CNN’s Kaitlan Collins presses Biden about his stance on the filibuster

President Joe Biden signaled he may be open to making significant changes to the legislative filibuster in the Senate if it continues to be a roadblock to passing legislation on key agenda items like voting rights.
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    2. @Mohaimenul Islam No. CNN is the news, and you hate the news because you are a racist propaganda victim desperately clinging to your ignorance.

  1. CNN is breaking their arm trying to pat themselves on the back for doing what “reporters” are supposed to do.

    1. CNN and Fox are the reason people are so critical of dems and so gratifying to reps. Shits toxic.

    1. So sad So sad USA .. BBBBhhhhh “Senile old man ” Now gives his job to “NO Experience Lefty Indian Kamala .. JOKER ..

    2. @A A 🤦🏼‍♀️🤪 THATS why Trump was 1st and ONLY one to come forward in 2007 to testify against him… following throwing him out of his resort; as President RIGHT AWAY declared war on child and human trafficking… Epstein arrested & charged under Trump.

    3. @Aja yes and any other source you get your information. Always check who is writing it and if they are reputable. Also, always your information from multiple sources not just one. Make sure they are not opinion pieces and check to see if the things they are citing are also reputable not speculation! hope this helps!

    1. @Zachary P who wouldn’t hate everything CNN does? I was surprised they even covered the US funded genocide in Yemen last week. CNN is Fox with a different paint job.

    2. @Wong Kar What A smart person does not hate what CNN does, Trump supporters like you hate them no matter what. Bro, you are completely disproving your own point, the very fact they covered it shows they are not biased.

    3. @Zachary P voter suppression? I didn’t realize that I.D was such a Herculean task for blacks… You lot are the ones telling them they’re useless, not us. It’s so patronizing…..

    4. @Troy Hardie It is voter suppression seeing as it is specifically targeting black communities, and when a black women spoke up about it, the police decided to unjustly arrest her. That is suppression and I cannot believe you are ok with that. Who said they are useless? I certainly didn’t. You are patronizing. MLK’s own son said this was racist.

    5. @Zachary P You’re a liar. That was the biggest pile of nonsense since Bidens abysmal press conference. Your problem is you see everything through the lens of peoples race. If you’re saying black people aren’t able to get I.D then we have more serious discussions to talk about and it’s not “racism” my friend…..
      Get over yourself.
      Get a grip.
      Get some self awareness.

    1. how though??? They’re actually not hypocritical because they were willing to ask tough questions…

    2. So sad So sad USA .. BBBBhhhhh “Senile old man ” Now gives his job to “NO Experience Lefty Indian Kamala .. JOKER ..

    3. @Aja what did I do, I asked a simple question… do you have an answer to it, or am I actually right and you’re wrong?

  2. God, the world is just laughing at America, especially the third world leaders. Anybody but Trump, eh”. How is that working for America.

  3. Always plays to peoples hearts while doing evil things. Everyone’s evil not me or my intentions. Nothing to see here.

  4. Bullshit he did not sound concerned at all he sounded lost and like always SLEEPING!!!!! WHAT A JOKE HE IS!!!!

  5. No tough questions to him at all today. He picked what reporters to call on and he had a lot of trouble doing this

    1. The left thinks they defeated President Trump. They miss it completely!
      “Trump” is not a person, he represents a fundamental direction for America:
      * Americans First
      * Proud America
      * Drain the swamp
      * Elections integrity
      * Less job killing red tape
      * Peace by strength
      * Strong military
      * Law and order
      * Lower taxes
      * Energy independence
      * Strong borders
      * Fair trade deals
      * The strongest and most inclusive US economy ever!! For blacks, women, Asians, youngsters.
      As the President says: “we have just started and the best is yet to come!”

    2. @SourDoughBill thank you for expressing a different opinion without insulting me or assuming anything about me. a rare thing from a youtube comment these days.

    3. @Yahoo Admin Wow, you are smoking hard:
      Americans first – we are at the bottom of quality of life on so many metrics compared to other countries
      Proud America – wtf does that even mean?
      Drain the swamp – The Board of Education was hired by someone who favors rich private schools, the leader of EPA doesn’t think climate change exists
      Elections integrity – the Republicans are complaining about the voting problems that they created by limiting voter’s abilities to vote
      Less job killing red tape – if the cost to live decently is $22/hr, but many states, the minimum is below $15, is that really a win?
      Peace by strength – so the terrorist attack at the capitol by Proud Boys and Trump supports was peaceful…
      Strong military – you’ll have to explain what Trump did to strengthen the military
      Law and order – Cops killing minorities, yea, ‘law and order’
      Lower taxes – I take it you’re part of the top 2%
      Energy independence – i take it you mean without government regulation, kinda like how Texas runs their electricity
      Fair trade deals – wut…?
      The strongest and most inclusive US economy ever!! For blacks, women, Asians, youngsters – so I must have imagined the wage differences between minorities and whites

      Look at the diversity of the Republican party, look at the diversity of the Democratic party, that should already be telling enough

  6. “Katie Collins what are the facts? “….. Kaitie just goes on to repeat what Biden had said. Journalism at its worst.

  7. This was the biggest joke of a “news conference.” We no longer have real investigative journalists on msm. CNN helped me giggle at least.

  8. This is so stupid. I can’t get past these people stealing the presidency from trump. Look at the rallys. Biden didn’t win.

  9. It’s not his policies but I just gave a quote about parents sending kids to the border because his policies would be friendlier hmmm

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