1. Thor Marnix – TDS is a recognized medical condition and is likely covered by your McDonald’s temporary-employee healthcare benefits. You should seek counseling… soon.

    2. Thor Marnix. You’re a nut. I’m a Texas woman. I have no other account. Buffoon. Of course you’ll believe anything, look what you watch 😂😂😂😂

    3. Thor Marnix
      It’s America, i can say what i damn well please, although you on the left would like it otherwise. It’s pathetic if this is your life.

    1. @General Sanders “tears of soy”?? The stuff I put on my Chinese food??
      I guess I’m an old man, but how the hell is that supposed to be an insult? Does that mean something completely different in trumptard?

    1. Jay Chan. It’s “You’re”… Brainiac. Is your first language English? Doesn’t sound like it. I must be doing something right, I’m surely triggering you idiots.

  1. Its amazing how people will experience winter weather during the winter season. CNN is wondering how is that even possible?

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