1. @Whereyouabouts ToBe How is making Texas clean up their act wanting a bigger cut from Texas, your point makes no sense at all

    2. @Deshawn Williams does the economic benefit out weigh the ecological impact or vice versa? when the batteries for the cars need replacement what happens with the old batteries? we are going down the wrong road! we should be looking to expand and improve our mass transit systems throughout the country. give tax incentives to convert home to solar or wind energy.

  1. We have the intelligence to make better options but yet most of us don’t care. This is the problem with the world.

    1. Shut down the xl pipeline. Put it on trucks n trains which are far worse for emissions n pollution. Makes us reliant on foreign nations, we are now no longer energy independent ,Takes jobs away n hurts native Americans since their now out of work aswell.. and puts tons of money in bidens buddy Warren buffets pockets who owns the trains n trucks who will move the oil.. ya see, it ain’t about climate it’s about money n corrupt biden

    2. @Thyalwaysseek No because unlike the current incarnation of Republicanism liberals worship no political figure or corporation. If President Biden makes a decision I don’t like or if he makes an inappropriate comment I will be the first person to criticize him.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek well, I’m fully aware of environmental damage of gas fracking. Frankly speaking I don’t think US fracking operation is sustainable in the sense of economic and environment. Most O&G company are covered in debts and that is why they so against anything that raise their cost of production, especially after 2020 oil price crash.

    1. @Koolhandluke Makemyday Yea right…..you think Texas can legally secede from the U.S.? Bruh Union’s victory already set a point that states cannot legally secede

  2. Hostile attack!
    When is Texas going to secede from the union.
    You people announce it every other year.
    You folks could be called TexMex!

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis there were plenty of libs that said they were moving to other countries if Trump won the Presidency. Where have u been?

    1. @Call Of Doody I’m not from Texas either because I don’t want fracking and I also receive royalties from two properties and I can’t wait till 2022 to FIRE Abbott.

    2. @sexy A Good luck with that, especially when Texas is no longer energy independent. You really think all the oil/gas unions are going to support Biden again? Hell no.

    3. @Cold Beer climate change brought on the ice age and ended the ice age, What would be doing is slowing the process down, right now we are speeding up.

    4. Less load on the power generation will help the environment… do your part and shut your power off. Enjoy your summer.

  3. We need to ban toxic “natural” fracked gas in our cities for climate and for safety.

    Many cities already have

    1. Follow the science. There is zero evidence fracking poison’s the water supply or whatever bs they told you

      It’s all about control. They can’t control the oil and gas industry because that’s already been established but they can control Greene mercy since it’s new so if they can convince us oil and gas is bad and force us to switch to the green energy then they can control the energy sector of the economy and hence control the country

      It’s all a power play based on lies, fear and ignorance

    1. haha throw out your cell phone or anything made of chemical based plastic, rubber, roof shingles, haha gotta grow your own food

  4. About 3 times a year, a chemical plant blows up here in Texas and they don’t do anything to prevent the next one.

    1. And thousands of endangered species die every year due to30 million dollars skyscraper fans and open air trillion dollar microwave farms

    2. @Deshawn Williams lol. You don’t have an argument without hyperbolic hypothesis. Lol every fake prediction from the orwellians came up flat. No more costal cities lmao. 12 years to live lol.

    3. @Deshawn Williams just love some poverty huh? Anyways. It china and most of just asia who’s responsible for your politicized climate

  5. Texas wants to sue San Francisco for banning natural gas?

    Does that mean Apple can sue me for using an Android phone?

    1. Well San fran has such mild weather they don’t need to heat houses. Tell someone in the midwest not use nature gas….

    2. Where did it say Texas is suing San Francisco? It only said they’re suing Biden administration, and they’re “calling out San Francisco”

    3. @Jason Trewin if you setup your fire place with a 12G wire and an ambient fireplace that can heat 1200 sqft, it won’t take long (given its solar, wind, or hydro electric power)

    4. @Ahren Savickas have solar figured i’d never recovert my investment, give the way things are going, electric prices will shot up. Also CA can’t produce enough energy for itself, they have to import power all the time. Food for thought from “leader” of green revolution

  6. “…the only way to fix the methane problem, is to build more pipelines.”

    Joey cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline. Joey’s Happy Meal didn’t come with fries….

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