying enzymes.
      To prove that nuclear RNAi occurs and modulates transcription in human cells, we used live-cell imaging to detect and track nuclear RNAi transcriptional repression in single living human cells. While employing reporter genes constructed with inducible promoters and cognate-inducible short hairpin RNA (shRNA) targeted against the reporter coding region.

      0 virus

  6. In 2020, the Federal Reserve will issue US $5 trillion! In 2021, the US will issue US $1.9 trillion! The US will issue US $6.9 trillion! the pressure of US dollar devaluation very biggest!

    1. @G S Pick a billionaire in America who isn’t behind him. Fun fact. Even the press secretary’s brother works for Citadel hedge fund.

    2. @G S That’s a far cry. You have the anti-Semites. Even Biden’s Kristen Clarke is some wackjob Melanin supremacist.
      Lots of conspiracy theorists too.

  7. It boils my blood when I go pick up Denny’s where people clearly eating and drinking socializing without mask. But, you’re gonna ask me to put on mask to pick up my food carry-out that takes 2 mins.

    1. How about you worry about yourself, protect yourself, and don’t worry about dummies. Do you also slip into a hot rage when you realize not everyone in the world who smashes uses a rubber? Or do you just strap it on and prevent disease and pregnancy? I’m really hoping the latter.

    1. I suppose you believe China isn’t a predatory expansionist country that is activly committing genocide as it moves through the countries it dominates.


  9. “Tangerine, Tangerine, living reflection from a dream
    I was her love, she was my queen, and now a thousand years between”

  10. That’s fine, but I live in one of these so called rich countries and we have not even vaccinated all of our Dr.s and older citizens yet. Let alone everyone with a medical condition so maybe just maybe you are jumping the gun just a bit. Sheesh we are only about a month into vaccines, and some countries are already short.

  11. How many don’t want their vaccine alot a whole lot untested rushed way to fast I’m going to say it no thank you .

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