CNN’s Jake Tapper to elected officials: What will be your legacy?

Politics lost some important voices in 2019. CNN's Jake Tapper takes a moment to reflect on the legacies they left behind, and offers a charge to those in public office today. #CNN #News


  1. I hope you don’t think you can sway the opinion of trump supporters with a moral argument. People who support trump don’t have morals, not even the evangelicals.

    1. @Lord Of The World Republicans support abortion for themselves, just not for others. Typical double think on the right.

    2. Lord Of The World rich republican politicians (the ones who aren’t closet gays) are happy to pay for abortions for their mistresses and they will continue to do so long after abortion becomes illegal for the rest of Americans

    3. Benjamin Compson so it’s just like Democratic politicians that love being protected by guns as long as I don’t have one to protect myself with?

    4. Chuck Kistler how do I live in a fantasy world, the new gun legislation being proposed in places like Virginia seeking to ban “assault weapons” would not only ban all but 2 rifles I own, but would ban every single handgun I own as well. But they want me to be able to have a gun for home defense and for hunting….they don’t want that gun to be dangerous though. Politicians are all hypocrites.

    1. @Kolin Mademe – It depends. If you’re a globalist for a one world government, under the eventual rule of the Satanic, pagan system of Islam, you’d be correct that non-globalists, such as Trump, is a cancer to your agenda, which would be true because non-globalists are actively unraveling what you globalists have constructed since you murdered JFK in 1963. We non-globalists greatly thank you globalists for coming out of stealth mode, since JFK, to show your true demonic personalities after Trump was elected. Prior to that, we non-globalists had a VERY difficult time convincing those of the undecided that globalists, like yourself, existed. They would laugh in disbelief, “No way! People of the earth would never allow anyone like that to create a one world government!” Now, that has changed where people I know, when I tried to convince them in 2003, contact me to let me know they now get what I was referring to.

    2. @Lord Of The World i wonder what these guys get paid? Obvious employees scrambling for their jobs.
      But they cant stop whats coming

    1. Ray: But it’s all we can do. There’s nothing else left.
      They don’t respond to reason, because they don’t like it and don’t use any of it.
      They don’t respond to patriotism, because they’ve been completely programmed to obey Trump at the expense of everything else.
      They don’t respond to kindness or compassion, because they take these to be weaknesses– and they much prefer being constantly inflamed.
      They don’t respond to duty or honor, because they don’t know what those things are.
      They don’t respond to objective facts and the record, because they’ve been taught that it’s fine to reject any factual information that doesn’t please you.
      There’s nothing left, but to use shame. I do it all the time. I try to stun them with their own obtuse ignorance– and confront them with the fact that they have no self-respect.
      And they do not.

    2. Ray: And then you have people like William H. here, who endlessly obsesses about homosexuality– as if homosexuality is going to decide the fate of mankind, or of democracy in the United States.
      William appears constantly here to rebut any criticism against sociopath Donald Trump by pointing out that Trump’s critic is likely a homosexual.
      Constantly. On and on.
      Aside of the fact that William is obviously quite conflicted about sexuality, he seems to think that that conflict serves to defend Donald Trump.
      Isn’t that incredible?
      It’s a good thing that we all know that these people are *not* typical or average at all. They most certainly are not. Being loud and aggressive makes them seem somehow more numerous, but they’re not a big section of the country at all.

      They’re a faction of psychopathic extremists who heretofore kept out of politics, for obvious reasons.

      Trump called them out of the shadows. Being a malignant sociopath himself, suddenly these people found something they’ve never enjoyed before– legitimacy. License.
      Power (or so they think).

    3. @Pilfer Bean That was an amazing diatribe but they live in bizarro world . It’s like grasping at straws right now. It’s good you have hope because I’m almost out .

  2. What legacy?
    These ones in the Senate is all about that bank. Stay in power, make more money. Enact laws that allows buddies to make mega dollars to spend keeping them in office. That’s how it works.

    1. @Rick James5678 You can’t fix them, they have been brain washed and don’t even understand how the US works. They embrace socialism and think the ” government” can pay for everything and that a grocery store manufactures vegetables.

  3. Great segment CNN and Jake Tapper… Maybe some of the idiots we have elected to office will open there eyes and see the light.

  4. bravo mr tapper! beautifully put. and it applies to us all, not just to the politicians. ‘if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything’, we all should be standing tall for truth and honor and decency!

  5. We all know CNN’s legacy. Threatening to dox public citizens, consistent erroneous reporting, more opinion than actual reporting.

  6. Asking someone “What will your legacy be ?” seems somehow impolite. Why doesn’t someone ask Jake what he thinks his legacy will be ?

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