Former Memphis officers plead not guilty for death of Tyre Nichols | USA TODAY

The five former Memphis police officers charged with the murder of Tyre Nichols have pleaded not guilty during a court arraignment.

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Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. were each indicted on one count of second-degree murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, official oppression and two counts of official misconduct.

Body camera and pole mounted surveillance footage showed them aggressively pulling Nichols, 29, from his car and beating him on Jan. 7. Nichols, a FedEx employee, father and skateboarder, died three days later.

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  1. The video is still being viewed in India,Russia,China, Australia,all over the European Union ,Africa,Sweden,Norway all over . Ppl know they are guilty

  2. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Family keep fighting on the world was shocked to see such savage out of control behaviour.

  3. The officers who kicked, and roundhouse punched the victim, and there appear to be at least 2 officers in the video, are guilty as charged. The others are guilty, but of manslaughter or murder, let the jury decide. They all need to go to jail.

  4. All of these murderers should be there in chains and jumpsuits, attended by the bailiff. Bail is ransom that punishes poverty. All 5 should have remained locked up until the trial. The world – and specifically the USA – needs to move away from the idea that if you can pay money for it, you can have it.

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