CNN’s Don Lemon on paid leave after comments over Nikki Haley’s age | USA TODAY

CNN anchor Don Lemon faced backlash after comments he made about Nikki Haley not being "in her prime."

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Don Lemon is issuing a mea culpa after saying former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley isn't "in her prime."

During Thursday's episode of "CNN This Morning," Lemon and his co-hosts discussed Haley's comments during her presidential campaign announcement that called for "mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 years old." The 51-year-old politician launched her bid in the Republican race at a rally Wednesday in Charleston, S.C.

Speaking to co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, Lemon, 56, said Haley's "talk about age" makes him uncomfortable and said her comments were the "wrong road" to go down, adding that Haley "is not in her prime."

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  1. So let me get this straight, he’s not cancelled? Any one else on that panel would have been. Double standards much?

    1. @easy tiger Or maybe he didn’t break the rules completely? Hey hows Fox News doing now that Dominion has them in a death grip?

  2. he didnt mean to sincerely apologize.
    his “career” is at stake. its the only reason he tweeted his lame apology.

  3. On paid leave, is that just another way to say he is on vacation. I don’t see the punishment in that

    1. Its clear he’s been retained to fulfill quota obligations. Likey Cnn doesn’t a fallout similar to when Cuomo was let go. The lawyers must be busy figuring when to drop the Lemon.

  4. We are all “in our prime” during those years unless disabilities or illness are involved. Betty White was in her prime until she died at 99

    1. Some people didn’t know Miss Betty. Her vessel may have worked more efficiently in the past but her mind and her star were shining as brightly as ever when she passed. RIP, Betts❤

  5. Wow he keeps putting his foot in his mouth!! Very unprofessional and ignorant! When will he learn?? He should find a new profesion like WWE ,CNN is stuck with stupidity !

  6. I wish my work would put me on “paid leave” Hell, I’ll stay on it until I die if they’d like.

  7. Hmmmm… his recent antics make me think he’s trying to get “released” from a contract with a company that no longer aligns with his sensibilities.

  8. Lemon of all people should understand that you can’t just say whatever you want. But this is the society he helped create. You offended someone, bye bye.

  9. The comment Don put on Nikki Haley can be used towards Don or any Democrat official and could be ground for term limit to debate in the future.

  10. This guy seems to make a lot of statements on air that he has to retract and apologize for. Maybe he just shouldn’t be on the air anymore. There’s definitely better options. Seems like a simple solution…

    1. Agreed, but the lawyers in cnn may not agree with the simple and correct solution. Eventually he may end up doing traffic cam updates or senior home happy hours, but they will try and retain him to fulfill qiota obligations.

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  11. Don’t pay him for trying to bash that lady! He knew what she meant but he focused on a dumb detail. Look who has an opinion but what’s our opinion on him!

  12. Someone needs to tell Nikki Haley that “in his or her prime” is subjective and as far as I can tell not sexist.

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